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  1. I know they were bad back in 2011, but this year they seem to be worse than those teams. They couldn't even beat Clinton Central.
  2. Someone would scored 69 points on Rensselaer Western Boone would scored 60+ points in two games (maybe more to come) in one season. Warren Central would score 70 on Ben Davis again Benton Central would be one of the 5 worst teams in the state Frankfort would be this bad Pioneer would score more points in their first 5 football games than their basketball team will probably score in their first five games.
  3. Tippy

    0-9 and 9-0

    I am sure that there are a lot of teams that I missed. I guess Caston could beat Winamac but they probably won't.
  4. Tippy

    0-9 and 9-0

    I think Western would have the best chance, but WL beat Jeff and Jeff beat Western 54-14. When the Bobmers play WL I hope there is rain and mud. I think the mud helped LCC last Friday.
  5. Tippy

    0-9 and 9-0

    You are right, I didn't think about that until now.
  6. Here are the teams that I think will finish the season 9-0 and 0-9 9-0 Warren Central Brownsburg New Palestine Triton Central Pioneer North Central (Farmersburg) Western Boone Delphi Adams Central Marion 0-9 Anderson Gary West SB Clay FW South Frankfort Benton Central Owen Valley Northwestern Connersville
  7. Tippy

    HNAC Week 4

    You played Cass so far this year. What other HC team have you played this year? I don't think you could beat WL this year, but you would do a lot better than Benton Central.
  8. Tippy

    HNAC Week 4

    You can take Benton Central's place in the HC. BC doesn't need to be in the HC. Then you can play West Lafayette.
  9. Tippy

    HNAC Week 4

    Was LCC asked to leave the conference after they beat Clinton Prairie 96-0 in 2008? They were in the HC in 2011. Did they give LCC two years to get out? Pioneer probably won't score more than 80 on Caston or North White. They will probably just beat them 77-0 so nobody will say anything. They beat North White 80-0 last year and I don't think anyone said anything.
  10. That's what LCC fans said when the Anthrop's played. After LCC beat Clinton Prairie 96-0 in 2008, it seemed like some wanted to have the school shut down and the coach jailed. Muda talked about the 96-0 game for years and always said 96-0 never forget. Just try to do the right thing and that is all you can do. If you do beat North White 100-0 LCC will be off the hook 🙂
  11. Pioneer will play North White soon and West Lafayette will play Benton Central soon. Pioneer beat Winamac 76-0 and Winamac just beat North White 56-0. West Lafayette just beat Hamilton Heights 76-0. Cass beat Benton Central 65-0. Pioneer and WL could put 100 on those teams if they wanted to. Is Muda going to say anything if they do? Will they play their JV after the 1st Q? Maybe they should just send their JV to play those games and they rest of the Pioneer team can work on getting ready to play LCC and WL can go watch Chatard play and get ready for them.
  12. LCC could be fine in 3 or 4 years. Sheridan didn't have to move up and down and usually played the same teams every year. LCC played WL, McCutcheon, and Twin Lakes (when TL had a good team) right in a row most years in the 80's. Then they played Harrison the last game of the year until 1989. It didn't help LCC in the sectional. In 1987 Frontier beat LCC 42-0 and then beat LCC 14-6 in 1988.
  13. LCC was in the HC in the 1970's and early 1980's. Maybe they should have stayed in the HC. LCC used to play Harrison and McCutcheon, but they didn't want to play LCC anymore at the end of the 80's because they said LCC couldn't compete. Jeff thought they were too good for the NCC and then they had to come back. Pioneer went from one bad conf. to another. and that is one of the reasons they do very well. Going 9-0 every year gives the kids a lot of confidence. When LCC plays WL this year it looks like another 49-0, 49-7 sort of a game.
  14. LCC could have won state in 1a the two years they were in 2a? So, moving to 2a did hurt LCC. LCC had a great team in 2011 and that is why the won the HC. But this year LCC should be playing Pioneer's schedule and Pioneer's should be playing LCC's schedule. Next year JK will be gone and Pioneer will not be as good and it will be better if Pioneer stays in 1a. I guess what I am trying to say is that a school should not start changing their schedule just because they have had a few good years. I have seen too many times what has happened to other programs. Maybe LCC and Linton will be fine, I guess we will just have to wait and see.
  15. Do you think moving up to 2a and then back down to 1a helped LCC? They picked up a state title in 1a because they had Jackson Anthrop on the team that year. The great players have moved on and LCC is left playing these big schools. Another season like the one they had last year and it might take a very long time for LCC to get back to being great. They same thing is happening to Linton. Some great players have moved on and they are left playing these big schools. In 1934 Lafayette Jeff was 9-0 and they started playing better teams and even played a team from Ohio. They started getting beat and in 1939 Jeff didn't win a game. It took Jeff until about 1946 to turn it around. But, things like this have been going on for a long time. If Pioneer was smart, they would never change their schedule. Going to 2a next year is not going to help Pioneer.