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  1. Miner Pride

    Linton-Stockton @ North Daviess

    What's going on with the Vikings??
  2. Miner Pride

    Linton-Stockton @ North Daviess

    I'm sure a lot of Cougar Fans are excited by how ND has competed this year... They've not come close to beating the Vikings the last three years (49-13, 59-0 and 61-6) before their 21-14 win Friday. I'm equally sure those educated football fans in Odon and Elnora will know this 1-4 Miner team is not indicative of a poor Miner team.. Once glance at Linton's schedule should prove that--- yet there are more losses than Linton would every want... it's been a challenge. Of course those uneducated fans are probably salivating at the thought of a Miner beatdown..and payback for that last 9 meetings, all big Miner wins. Hats off to Coach Fine and those ND kids for already surpassing the combined win totals the Cougars had in 2017 and 2016, and remember that 2 of their 3 losses were to unbeaten 1A #2 North CEntral, and another to last years 1A state runner up and still tough 3-1 Eastern Greene... add another tough loss 28-24 to 3A Washington. I think they've brought some excitement to Cougar Valley that hasn't been around for many a long year. For Linton... I think the Ritter game shows all of us that the running game is coming together. Back to back games with both Lannan and Dyer well over 100 yards rushing.. and at times totally dominating the LOS against both Ritter and N.Vermillion. If we can dial in the passing game just a bit to make us diverse and get confidence in that aspect of the game--- watch out. Defensively.. I think we are strong against the run... Obviously we still give up the huge passing plays... 2 of them for long scores last week. I know ND has opened things up offensively--- BUT.. They are not going to be on level with Southridge, Sullivan, N Vermillion or Ritter when it comes to the athletes Linton has seen thus far. I think Linton will come in with a huge chip on the shoulder... or I would hope so. I would hope they come in pi$$ed and ready to prove they are still a force to deal with. Just as I'm sure North Daviess wants to prove they are not the Cougars of the past several years. The only area of concern I have is overconfidence... Linton cannot be looking at past results with ND... cannot think ahh it's North Daviess...and historically Linton has done a bit of that... first half play is shoddy with mistakes and poor effort.. even in some of our better years... it happens. These are kids ya know. But I think being 1-4... I think hearing people jabber as they do... will and should be what it takes to make then come out super hungry. Watching Lannan and Dyer run the ball last week.... both are intense kids... Lannan... man oh man.. what a warrior that kid is on both sides of the ball.. but the O Line is certainly coming together.... and that's why the yards are getting there for our backs... big chunks of yards on big holes against a much bigger Ritter DLine!!
  3. Miner Pride

    Linton at Ritter

    In 4 meetings with the Raiders... it's come down to the wire 3 of them.. and now 2 have gone into OT. My Miners have yet to prevail. This one hurts because the guys played so hard... such effort, and I still think most people thought this would not be a close game with Ritter's passing attack... as well as the fact last week was a mud fest that some feel was more a factor in the win than the Miners themselves. So in saying all that-- I think we can put to rest that this Miner team aren't fighters, and in my opinion we were the physical team on that field. Linton ruled the ground game while Ritter, as expected, ruled the passing game. Such a game of what-its.. really for both teams, but when you are on the losing end--those what ifs are magnified. Game Recap: MIners come out in typical double wing set up... from own 35 and match to the Ritter 33 over coming a holding penalty along the way. But can't convert 4th and 5 at 28. Ritter runs Roberson twice setting up a 3rd and 1, then just as feared... Henninger finds a wide open Godsil on a wheel route downfield maybe 30 yards when he catches and easily goes the distance. Miner CB had bit on the run for a split second..and that's all it took. 7-0 Raiders at 7:00, and most everyone thinking "Here We go". HOwever the Miner offense shows grit again after Lannan returns the kick from the 8 to the Miner 43. They convert a 3rd and 13 with a Goodman to Howard pass, then have a 4th and 1 at the Raider 26 made worse with a false start. That made the difference as Dyer could only get 2 on 4th, and after 2 good Miner drives of 9 and 10 plays, each inside the Raider 30.. no points. Worse yet, Linton loses starting T and DT Vedder Rogers for the game with ankle injury. From their own 29 Ritter again coverted a 3rd and 4 with a Henninger to Godsil 19 yard catch, then Roberson has his and his team's longest run of the night of 23 yards to the Miner 23. Henninger would keep on a 4th and 1 to the 11, but the Miner D held up forcing a short FG from Woods. BUT.. Lannan busted through and blocked it.. then scooped it-- and prolly scores against anyone but Ritter. Robinson tracked him down at midfield. An 11 play Ritter drive comes up empty. Linton would get a Dyer 14 yard run on 3rd and 7, and reach the Raider 10 before a holding call pushed back to the 24. Yet again the Miners would overcome, as Lannan busted up the gut for 23 to the 1, and would score in the next play with 5:35 on the 2nd quarter clock.. Elmore kicks, and it's 7 all. Henninger had thrown 9 picks coming into this came, and would throw #10 on the 2nd play of their next series.. looking for Morris, it would be Linton's House with the pick and a 29 yard return that gave Linton a great chance to score from the Ritter 33. Lannan would bust up the middle for 15, then Dyer for 10 on the outside setting up 1st and goal from the Raider 5. Lannan tried twice, then Dyer...and on 4th and 1, Lannan was stuff at the LOS, but spun and on 2nd effort appeared to reach the ball across the goal line, but the officials did not concur, possibly blowing the whistle before Lannan had spun out. Replay clearly showed Lannan was not wrapped up at any point..but that's how it goes. Linton leaves valuable points on the field with just 1:06 in the half. Crucial. Henninger actually threw from the endzone, and it was nearly picked but Morris made the catch for 18 yards, but after three incompletions Ritter punted. Linton was not going in quiet..even after a hold call on the punt with no return. Goodman hit a pass to Dyer for about 15, but again the flags fell, this time for a Chop Block that none of us saw on replay.. pushing back to the 13-- and a knee to halftime 7 all. Half numbers showed linton with a 17:30 to 6:30 time of possession advantage, 10 -5 in first downs... but also 6 penalties for 60 compaired to just 1 for 5 for the Raiders. Linton had run for 135 yards on 32 attempts, while the Raiders had passed for 111 yards on 5 of 11 passing. Overall- Linton had 176 to Ritter;s 154 in total yardage... and I would say all Miner fans were pleased with that first half showing considering 64 of Ritter's yards came on the 3rd play of the game. Still- and glaring 0-3 on 4th downs stuck on the brain- and the failed 4th and 1 at the Ritter 1 really hurt. Add to this th6 Ritter had essentially given the ball right back on a screen pass read perfectly by Linton's Kole Padgett... dropped out of his hands as he started to return it from about the Ritter 15. He would not have scored, and there were only 32 seconds left...but good chance Linton could have scored or possible kicked a FG to go into the half. Some of us worried that Linton had played so well and gotten some breaks...and being it still a 7-7 game... concern. That concern played out as Ritter took the 2nd half kick..and marched from their 39 to midfield, then aided by a late pass interference call pushed to the miner 36. 2 plays later a wide open Aiden Robinson for an easy 34 yard score... and with Woods PAT Ritter took a 14-7 lead just under 2 minutes into the 3rd. Things would get worse for Linton as after two huge runs (Dyer 19 yards, then Lannan for 15), Goodman and a miner wingback collided in the exchange, and Highsaw pounced on the ball at the Ritter 43. Ritter had the chance to put Linton against the wall but on 3rd and 5 Henninger's pass for Morris was incomplete, and from the 50 Woods would put to the Miner 18. The Miners had runs of 11 from Dyer, and a 32 yard dive from Lannan to reach the Ritter 27. 2 plays later Dyer went 23 to the 3, and Cash Howard would push through from there. 7 plays 82 yards all on the ground to tie the game at 14 with 4:44 in the 3rd. From their own 37 Ritter ran Roberson but the Miner rush D would stop him for 1. Then Henninger kept on a scramble to the sideline where House was flagged for questionable personal foul (obviously I am a Miner Fan) that pushed the ball to the Miner 39. Henninger then hit Swails for another 18 for the Linton 21, Finally the yellow flag fell on Ritter for a hold pushing them back to the Miner 42. Another Swail reception for the the 31, but Henninger's 3rd and 20 pass sailed intended for Robinson inside the 5, and Dyer made the pick...and broke Robinson's tackle attempt then scampered 37+ yards up the Ritter sideline with 1:28 in the 3rd. This was big for the Miner D, but worse for Ritter as their playmaker Robinson came out of the game not to return...thus eliminating an explosive receiver and big play man for the Raiders. Fortunately..while he had the pads off on the sideline, he was walking around and did not appear to have any ice or medical attention being given. After an ineligible receiver call, Linton, from their own 40, would covert a 3rd and 4, The Miners would then move the ball methodically on runs of 10 by Lannan, and later a scarmble of 16 from Goodman to the Ritter 27. Facing 4th and 1 from the Ritter 18, Dyer broke outside, breaking a tackle and tightroping down the Ritter sideline for a Miner score at 9:10 of the 4th! However, after hitting 10 of 10 on PAT's, Elmore's kick went wide left leaving it 20-14. Every Miner fan on the planet gasped. Ritter would start from their own 37 with back to back Roberson carries netting 8, but Linton would jump given Ritter new downs. After two incompletions, Henninger scrambling on 3rd and 10 found Swails for a first down catch but the Miners swarmed on him, with both Ricketts and Cunningham, and the ball popped out, where Boldrey recovered at the miner 43 with 7:06 in the game. Hopes for Miner fans for a time consuming series were dealt a blow as another Hold was called on 2nd and 8, and on 2rd and 19 Goodman's screen to Lannan was too high. Could have been a big play. He would run for 16 on 3rd down setting up what would be a 4th and 3 at the midfield stripe. After trying to draw Ritter offsides, Coach Oliver called a Timeout. Now, historically there have been many times that in these same scenarios we have seen Linton elect to go for the first down, put the game away. It's always nerve wracking, and more often than not, it is successful. However this was 3 long yards. Keep in mind Lannan and Dyer by this point had rushed for well over 120 yards each, and with Ritter's passing success perhaps all this played a part in the decision. Unfortunate for Miner fans.. like the 4th and 1 from the 1 earlier... this play went nowhere... and gave ritter the ball at midfield, with the fans screaming and stomping the stands with 5:11 left down 6. Miner fans like myself included in the booth, felt like deja'vouz all over again.. but the Miner defense stood strong as Lannan forced Henninger to throw the ball away, then Morris took a handoff from the slot and was met by several miners on the Ritter sideline with a gain of just 1... but a yellow flag erased what would have been a 3rd and 9 on a personal foul call in the pile up. While I can agree there was some extra activity in the pile...it sure wasn't blatant, and giving Ritter 15 yards to the Miner 34 and a first down was a huge play. Godsil would make a catch and run of 12 to get to the 22, Roberson would get 9 on 2nd and 6 to the Miner 9. On 3rd and goal from the 5, Henninger found Godsil who went to his knees for the catch and fell into the endzone to tie the game 20-20 with just 1:57 remaining. But lo and behold, Woods, who had also been perfect thusfar... was also wide left...!! and left the game at 20-20. The Miners however could not move the ball from their own 25, and got a 50 yard timely punt from Cunningham with no return. From their own 22 Ritter tried Woods in motion from slot but Padgett brought him down for a 6 yard loss... this could have been a pass play as Woods had a 40 yard TD pass last week. Henninger would hit Woods for 21 yards. but time would run out sending the game to OT. Ritter won toss.. went on D. Miners ran twice to the 6. 3rd down Goodman rolled to his left, Miner TE Avery Puckett absolutely wide open in the endzone for the easy TD toss... but.. perhaps nerves, perhaps the intensity of the moment, perhaps just youth... the ball sailed well over Puckett's outstretched hands missing a clear cut chance to jump on top in OT. 4th and 6 had no chance as Dyer tried outside to no avail. Ritter did not just sit on the ball for the FG, they went to the air, with Morris catching a short pass to the Miner 6, then a motion pushed back to the 12. After House knocked away a pass for Salmon in the endzone.. it sent up a 3rd and 12... and in the minds of many folks.. a failed pass etc.. this would be no gimme for Woods from 29 yards. Henninger took the snap...and found Swails from the left SE cut across the middle at the goal line...and Swails made the catch to seal a Ritter win 26-20. The Numbers-- Offense: Ritter- 317 total; 25-82 rush, 14-28-235 passing Linton-376 Offense; 57-325 Rush, 3-7-41 passing Leaders: Ritter: ROberson 12-62 rushing; Henninger 14-28-235 passing 4 TD 2 INT; Godsil 4-100 receiving 2 TD; Swails 5-52 Rec 1 TD; MOrris 2-22 Rec; Robinson 1-34 Rec 1TD; Linton: Lannan 23-168 Rush 1 TD; Dyer 20-136 Rush 1 TD TOP Linton 28:13 Ritter 19:47 Plays Linton 64 Ritter 53. FD: Linton 19 (16-2-1) Ritter 15 (4-8-3) Conversions: 3rd: Linton 5-12, Ritter 6-12; 4th: Linton 1-6 Ritter 1-2 Red Zone Linton 3-4 Ritter 2-2 PAT Linton 2-3 Ritter 2-3 Penalties: Linton 11-111 Ritter 5-41 Turnovers: Linton 1 (F) Ritter 3(2 Int/1 F) Poss/Scores: Linton 11-3 Ritter 11-3 Explosive plays (20+) Linton 3 Ritter 4; Three and Out: Linton 5 Ritter 3; Negative Plays: Linton 4 Ritter 4 Punts Linton (Cunningham) 1- 50.0 Ritter (Woods) 2-39.0 Kickoff Linton (Elmore) 4-37.5; Ritter (Woods) 3-51.3 (1 OB) (1 TB) Returns: Linton- No Punt Ret. Kick off: Lannan 1-39; Giles 1-0 Ritter- No Punt Ret Kickoff- Morris 1-23; Cmehil 1-1; Feltz 1-0 Defense: Linton- Tackles- Lannan-11; Ricketts-7; Padgett-5; Ch.Howard-4; Sacks-Ketchem-1; TFL- Lannan, Mongeau-1 Ketchem, Padgett- .5 Int- House, Dyer FR- Boldrey Hurries- Lannan, Ketchem-1 PD-Dyer-5, House-2 Ricketts-2 Lannan-1 Padgett-1 Blocked FG-Lannan Ritter; Tackles- Majors-11, Feltz-10, Frazee-10, Hall-8, Morris-6; Sacks: Bishop-1 TFL: Hall-1 Feltz-1 FR- Highsaw- Obviously.. these are from my personal stats... not necessarily spot on!
  4. Miner Pride

    Wabash River Conference Week 5

    Nv beat sv, linton big over nv, sullivan big over linton.. conner is a solid kid at qb. Arrows with a lot of weapons including a huge tight end.
  5. Miner Pride


    Awesome.... Such respect well earned!!
  6. Miner Pride

    Linton at Ritter

    Ritter and Linton both come into week 5 with a much needed win under their belts in week 4. Linton knocked 1A North Vermillion from the undefeated ranks with a 34-7 win on a mudsoaked field. The Raiders blanked now 1-3 2A Speedway 38-0. Both teams had their best offensive performances of the season. Ritter was the more balanced team with 190 rush yards on 38 carries behind the strength of Ashton Hall’s 74 yards on 10 carries. Coming into this game, their rush high has been 56 vs Lutheran. The passing game however, has been a weapon for the Raiders all year- QB Jack Henninger had a season high 203 yards passing on 10-18… and LaDaryll Woods pitched a 40 yard score as well. All together, a 433 yard offensive night for the Raiders, more than doubled their previous high of 212 against Brebeuf. The Miners did much the same, albeit mostly on the ground. After a paltry showing of just 92 yards of offense the week previous against Monrovia, Linton punched out 317 yard rushing, and added 40 in the air for a 357 yard performance. Much can be attributed to the return of Lance Dyer, but not at QB; Instead the fleet footed Dyer came back at his 2017 position of WB. His 137 yards on 12 carries sparked the Miners, who had soph Trey Goodman at QB for the 2nd week in a row. Luke Lannan was also effective with 123 yards on 19 touches, and he and Dyer added 2 scores each. The Miner D figures to be heavily challenged by the Ritter wide open passing attack. Linton held a similar attack in check the week before with NV only hitting on 5 of 14 for 72 yards, and having 2 interceptions. But, one must accept the weather conditions certainly adversely affected the Falcon gameplan. Still- It was a vast improvement from the 288 Sullivan had in the air, and the success that Southridge found on big plays in the air. With the game at St. Vincent Field at Marian University… field conditions—as well as the weather—won’t figure negatively. Ritter averages 186.3 thru the air, just 71 on the ground, and Linton’s run defense picked it up last week holding the Falcons to just 46 yards on 40 carries. Perhaps playing such run powered teams as Monrovia and Southridge have helped the young Miners improve. Ritter has three backs that get carries—Sr Darrell Roberson (#2 5’7 155) is a quick guy- 21 carries 54 yards and a score, while Soph #25 Ashton Hall is the bruiser at 5’9 200. Hall leads the team with 23 carries 124 yards and 2 scores. #23 SR JaJuan Sanders (5;10 160) has 11 carries for 59 yards. THE QB is Jr Jake Henninger (#8 6’1 165), who has hit on 51.1% of his 88 attempts (45) for 705 yards, 5 TDs, but has thrown 9 picks. Nearly every play Ritter lines up with 4 receivers spread all over the field. #5 Aiden Robinson (Jr 5;7 155) has beaten teams deep, with 3 TD catch and runs…leads in yards with 287 on 8 catches. Sr Donovan Morris (#11 5;10 160) has the most catches at 13, for 207 yards and 2 scores. The other wideout has been #17 Sr Reid Swails at 6;1 165 with 7 for 88, and listed at TE is soph #15 Timothy Godsil, who is very involved in the attack with 11 catches and 113 yards. Jr #4 LaDarrryl Woods (5;10 165) also gets in the act with 2 catches for 24, and don’t forget Roberson out of the backfield with 3 for 6. This is a Raider offense that has just 1 returning starter from 2017, and that is Tackle Parker Gianoli (Sr 6’4 280), but he was not dressed last week vs Speedway. He has been the starting RT all season up to that. Two sophs start in the left side with #65 Justin Gomez (5’10 230) at G and #62 Aaron Roberts (6’2 220) at T. Center has been #51 Jr Jacob Young (6’1 220). #55 Joseph Adenyanju (6’2 275) has been at RG… but the Raiders have used a couple others such as #64 James Highsaw (Jr 5’9 180) at Center, and a #79 not listed on the roster. Linton usually runs a 4-4 defense, and played a lot of 5-3 last week, both with just 3 defensive backs. Of course the outside LB’s play a big role in pass coverage as well. For the Miner DBs: Jr #5 Lance Dyer (5’9 175) and #23 Gavin House (Soph 5’8 140) at corners and Sr #34 Noah Ricketts (5’9 165) at Safety, it will be a pressure filled night. Dyer came back from missing a game, and moved to CB, moving Ricketts into the starting spot at S. Both are solid in run support (Ricketts 6th in tackles with 17), but Ritter has a distinct size advantage, and will also throw in some speed. Perhaps we might see something with 4 DBs… #22 Jr Dylan Smith (5’11 160) has started at CB, perhaps Dyer moves back to Safety because of his speed. OLB #43 Cash Howard (Jr 6’0 185) seems to be the backer who shifts out on the Slot… and he originally was a CB. Another key point in all this will be pressure on Henninger. He can’t be allowed to sit back in the pocket and survey every option. He’s not really the running threat we’ve seen in Ellis (NV) or Conner (Sullivan) with just 14 carries for 16 yards. Linton really hasn’t as of yet, done much in pass rush—and sometimes the defense is not designed to do that. I think in this case we have to be able to force Henninger to rush throws, and with 9 interceptions thrown thus far—you’ve got to think this has been an issue. So--- the down four of DE’s #79 Tyler Mongeau (Jr 6;3 200) and Ben Burris (#72 Sr 6’1 215), and DTs #55 Vedder Rogers (Soph 6’1 220) and #56 Sr Kole Padgett (5’7 230) will have to win up front to help these DBs out. I did notice a lot of guys coming in on passing downs… DE #54 Matthew Kethem (5’10 195) and #35 Avery Puckett (Jr 6’3 185). The ILB’s Drake Cunningham (#12 Sr 5’7 170), and leading tackler #8 Luke Lannan (Jr 5’8 175) will have to read well, as well as other OLB #69 Chase Howard (Sr 5’8 170). Howard has 28 tackles, 2nd behind Lannan’s 35. Linton has just 1 sack to their team credit, with 6 hurries. House has 1 of the teams 2 interceptions. Offensively, Linton does what Linton does.. and that’s the double wing. Goodman (#15 SOph, 6’2 165) will now have 2 games under his belt, and more comfortable. He can run a bit (12-21 1 TD), and has shown some talent in passing (12-29-137). Dyer was 12-22 for 150 yards passing in the opening 2 weeks. The passing option is going to have to become more involved to keep teams honest. #18 Devyn Robertson (Jr 6’2 160) has 5 catches for 84 yards, with #28 Clayton Hauser (Jr 6’1 155) another 5 for 57. TE Puckett has one catch for 15, but is a definitely option in the passing game. Dyer is back at WB and has 206 yards rushing on 34 touches, 3 scores. With Lannan at RB (42-270 3TD), both average over 6 yards a carry. Cash Howard is the other WB (14-50) and Gavin House (6-41) in the mix. House had 6 catches for 92 yards. Trevor Dyer and Drake Cunningham could also see time. The Miner O line has truly been a work in progress, but last week saw the rewards of that hard work. C #79 Mongeau, with Guards #72 Burris and #54 Kethem, Tackles #55 Rogers and #57 Landon Giles (Soph 6’1 220) perhaps we have the right combination. We also see #51 Dalton Smith (Jr 5’11 190) and #64 Hunter Boldrey (Jr 6’2 275) both get playing time in rotation. They will need to be physical from the get-go. The Ritter defense comes in again with only 1 returning starter from their 2017 meeting with Linton, and that was #57 Javon Rodgers ((Sr 6’3 270) at DT… but Rogders has been on the sideline on crutches from what I’ve sees so far. I’ve seen Ritter is many different defensive alignments, with different personnel in each one. #74 Gianoli, if healthy, is on DT, and #25 Hall is a key player in ILB/MLB. They are lead in tackles by LB Zach Feltz (Sr 5’9 160) with 43. Others are OLB #15 Godsil (19 tcklses, 2 picks); DE Alec Frazee (#45 Sr 6’2 190 22 tkls), DE Parker Mead (#26 Jr 6’0 180). When in a 3 man front I see #62 Aaron Roberts (Soph 6’2 220) at NT, and in 4 man he is the other DT. #55 Adenyanju at 6’2 275 is another DT. It’s Gianoi I see at NT in 5 man. DB’s consist of corners #10 KJ Majors (Jr 5’10 160) and #9 Mark Kibrige (Jr 5’10 165)..with #2 Darrell Roberson (Sr 5’7 155) and #11 Donovan Morris (Sr 5’10 160) at Safeties. #11, #2 and #9 are back there in a the 3 man scheme. Roberson has 22 tackles, 3rd on team. Both teams are pretty solid on PATs.. Linton’s Jace Elmore is 8 of 8, which one not getting off due to a bad snap. Ritter’s Matthew Boberg is also 8 of 8, and has hit 1 of 1 in FGs. Cunningham punts for Linton, Swails and Woods have punted for the Raiders.
  7. Miner Pride

    Linton at Ritter

    For those who like the Stats! This is what I have through 4 games.. keep in mind.. these are from my stats! not necessarily official.. but I go through it pretty vigorously to be a correct as possible. Linton: Rushing- 135-684 5.07 per carry 8 TDs as a team. Lannan 42-270 6.4 per 3 TD; L.Dyer 34-206 6.1 per 3 TD; Ca. Howard 14-50 3.6 per; House 6-41 6.8 per; Goodman 15-21 1.8 per 1 TD. Receiving- Robertson 5-84; House 6-92; Hauser 5-57; T.Dyer 2-15; Puckett 1-15; Lannan 1-28; Ca.Howard 3- (-1); L.Dyer 1- (-2) Passing; Team 24-51 287 yards 0 TD 0 INT; Goodman 12-29-137; Dyer 12-22-150 Offense: 242.8 per game; 171.0 rush 71.8 Pass Defense: 302.3 per game; 173.8 rush 128.5 Pass Total Tackles: Lannan-35; Ch.Howard 28; Cunningham 19; T.Dyer 18; Padgett 18; Ricketts 17; Rogers 17; Burris 16; Dy.Smith 12; L Dyer 11; House 11 TFL: Team-16.0 Lannan-3; Padgett-3; Ch.Howard-3; Rogers 1.5; Puckett-1; Da.Smith-1; Keen-1; Cunningham .5; Ketchem-.5 Sacks- Lannan-1 INT; House-1; Miller-1; Fumble Rec: Ch.Howard-1 Mongeau-1 PAT- Elmore 8-8 1 Bad Snap. Punts- Cunningham- 17- 24.7 Avg. Kickoff- Elmore 12 - 29.6 avg Ritter: Rushing: Team 84-284 3.4 per 4 TD Hall 24-124 5.2 per 2 TD; Roberson 21-54 2.6 per 1 TD; Sanders 11-19 5.4 per; Henninger 14-16 1.1 per Woods 5-17 3.4 per Receiving: Morris 13-207 2 TD; Robinson 8-287 3 TD; Godsil 11-113; Swails 7-88; Woods 2-24; Roberson 3-6; Hall 1-6 Passing: Henninger 45-88-705 yards 2 TD 9 Int. Woods 1-1 40; Offense 257.3 per game; 71.0 rush, 186.3 Passing. DEfense-- 3 game (No Lutheran Stats) 231.0 per game 145 rushing; 86.0 passing Tackles- Feltz-43; Bishop-23; Roberson-22; Frazee-22; Godsil-19; Hall-19; Kibirige-16; Mead-13; Adenyanju-13; WIssell-12 TFL: 6 Godsil, Feltz, Bishop, Frazee, Adenyanju, Gianoli-each 1 Sack- Bishop-2, Hall-1; INT-Godsil-2, Majors-1 FR-Frazee-2, Roberson/Hall-1 each
  8. Miner Pride

    Linton at Ritter

    Absolutely valid points. I admit...the nasty weather and field conditions last week certainly aided the Miner defense against NV's passing game... I don't know what the weather looks like for this Friday..but the game is at Marian University.. so Turf field... mud will not be a factor. Honestly I think Linton will get burned on some long pass plays... but I hope the offense can put together some hard nose drives ala Monrovia..and with Dyer now at WB... the explosiveness we've lacked showed up. BUt it will all come down to the line of scrimmage... Confidence has to be a little better for Linton.. as I'm sure it has to for Ritter... I mean...I have then down as losing 11 of 12 offensive starters, and 10 of 12 on defense. Miners gonna have to eliminate fumble fest though.. and I hope the passing game can at least take some pressure off the run game. What the world... needs now... is Love... sweet Love.. LOL!! Who your senators got this week?
  9. Yep... I'll do it! Both 1-3. Both lost to Monrovia. Miners 23-0, Raiders 15-6. Miners lone win coming last week over then unbeaten North Vermillion 34-7, Ritter doing the same 38 zip over 1-3 Speedway. Linton opened with 3 losses to ranked teas- Southridge, Sullivan & Monrovia. Ritter as well to the Bulldogs, Lutheran and Brebeuf. They've had postseason meetings that came down to final plays. 2008's 30-26 Raider win , and 2004's 21-20 OT Ritter win. Last year saw Ritter put Linton away 42-22 and pummel us through the air. Miners list Keaton Cox in this game but would not have changed outcome. Lots of new faces on both squads this year.. Again it looks like Ritter will be an air it out team with some speed that will test the smaller miner dbs....prolly a key to the game for sure.... Can Linton get pressure to help those dbs? Can linton's offense continue the improvement seen last Friday with two 120+ yard rushers...in Dyer and Lannan??
  10. Miner Pride

    Missing persons

    I don't miss him at all..... 🙂
  11. Miner Pride

    Missing persons

    yeah I know.. and I feel pretty guilty about missing out.. I wait longer and longer each summer to get my stuff together.. then blamo... I'm so far behind with things that it takes a month to get up to speed.... PLus I admit.. being in 2A has messed me up.... I think I could be in any 1A convo and be OK... not so much with 2A... but am getting there!
  12. Miner Pride

    Wabash River Conference Week 4

    What?!? A lintonian and sullivanite in aggreement?!?! Lol
  13. Miner Pride

    Missing persons

    It was ridiculously long and rigorously detailed as always! I've also had too much on my plate this year..Too much going on in the real world. I miss doing the 1a breakdowns. I still got the info...hopefully I can put together mid season sectional previews.
  14. Miner Pride

    Missing persons

    And I really hate fair weathered fans...armchair qbs, and folks that don't support their program and kids win or lise. Like a lit of places I've been to, Linton has definitely got our fair share of loud mouth cocky *Deleted*s, and I've certainly cringed over the years at oists made in the grid! But...I've seen and heard the same from other over the top revellers! Doing the radio broadcast from visiting side booth at Linton, plus road games has exposed some low level comments and hand gestures...sometimes nearly erupting into confrontations. And I am such a peaceful guy. It was great to see Linton play better, and get some positives going that will hopefully put the miners on a better path. Plus, southridge, Sullivan and Monrovia are pretty dang good football teams. North Vermillion was no slouch, and neither will be Linton. Growing pains be damned!!
  15. Miner Pride

    Missing persons

    I was in the WRC thread talking Linton north Vermillion. Game write up included!!!