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  1. HoopsCoach

    CIC Week 5 (Ball St)

    Since the CIC is very reluctant to expand and won’t add any new members unless a current member leaves... Marion and most of the long-time members of the NCC would never leave. New Castle did and it seems to be a very nice fit for them in the Hoosier Heritage Conference. With the declining enrollments at many of the NCC schools, and the improvement in the athletic programs of the growing rural/small town schools in the same area, I would like to see a new conference formed. It would bring together many of the similar sized schools within about an hour of Muncie and would consist of 8 members: Marion, Mississinewa, Delta, Jay County, Yorktown, Anderson, Muncie Central, and Richmond. 7 of the 8 schools have between 800-1400 students. Anderson is the outlier with over 1800, but their competitive strength in almost every sport certainly does not reflect their larger enrollment. 8 members would mean 7 conference games, which works very well for football. All of those teams would have 2 non-conference games to use to keep existing rivalries. Marion and Mississinewa could still play Eastbrook, Marion could also keep Kokomo, Jay County could still play Blackford, Richmond can keep Connersville, etc. Mississinewa joining that conference would open a place for Lapel, keeping the CIC at 8 members.
  2. HoopsCoach

    CIC Week 5 (Ball St)

    North White is not a football only member of the HHC. They stopped that when they went with Tri-County and Frontier to revive the Midwest Conference (which includes West Central, North Newton, and South Newton in addition to those 3). Delphi joins the HHC next year, which will give them 8 football schools and 9 members in other sports. Carroll, Delphi, Clinton Central, Clinton Prairie, Eastern, Taylor, Tri-Central, and Sheridan. Rossville is the 9th member that doesn’t have football.
  3. North White does have soccer. It is a relatively new program that has become pretty successful in a short span of time. The demise of the football program follows a similar timeline to the rise of their soccer program. In a community with a large Hispanic population, the addition of soccer was bound to pull kids from football. Caston also has soccer. It is very difficult for a rural, public school with less than 300 students to adequately support football and soccer. A common denominator in North White, Benton Central, and Frankfort is a large Hispanic population. At BC they have many migrant worker families who have students that leave late in the fall after harvest. That Hispanic population hasn’t translated to success in the soccer program though since many don’t (or can’t) participate in sports. The geography of their district makes it tough to keep kids involved in athletics. They run an activity bus, but it leaves before many of their JV/Varsity practices end. That’s why some kids quit after junior high - parents struggle with transportation for kids who are freshman/sophomores that are not able to drive yet. Also consider that 1 out of every 4 students at BC is identified as special education and you can understand why they have so much trouble fielding competitive athletic teams. Totally different demographics and circumstances compared to neighboring West Lafayette or even rival Twin Lakes. It would be a good move to have BC and Frankfort play, and North White schedule Caston.
  4. No doubt that they have some outstanding talent and tend to use it very well. The absence of humility just gets old, including from that dude.
  5. Par for the course with West Side. I’m surprised I don’t hear more about shoulder surgeries with all the people that relish in patting themselves on the back. There may be a day down the road that the tables are turned. I don’t think they have a 7th grade team this year.
  6. HoopsCoach

    Whiting getting screwed

    24 players and they can’t play a varsity season? Sounds like they just didn’t want to take a season full of whippings again, and maybe preferred to just screw everybody on their schedule.
  7. HoopsCoach

    New Turf In 2018

    Great stories, I’ve enjoyed reading them. Racing has always felt like family, and I think it’s really interesting to see others tell the story of their branch of the racing family.
  8. HoopsCoach

    New Turf In 2018

    My race tracks visited list also stands at 29, with 23 of them being dirt. I have always been a late model fan, but like just about anything on dirt. Montpelier, Gas City, Kokomo, and Eldora were my weekend home every summer of my childhood. I never played baseball because it conflicted with spending the weekends at the track. I’ve been to Brownstown, Lawrenceburg, Twin Cities, Atomic, and many others throughout the midwest also. Made my first trip to the Knoxville Nationals a few weeks ago. Unbelievable event. I actually have my Knoxville Nationals shirt on as I write this. I remember very clearly a Saturday night in the late 90’s or maybe early 2000’s when Randy Petro showed up at Montpelier and put a butt whooping on the locals. His spoiler read “Not too fast, not too slow, just Randy Petro!” I liked that as well as that green/black #95 paint scheme.
  9. There are others in large, urban areas, but you are right that it is pretty rare to find them in small, rural communities. East Allen County Schools has 4 in the same corporation with Leo, Woodlan, Heritage, and New Haven. That corporation also included Harding in Fort Wayne when it was open. Southeastern Shelby has 2 very small schools in the same corporation with Morristown and Waldron. Wabash County schools have Northfield and Southwood, which have discussed some form of consolidation but ultimately backed out of that proposal. From a financial perspective, consolidation of districts makes some sense. Just using the 3 White County schools as an example - why pay 3 superintendents and 3 separate central office staffs when it would seem to save some money (and utilities) to employ just one. Keep the schools open but cut some costs at the district level.
  10. There are several factors that contributed to that enrollment trend, but the driving force behind it was probably the previous superintendent. She arrived in Jan. ‘12 and it was almost instantly a negative impact. Very hostile environment from the beginning, which led many teachers, staff, and administrators to leave. Anyone who could, did. Over 80% of their staff left to take a job somewhere else, resigned, or retired during her 4-5 year tenure. According to one of their current staff members, the longest tenured teacher now has 14 years of experience. She’s the softball coach and she has only stayed because they can win state this year. Families were not happy with that superintendent’s leadership either, and many left for Harrison, Twin Lakes, Delphi, or Tri-County. Harrison was the most common choice due to its proximity to Brookston, which is where the largest percentage of Frontier’s students live. That superintendent left to become the principal at Tri-County...which now has an open superintendent position. Frontier’s current superintendent seems to be much more cordial and welcoming, in addition to being a more outspoken supporter of athletics. The problem is, no matter how much better he has done, it is difficult to reverse that enrollment trend. Once you lose students, it is very difficult to get them back. Harrison is part of the Tippecanoe School Corporation, which would have no interest in annexing the Prairie Township portion of White County (where Brookston is located). A far more likely scenario is for Frontier, Tri-County, and North White to merge as one school corporation. It would be difficult for them to consolidate schools though, given the geographic area that would cover. I don’t think that will happen soon though. Despite their enrollment decline, Frontier’s finances are reportedly in the black. They have income from wind farm bonds, which was used to fund the construction of new baseball and softball fields just a few years ago. They may just continue as a very small school corporation with limited success in athletics. Also just to clarify, TSC (Harrison and McCutcheon) does not include any of Benton County. It is actually just the opposite. Benton Community’s district includes the northwest corner of Tippecanoe County. With open enrollment, the decline in BC’s numbers can be attributed to many families in that northwest corner of Tippecanoe County electing to send their children to Harrison instead of BC.
  11. I think they only offer football and cross country.
  12. HoopsCoach

    Pioneer Opponent Week 1

    Looking at the DOE data from last year, Frontier would be the 2nd smallest traditional public school that plays football. Caston is just a few students smaller. Frontier had an enrollment of 207 last year. Their graduating class was one of the smallest they have ever had. Caston has an enrollment of 204, and it looks like they are not going to be able to play this year. Rock Creek Community Academy and Traders Point Christian both became IHSAA tournament eligible this year. Rock Creek had an enrollment of 116 in grades 9-12 last year. Traders Point had an enrollment of 118. Indiana School for the Deaf also had an enrollment of 118. Oldenburg Academy was at 208 last year. Those are obviously not traditional public schools.
  13. Soccer and football at a school with less than 400 students is a bad idea. Back when their previous AD was on the IHSAA executive committee, they tried to field teams in all IHSAA sports. Admirable, but not very successful in any sport. Speaking of that AD, I remember a year when there were some low numbers in the program where I was coaching. There weren’t enough players for an 8th grade team, and just enough for a 7th grade. When she was asked if we could allow some of our 7th graders to “play up” so we could play both games (even if we didn’t count it as a win if we were ahead on the scoreboard) her answer was no. She stated that we needed to start walking the halls to get more kids out to play instead of bumping kids up. It’s a shame that she isn’t there to have to go through this with them.
  14. HoopsCoach

    Hammond Bishop Noll

    So how did Clinton Prairie get out of their contract with Frontier?
  15. HoopsCoach

    The next reclassification

    I agree. 5A could include Cathedral, New Pal, Roncalli, Lafayette Jeff (who will be loaded), and East Central depending on how this year’s state tournament plays out.