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  1. Impartial_Observer


    Thru conference realignments, we ended up with a team on the road three different times this year. Tough situation.
  2. Impartial_Observer


    I scratch three schools every year, home school, school where I have family that teaches, and one just on general principal.
  3. Impartial_Observer


    We've never been assigned anywhere that I've scratched.
  4. Impartial_Observer

    Hoosier Hills Conference 2018

    With regards to officials, a couple of quick stories. I often hear in a Saturday morning how bad the officials were on Friday night of the Seymour game. This usually comes from fans/parents. I will ask my brother about who is a former official and attends most Seymour home games, and his comment is usually “I thought they did a pretty good job”. After marking off a penalty against an HHC school in a 7th grade game, I hear a player from the offending team state “we get screwed every time we come over here”. I called him out on it, son you’re in 7th grade, exactly how many times have you been over here? I made him answer me, to which he relied this is my first time. To which I replied so that’s not an accurate statement is it? Walking out of the stadium after a 7th and 8th game, visiting parents behind us tell us they’ve been coming over here for 20 years and this was the first decent officiated game they’ve seen. I look at my U and say, after 20 years, we finally figured it out. Beuaty is always in the eye if the beholder.
  5. Impartial_Observer

    EIAC Final Week!

    We work a fair amount of EIAC games, I can say from my experience over the years, good, professional, group of coaches. I have much respect for the coaching staffs in the conference. I actually had a chance to talk to Coach Ballart (Rod) before a game at SD earlier this year. Great to see him still coaching, and he said he was feeling pretty well, I understand he's had some health issues. Good to swap some stories from back in the day, mad respect for that dude. And as odd as is sounds, actually developed a pretty good relationship with him over the years. As an added bonus, got to see some real battles over the years as well.
  6. Impartial_Observer


    At some point, it that has to happen. 30 whatever crews are eligible for 6 finals this year. God only knows how many crews are eligible for 12 SS games.
  7. Impartial_Observer

    EIAC Final Week!

    Seriously, I get about half of it and have been a member since the beginning, 98. It is without a doubt the funniest thread on the GID.
  8. Impartial_Observer

    Ref formation for PAT kick

    We tried sending the U back, we didn't like it at all. There's too much going on in the middle with no eyes on it. I cheat wide, it has never really been an issue that I can remember. I was never that fast to begin with. But I'm a lot smarter now than I was in HS. Regardless every year I get a year older, but the kids I officiate don't.
  9. Impartial_Observer

    Ref formation for PAT kick

    Add in replacement joints and 13 more years! 😁
  10. Impartial_Observer

    Hoosier Hills Conference 2018

    Because nothing mixes better than alcohol and youth sports! Walking thru the fans.....just keep your head down and keep walking, you're never going to win that argument.
  11. Impartial_Observer

    Get out those ark plans...

    I have a rear in my eye as I type this. I will so rock those.
  12. Impartial_Observer

    Get out those ark plans...

    As I have said many times coach, it is my sincere desire to be Cousin Eddie when I grow up!
  13. Impartial_Observer

    play clock

    Then it goes on the RFP after the injury. If you're an official you know the answer to all those questions. Yes.
  14. Impartial_Observer

    Get out those ark plans...

    As usual, we have sunshine in beautiful southern Indiana.