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  1. Derrick Ellis from Arlington HS. We had played two good ones from BHSS in Nick Dunbar and Shane Moat. But Derrick was the absolute total package. He had size, speed, vision and raw explosion. He's the best RB I've ever seen since I coached Todd Gurley.
  2. Randy has been a dear friend of mine for close to 20 years... I am so excited for him and this new opportunity that has come upon him as he will continue to succeed in whatever he does Best of luck Randy Andy
  3. Coach_Harding

    Mitchell Head Coach

    Was emailed today that job has been filled
  4. Columbia City High School, Located in between Fort Wayne and Warsaw, is anticipating an opening for a Business/Vocational Teacher for the coming school year. Here is the link to the WCCS Website. Interested Candidates should apply online. Please note that the closing date is this week! http://www.wccsonline.com/personnel/Employment%20Opportunities/CCHS%20business%20Teach.pdf Columbia City competes in the very competitive Northeast Hoosier Conference and is in 4A Sectional 20. We always have Varsity/Junior Varsity/Freshman Coaching positions available for outstanding people who are willing to be great role models and teachers of the game. We are coming off of the 2nd best four year run in the ninety year history of the football program and are looking to build on that success. Interested candidates should apply online and send a letter of interest and resume to Coach Randy Hudgins athudginswr@wccs.k12.in.us
  5. But so do the teams we play, eastern NC is full of athletes, but some how we've won with our 1950's offense.
  6. Nope public all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =)
  7. I know that I live in a completely different state, but heck, football is football. I hear this debate all the time even down here in North Carolina, that small schools have to spread the ball out all over the field to be able to win games. I call that hog wash! We are a school of about 660 students, we currently are a 2a high school, but are moving down to 1a in the next realignment. If you say you must run a spread, as people down here think as well, then we should have never had the success we've had. Shoot we run the double tight Straight T, with nine or ten men in the box. But our kids believe in what we run and they think it is the greatest offense alive. With this 1950's offense we've played for four straight state championships and won the last three, not an offense it takes belief in what you do and preparing better than anyone else. The people say it is about Jimmy and Joe's and not x's and o's is half correct. I think there must be a system in place that the kids believe in fully, if you have that an the athletes, then you have something that you can build on for success. If I am ever honored with the chance to come back to Indiana and become a head coach, I'm bringing the T with me and I hope to duplicate what I've done down here in North Carolina. Because I believe in the system and I believe that I can win with the Straight T in the state of Indiana.
  8. It is a very interesting topic that is being discussed down here, I am a teacher and coach at Tarboro High School and most people don't bring up it up much because in football only Char. Catholic is the issue, because they have won five state championships in their history. The issue that comes with these schools is that people are worried about other sports, but girls and boys. These three schools are very dominate in many sports and are normally near the top in the Wells Fargo Cup standings each year. Char. Catholic has been a member of the NCHSAA for a long time and the others have been members for 20 plus years. They just approved another school to join next year, but this could be a change for these schools. This would force them to join the NCISAA which is nothing but Independent schools (both religious and non religious private schools). I was different when I moved down here to not have the private schools of any kind to not be involved, but it has been kinda nice to not hear the debates like I did when I was in Indiana. Besides these schools, it means nothing for us because there are no private schools in our classification at this time. However, many of the best basketball teams in North Carolina are all private schools, but those games do not count towards your record for the NCHSAA basketball tournament because your seeding is based off your conference record. Since these NCISAA schools are not in your conference you can play them without worry.
  9. Coach_Harding


    A person has been selected for the position, I had interviewed for it, but was not picked. Best of luck to the person selected. I was not told when they would announce the position. Coach Harding
  10. Congrats to Coach Allen, I learned a lot from being under him for those two years I was at Ben Davis. Things that where so foreign to me now apart of my everyday coaching duties. He was a great coach and it is showing to pay off, wish him nothing but the best at Ol' Miss. Coach Harding
  11. I just got off the phone with Coach Hudgins and he asked me to pass the word that Tyler lost his battle last night and has gone to a better place. He was a great kid and the community of Columbia City will dearly miss him! At this time there have not been any arraignments for his services, those will be posted at a later point and time... Please keep Tyler's family and the community of Columbia City in your thoughts and prayers Andy Harding Offensive Cord. Tarboro High School
  12. Coach_Harding

    Question for the forum...

    Is this a IHSAA rule or a National Federation rule? Because I had always thought that everyone went by their state rules and not national until I moved to North Carolina. Down here we can have practice, however, it must be no-contact and helmets only. So those first two days of practice are just like the summer and then on the third we role out the pads. This is not a NCHSAA rule, but rather the National Federation rule that we must follow. So I guess if Indiana is following the national rule, then we can't change it because not all schools allow their student athletes to go full contact in the summer. I don't know, it was just a thought I had...
  13. Coach_Harding

    Congrats to Randy Hudgins

    I played football with Randy at Bloomington North, played against him (Manchester vs Hanover) and coached against him (Pike vs Ben Davis). But I will say this about him, he is a great person, a great friend and hell, he has one of the best minds in football that I have ever seen. Anytime I have questions, Randy is going to get a question from me. So Randy (Rando) congrats, I know that CC is going to be a force in the state of Indiana. Andy Harding Tarboro High School p.s. don't forget to send those good players to Manchester and Coach Griffin and not to that bottom feeder, Hanover, HAHA
  14. Coach_Harding

    New Columbia City Coach is....

    I am not going to say the name of the coach from the Indy area, but let me tell you this, he is not the type of person to get up and leave a program he is going to start. Trust me, if he is going to up root himself and his soon to be wife, he is going to stay the course. Maybe I am bias, but if you get this coach, great things are going to be happening at CC. I talked to him on Friday night and he seemed very happy with what might happened at CC in the up coming years.
  15. Coach_Harding

    Ben Davis 45, Warren Central 23 F

    I must say that I am a very happy ex-giant coach to see Coach Kirsch get this HUGE win over WC. I know that has been the monkey on the back of both he and Coach Allen for awhile now. I knew that Coach Kirsch was the right man for the job and that he will continue to only do better things in the near future. Congrats... Andy Harding Tarboro High School