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  1. You and me both buddy. We're creatures of habit.
  2. Coach Jennings

    depth to be defined as a punter

    You're right. Thank you for clarifying that.
  3. Coach Jennings

    depth to be defined as a punter

    It's an interesting idea to say the least. We started talking about ways we could use this rule to our advantage.
  4. Coach Jennings

    depth to be defined as a punter

    Thank you!
  5. Coach Jennings

    depth to be defined as a punter

    So we've been talking about this as a staff and I want to clarify: We can line up for a long FG and our kicker can drive the ball but if it fails to reach the end zone and dies at the 3 yard line, it is like a punt and the ball can be touched by the kicking team at the 3 and that's where the opponent would take over correct? It is basically a punt?
  6. Coach Jennings

    How do you build an ark?

    I'm sure many football purist will disagree with me but I love field turf. At a smaller school like Whiting, our maintenance department had trouble up-keeping the grass field as well as the many other duties they had throughout the week. Not to mention weeks like this where we had a ton of rain, we would have to stay off the game field and practice on our goat pasture of a practice field. By the end of the season the field would be bare of grass and when it became cold, would harden up and it would be like playing on cement. Our field is a source of pride for our school and community and has allowed us to host Pop Warner regular season games and playoffs. Teams and their parents would visit local restaurants and such. It has been a great thing in Whiting.
  7. Coach Jennings

    DTs Dandy Dozen - Region Recap

    Who was the proposed builder?
  8. Coach Jennings

    DTs Dandy Dozen - Region Recap

    Average between 35-38 minutes. Not too bad.
  9. Coach Jennings

    DTs Dandy Dozen - Region Recap

    Yeah 109th is crazy. And as more and more stuff gets built out there, the crazier it will become. At least I got a Taco Bell down the street.
  10. Coach Jennings

    DTs Dandy Dozen - Region Recap

    We're large humans. Myself and the other DB coach are a combined weight of 595. Fattest DB coaches in the state. But I can backpedal like nobody's business...
  11. Coach Jennings

    DTs Dandy Dozen - Region Recap

    If pizza and beverages are on the docket, you can count me in. I'm a stone's throw from Lowell now as I'm in Winfield. Aurelio's and Gelsosomos are the best pizza joints in the Region. A lot of the other ones mentioned on here are good but there's something about the sweet sauce that Aurelio's and Gelsosomos put on their pizza. And thin crust is the only way to go. Great story: a few former Whiting football coaches and I used to frequent Gelsosmos in Portage on Thursday for their in house special. Large one-topping, a dozen wings, and a two-liter of pop for $20. Each of us would order our own special and eat until we had to be rolled outta there. The first time we ordered separate specials, the waitress had to speak to the manager to see if we could order 4 specials for one table. Of course we were and we became regulars there.
  12. Former Whiting and now Woodlan head coach, Sherwood Haydock, came back to Whiting in 2015 for the semi state game. He did it several years back when he was at River Forest as well. Many of us Whiting coaches were former players and/or assistants under Haydock, pretty neat experience for all of us.
  13. The Hanover Central program is up and coming. They have a great atmosphere and a nice setup for games. This is an extremely attractive job and the school and the program is going to continue to grow. With all due respect Tommy, I disagree that it's a fledgling program. In fact, I feel it's quite the opposite and will have significant interest. Pete is a great dude and Highland is lucky to land him. I hate to see him leave our conference but he will do well at Highland.
  14. Whiting brought two teams last year and we couldn't have been more happy with the event. It's extremely well-run, the events are different and challenging, and it's a great day of competition. We already committed to bringing two teams this year and highly encourage other schools to do the same. We traveled a couple of hours to get there and left mighty early in the morning, but it was well worth the trip. And we were able to get Pizza King which is a big plus for the overweight members of our coaching staff (all of us).