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  1. old_man

    2018 MSC-PLAC

    Field looks sweet coach! Great to get to see some action tonight as Salem hosts Madison at 7 pm. Officially 1 week before the 2018 season kicks off. Week 1 Matchups #7 NH @ Salem #15 Brownstown @ Corydon SC @ Charlestown #13 Paoli @ Madison Scottsburg @ Clarksville Pekin @ #10 WW Crawford @ Evansville Harrison #5 Eastern Greene @ Springs Valley
  2. old_man

    8-10 Scrimmages

    Seymour vs. Silver Creek
  3. old_man

    8-10 Scrimmages

    Salem hosting Madison
  4. Salem has an elementary position open. All interested candidates contact HFC RJ Hartsfield at rhartsfield@salemschools.com Posting closes July 23rd
  5. old_man

    Coaching changes

  6. old_man

    Coaching changes

    IHSAA by laws permit any certified employee's children to transfer without restrictions.
  7. This is the most action Coach Nowlin has gotten in a long time!(on the grid)
  8. old_man

    2018 MSC-PLAC

    Saw Charlestown and Clarksville in a track meet the other night. Had some athletes. Ctown RB is going to be a problem for MSC.
  9. old_man

    2018 MSC-PLAC

    MSC will be very competitive in 2018! Below are holes that will have to be replaced due to SR's that graduated on each MSC squad! Brownstown- 4 on Offense and 4 on Defense North Harrison- 7 on Offense and 5 on Defense Silver Creek - 6 on Offense and 6 on Defense Scottsburg - 5 on Offense and 3 on Defense Salem - 7 on Offense and 4 on Defense Pekin - 5 on Offense and 7 on Defense Corydon - 6 on Offense and 5 on Defense Charlestown - 3 on Offense and 7 on Defense Clarksville - Not Sure- Congrats to Coach Boser
  10. What ways do you promote competition in your program? I am interested in in-season and off-season drill work. I have noticed that when it comes to speed and agility training the athletes respond much better when it is a short competitive drill. We normally rotate through stations 1-2 times per week at Speed School and each station is 3:30-4 minutes long. High intensity, but focused. Example: Track and Chase = Agility Drill - Change of direction 2 Lines- 2 Tennis balls - Throw the balls out in front of the athletes and they compete to retrieve and return the ball to a bucket. Winner is first who returns the ball to bucket. This drill works many areas for an athlete. It forces them to really work the DRIVE phase of a sprint, but also makes them track an object at the same time. Change of direction. Each athlete will get to hit drive phase 2 times each rep, which is more beneficial than lining up and working stance and start all the time. If you have anything to share describe the drill.
  11. old_man

    2017 MSC-PLAC

    Salem All-MSC Players Evan Brishaber (SR)-- WR Colin McCartney (JR) -- LB Brant Deaton (SR)-- OL HM All MSC Cameron Morris (SR)--DB Brandon Corbin (SOPH) -- QB Evan Brishaber also was All State WR
  12. Bump - Looking to move on this by 2nd semester. If you know anyone that has credentials and wants to coach have them contact Coach Hartsfield.
  13. old_man

    2017 MSC-PLAC

    Salem JV improved to 7-1 with a 30-0 win over Charlestown!
  14. Salem HS has an immediate opening for a HS Algebra 1 teacher. Looking to hire asap. If anyone knows someone interested please contact HFC-- RJ Hartsfield at rhartsfield@salemschools.com There will be football opportunities, we also have HS Wrestling HC opening.
  15. old_man

    2017 MSC-PLAC

    Salem JV is 5-1 with a 56-0 win over Pekin Eastern.