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  1. coach hag

    NFHS Rules Changes

    IF no kickoff what would happen after a safety? IF a player is asked to leave for 1 play due to equipment could the team tiake a timeout and he stays in? Rule suggestions: When a team is penalized for delay of game they have an option of using a time out rather than a penalty.
  2. I read on here recently and cannot seem to find it that a team in the finals created 50 turnovers. Which team was this?
  3. Westfield Middle School is looking for 8th grade B team games. Our B team is also willing to play your A team. Please contact Doug Luce at luced@wws.k12.in.us
  4. coach hag

    It's Just Linton

    I was really disappointed when I read this post. I was hoping for some fodder or stirring of the pot with some coach, player, fan, or whatever saying "It's just Linton". Miss the drama this board had years ago. I leave with this, when I use to drive though I never agreed with the sign, "You'll like Linton". Now Stockton on the other hand, that place was awesome!
  5. I'm cleaning out our middle school equipment room. I have some pants that are gold, some white. These are pants without pads integrated in them. Also have some belts. These are mostly middle schooler sizes. Let me know if you are interested.
  6. Westfield middle School will once again host their summer 7 on 7. This year will be on Saturday July 21st from 9-noon. Please contact me for more information hagemeiert@wws.k12.in.us
  7. The positions will be posted in February. You can begin the online application process by going here https://www.wws.k12.in.us/domain/457 Coach Gilbert and I are open to meeting before the actual interviews if you ever want to swing by to see our facilities and talk about how we do things and get a chance to meet one another. The teaching position would consist of teaching both health and PE. You would have your students every day of the school year. You would teach either 7th or 8th grade. We are about to begin construction (adding) on the middle school. A referendum was passed recently to add onto our intermediate school, middle school, and high school due to our population growth. At the middle school 2 new gyms will be added and our weight room will be reconstructed. Classrooms will also be added as well as reconstruction throughout the building. The coaching position would depend on who all is hired and how the coaches best fit our program. We do workouts and practice 7th and 8th grade together throughout the summer and during the season.
  8. Westfield Middle School will be adding 3 new wellness positions (health and pe). These are new positions due to population growth. Middle school coaching openings as well. You may contact me hagemeiert@wws.k12.in.us or our head coach Jake Gilbert gilbertj@wws.k12.in.us I am sure the interview process will begin in the next 2-3 months so apply ASAP.
  9. Westfield is mostly likely adding positions in PE and health at the middle school next year. We would love to get a middle school football coach with one of these openings.
  10. coach hag

    Moeller and Don Bsoc Prep

    Just out of curiosity what is the consequences of not following the 300 mile rule?
  11. coach hag

    rules for 2015

    1. Let the boys run a kick or punt out of the endzone. 2. I like the distance from the ball the kicking team has to be but cancel the # of players on each side of the kicker on kickoffs. 3. Cancel the rule requiring any offensive player to come inside the numbers in order to participate. 4. Require both teams to be present for the National anthem. 5. Make blocked PATs live/returnable for 2points. Same on turnovers on 2pt. attempts.
  12. coach hag

    North South Game?

    No, they cannot.
  13. http://www.doe.in.gov/student-services/health/concussions I am being told all our coaches will need training in these 4 areas: equipment fitting Hydration Concussion awareness Tackling safety
  14. Was Zionsville playing with a backup QB all or part of the Zionsville-Cathedral game?
  15. coach hag

    Linton vs Sullivan

    I have had the pleasure of playing and coaching in this game. Good luck to the Golden Arrows. Beating Linton while they sit at #1 is a tremendous opportunity. I hope everyone is safe this Friday and the heat is not underestimated as the biggest opponent. Stay hydrated.