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    SIAC Week 6

    Undefeated and with this hanging at Lucas Oil, Memorial is #1 until someone beats them IMO.
  2. Unbelievable performance on both sides of the ball by the Tigers tonight! I think MD had about 60 total yards vs. Memorial's starting D and the O had their way in the air. Throwing darts, stiff arms and TD's.
  3. Evansville Mater Dei (2-1) at Evansville Memorial (3-0) GAME TIME: 7 pm CT, Enlow Field. COACHES: Mike Goebel, 213-63 in 22nd year at Mater Dei. John Hurley, 76-53 in 11th year at Memorial. SAGARIN RATINGS: Memorial, 83.49, 20th overall, 3rd in 3A. Mater Dei, 69.12, 67th overall, 5th in 2A. LAST OUTING: Mater Dei defeated Evansville Harrison, 50-6. Memorial defeated Evansville North, 56-10. OPPONENTS' RECORDS: Mater Dei 2-4. Memorial 1-5. SERIES LAST 30 YEARS: Mater Dei, 28-8. LAST MEETING: Memorial, 37-14, Sep. 8, 2017. PREDICTION: Memorial, 31-28.
  4. Surprised to see the predicted score of 31-28. I don't see Memorial being held to 31 points, their defense alone may cover half that point total.
  5. jsawright

    SIAC Week 2

    Bears and Tigers didn't disappoint!
  6. Saturday Games Central 49 - Daviess County 13 Memorial 49 - Owensboro Catholic 21 2018 Border Bowl Indiana 2 - Kentucky 2
  7. Friday Games OHS 35 - Reitz 34 Apollo 17 - MD 10 Whodat was right on with last night's games... hopefully his prediction about today's games are as spot on!
  8. jsawright

    SIAC Week 2

    New Albany There Haute South Bosse Henderson Co Reitz MD Central Memorial I think the Border Bowl games will be much closer than last year but I don't see any of the Owensboro schools winning. Best chance may be Owensboro vs. Reitz, that is if Reitz hasn't shored up that secondary which struggled against HC last week. DC & OC game on YouTube. I don't see these teams talented enough on the defensive side of the ball to stop either Central's or Memorial's offenses.
  9. As fun as it was to witness Memorial score 58 points in a half, hopefully these games will be much more competitive than last year! Talking to some people in Owensboro, all four Owensboro teams seem to have improved and each have potent offenses. I guess we will see just how potent when they match up against SIAC defenses.
  10. Hanover website lists these teams as registered for the camp this week. June 25-27, 2018 Evansville Reitz High School Evansville Memorial High School Brownstown Central High School Jennings County High School Southridge High School Silver Creek High School
  11. Game Details - Lucas Oil Stadium 3A State Finals Evansville Memorial vs. Brebeuf Jesuit Friday, November 24 @ 3:30pm EST.
  12. This thread has been really quiet compared to others. Let's try to get some conversation going. I expect both teams to get after each other Friday afternoon. One recurring theme in Memorial's journey is that they have faced and stood toe to toe with some very physical football teams while coming out victorious. They heard all about how physical Gibson Southern played, they faced the leading tackler in 3A from Lawrenceburg (another physical team) and last week faced the state sack leader from Danville (again another physical team) and they have continued to do what it takes to win! They are playing with a lot of confidence on both sides of the ball. Versus Danville, the defense matched the offense's 14 points with a fumble and interception returned for touchdowns. Something this defense has done all season. After winning state titles in both girls and boys soccer, they are looking to finish off an historic fall athletic season.
  13. jsawright

    Game of the weekend?!?

    FYI...Memorial has more than a high powered offense. They have a very good defense as well. The front 4 is very fast and the secondary is a turnover machine (pick 6 is a common theme this year). 3A should be a great game!
  14. Danville (13-0) vs. Evansville Memorial (12-1) in the 3A football semi-state will be played on Saturday, November 18 at 5:00 pm EST at Danville High School.
  15. 11-1 #4 Evansville Memorial will host 11-1 #5 Lawrenceburg next Sat., 11/11 at 4:00pm CST for a IHSAA Regional Championship at Enlow Field.
  16. SATURDAY, NOV. 18 Sagarin Ratings ©Jeff Sagarin Evansville Memorial (12-1) at Danville (13-0) GAME TIME: 5 pm ET, Danville. COACHES: John Hurley, 71-53 in 10th year at Evansville Memorial. K.C. Woods, 23-3 in 2nd year at Danville. SAGARIN RATINGS: Danville, 81.01, 26th overall, 3rd in Class 3A. Evansville Memorial, 80.22, 27th overall, 4th in Class 3A. LAST OUTING: Evansville Memorial defeated Lawrenceburg, 56-35. Danville defeated Indianapolis Chatard, 38-7. OPPONENTS' RECORDS: Evansville Memorial 77-57, Danville 64-80. SERIES LAST 30 YEARS: No meetings. PREDICTION: Danville, 31-30.
  17. For anyone not at the game or watching the broadcast. 35-13 Evansville Memorial at the half.
  18. We aren't exactly playing red rover in southwestern Indiana. I think there are some Gibson Southern players still looking for that train that came through Ft Branch Friday night. With that being said, I think our Tigers are expecting a physical game and may even be up for the challenge. After watching the LB & NH webcast, I am looking forward to two offenses that are very good at what they do and two defenses that are very physical and will look to impose their wills. Memorial has played smash mouth teams this year so I don't think they will be surprised. Since we are talking about styles that each team may or may not have faced. Who has LB played that can throw the ball like Memorial? And don't tell me Batesville, I am talking about a QB who slings rifle shots and has the quickness to make tacklers miss. I am talking about 6’1”-6’3” receivers who don't shy away from contact after the catch. Looking forward to enjoying a great game Saturday!
  19. This linked was shared earlier today for a livestream of the game. https://t.co/JJ7QbHrwHD?amp=1
  20. I am not sure that was an adjustment as much as taking advantage of what the defense was giving, single coverage and playing off the outside receivers. You have to take advantage of that. It's not like they don't usually pass the ball, they are a run/pass offense. They couldn't run the ball up the middle but once Ervin got outside the tackles he began to get yards. He finished with over 100 yards rushing.
  21. Both teams played hard! GS had a tremendous season and should hold their heads high!
  22. Something I haven't seen mentioned on here is that Memorial has played their best games on the road. The more hostile the environment, the better they have seemed to perform. At Jasper for turf dedication, in Owensboro vs. Daviess County in the much hyped Border Bowl, at the Reitz bowl against both Reitz & Mater Dei, and of course at Castle in a rivalry game. Castle had a pretty good passing offense! Actually Memorial's pass d has given the offense A LOT of short field opportunities. GS may be the best pass offense Memorial will have seen but Memorial has seen some good passing offenses this year. I wouldn't compare Reitz-Central 1 to GS-HC, Reitz was a very good football team, Central is just better and Henderson County was not a very good football team! I think this thread may need to be retitled, pick GS to win or be quiet.
  23. I know 98.5 WEOA is broadcasting the game and kickoff is 7 pm.
  24. And all those victories for Memorial you listed were road games! That seems to be something many have missed, Memorial's played their best games away from home.
  25. I guess anything can happen but I don't see this as a good matchup for HH. EM's defense has been a turnover machine and HH has been prone to turning it over.