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  1. MC has two remaining away games on the DAC schedule. Friday @ Merrillville and @ Portage in week 7. None of the Michigan City schools (Elston, Rogers and MCHS) has never won back to back away game at Merrillville and Portage. The win over Chesterton was the first time Michigan City won back to back away games against the Trojans since Rogers in 1976 and 1978, 40 years ago. The kids at Michigan City always tell me that they want to do things for the school and community that has never been done before.
  2. At age 68, Time has come to pass for Bucs AD Janis Qualizza to retire.
  3. Region football has always been cyclical. Andrean, Whiting, La Porte, Lowell and to some extent New Prairie and Renselaer all have made recent appearances in the state football finals. Michigan City just fell a touchdown shy of making it last season and it looks like they are going to make another deep run. I like what the guy said about not having any contraction issues when it comes to playing fortnite.
  4. Jim Peters writes for the Michigan City News Dispatch now. Just about the entire sports writing staff and The Times has moved on except for Al Hamnik who had the recap of the David VS. Goliath tilt.
  5. tommy

    New IHSAA officiating PSA

    I really like this new IHSAA officiating PSA. Hit the nail right on the head. highschoolrefs.com
  6. Did you officiate that game in 1903?
  7. One thing that Crown Point has proved to me is that there is no direct correlation between community growth and success of the high school football program. Over the last 20 years people kept telling me that Crown Point is growing leaps and bounds and this will lead to the Bulldogs challenging the big boy down in Indy for state championships.
  8. tommy

    5A North collision course

    That walk off TD in the H-F-MC game was one that Buzea always ran that same play during his years at Portage. He also used that same play to beat Valpo in the final seconds in 2009 when he was at Michigan City. He had the ball a the 6 but took a DOG to give the QB more space to execute the play.
  9. Look what the H-F human resources director rakes in (the person listed above Buzea), she also gets 20 vacation days and 15 sick days in addition to the summer off.
  10. Given the opportunity I would jump at it. Here is the 2017 administration and teacher salary report for Homewood-Flossmoor High School: https://www.hfhighschool.org/assets/1/24/2017_EIS_Admin_and_Teacher_Salary_Benefit_Report.pdf
  11. He probably would not want to take a cut in pay to leave H-F and coach at the college level or to another school. I once seen a listing of all the teachers salaries at H-F and half the staff makes over 6 figures and the rest makes close too it.
  12. Somebody posted that Portage would be lucky just to "win a few games" this season and looked "very predictable" on offense. 20 years ago a 3-7 season would have been unthinkable at Portage. Buzea is one the most prolific offensive coaches that I have ever seen anywhere. Going to be nice to see the likes of coach Buzea, Zac Wells, Tom Cicero, Albert Evans and coach Pratt back on the sidelines in the region on Friday night.
  13. Frontier High School in Brookston, Indiana...Home of R & M Food Market...Where Meat is the Main Attraction.
  14. Future might be bleak at South Central. Only 24 players with only 7 players combined in the junior and freshmen class on the roster for 2017-2018. Since 2007 there has been 9 different head coaches at South Central. https://www.thenewsdispatch.com/sports/article_fe5cd49a-5d3d-51c4-8dca-b0af918fb636.html
  15. Latest reports state that Marty Carter is paralyzed from the shooting. https://www.mlive.com/sports/2018/08/gvsu_coach_standout_martayveus.html