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  1. Jr to be Noah Huppman from Evansville Day School has topped the 7' mark.
  2. Zuberx6

    SIAC 2017

    Does Castle Have Turf this year? Seems like I saw they were getting it.
  3. We will find out about Reitz Friday night. This is the most unknown team in recent years.
  4. Zuberx6

    Evansville Reitz

    My source tells me Reagan is the QB. Malik and Summers at WR with Hanson in the slot
  5. I would be. I think Nick will be a front runner out of the gate
  6. Will be pulling for former Reitz QB Nick Hart and his GS team.
  7. Zuberx6

    Columbus East At Reitz

    panther 77, on 06 November 2012 - 05:26 PM, said: Another neat place is the Gerst house on Franklin St. It was a hardware store from the 1800's converted into a German style beer hall and resturant. Great german food and atmosphere, about 10 minutes from the field. Smoked pork chops, beef stroganoff, and goulash are very good. Will def be trying this place out. Thank you!! Thank You cutblock, I will have to get a little of everything. Make sure to get the German fries but, you better be hungry.
  8. Zuberx6

    Columbus East At Reitz

    This Reitz team is all about heart. After the first half vs Jasper I didn't think we stood a chance to pull it out. The second half we matched some scores. But when we had to make some stops we got them, when we had to have a 4th and 5 conversion we got it, when we had to make a 35ish yrd field goal we got it. These are the Cardiac Panthers. I won't count them out until the last tick comes off the clock.
  9. Sat. at 5 in the Bowl. Lets hope to see a rematch of the greatest game I have ever seen the 61-60 game in 07. I know Reitz is far removed from that game. This years team is a gutty never say die team. That has a balanced attack. While giving all the fans in the stands a heart attack most nights. I have heard this is a powerful CE team this year. Let's hear what they do best.
  10. Zuberx6

    Reitz At Jasper

    This was a great game. First off I'm glad the kid is OK. We would have jumped all over someone yelling out. We just had this happen at the first Central game when we had a player down and they kept yelling get him off the field as we would use a injured player to stop the clock. I know that is very upsetting. As for the game it was like I said earlier these are the cardiac kids. If they played hard they could be there at the end. Jasper I'm sure feels down today but, they played one of the great games in Southern Indiana. Anytime a game comes down to a last second filed goal it could just go either way. My hats off to all the boys. Great Game.
  11. Zuberx6

    Reitz At Jasper

    Hoping to get up there early for one of the coveted seats. If the last two home games are any indication on the Crowd from Reitz. It may be one of the lower totals of fans in recent years
  12. Not much being said about this game. I think Reitz will have to have a clean game to be there at the end. Jasper is 11-0. With some big backs. Reitz plays the run well. Glad it's being played at 7 Evansville time
  13. Ya lets hope for a 2007 Rematch in the bowl. The greatest High school game I ever saw.
  14. Zuberx6

    Md Vs South Spencer.

    The regional was played last week.
  15. Reitz and Jasper should be a good one Jasper is 11-0 this year and looks to be pretty tough. Reitz has played better as the season has went one. Reitz is the cardiac kids this year. If they can play mistake free football I think they will be there at the end.