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  1. Coach Jones

    Wabash River Conference Week 3

    RP at FC will have a 10am Kickoff
  2. It goes both ways too, Tipton this year has only had one road game and made it to the State Championship game. Was at the Eastern Hancock game this past friday. The atmosphere there was amazing. Great game and great fans from both sides even with the travel that Linton had. That atmosphere was everything that is good about High school football especially at small schools.
  3. Classic mix up!!! Good to see an Oak Hill person join in the CIC talk. Congrats to all that made the list. Was a great season in the CIC. A lot of the stats are also on Max preps
  4. Coach Jones

    Oak Hill at Tipton

    #70 still plays line but also goes in to run the ball at FB. One play on the line the next he is running the ball. He was jr all state as a tackle last year if im not mistaken.
  5. Coach Jones

    Mr. Football Thread

    Just like you read to much into that. I know no one has stated that he is not a great back. I am just adding more to him being a good back from a coaches point of view who has coached against him many times. Dont read to much into it!!! As much as i would love to See him go D1 and play at that level he is a little undersized compared to what they look for now a days. With the difference between levels of college football being an inch here or a tenth of second there it would be hard for someone to overlook that and offer him a D1 type deal. Any level that he would play would be great and he would make any team better. Im just commenting because he is a great player, a better person, and.... we are no longer playing so i get bored.
  6. Coach Jones

    Oak Hill at Tipton

    Should be a fun game to watch. Good luck to both teams as they try and get a Regional Championship. The wing offense that they run is a little one dimensional but has a lot of weapons. A strong oline doesnt hurt them either. the Oak hill qb did seem a lil tender running last weak but it obviously didn't hurt them last week. Hope he gets healthy and makes it an even fight.
  7. Coach Jones

    Mr. Football Thread

    No matter what anyone said or says about Sammy he is a great running back. having the chance to coach against him 5 or 6 times in the past 4 years it has been great to see what he can do. Its always amazing to get the game footage in from the weeks before and just watch him run with a head tilt thinking "how do we stop that?" Either way he is sure fun to watch.
  8. It was a great game both ways to be a part of but a tough way to go out if you are on the losing end. Sammy is a great player but above all that he is a great person. I am glad to have seen him play and break many records, even if they were against us. I wish nothing but the best to Sammy and hope some recruiter somewhere will open their eyes and sign the kid!!!
  9. Coach Jones

    Sectional 36

    Rain should be out of the area by then. I feel that it will be a good game either way if it is not raining. Lets get the game going!!!! Been a long week of practice and only one more day left.
  10. Coach Jones

    Sectional 36

    Lapel 52 Frankton 34
  11. Coach Jones

    JV and Freshman scores.

    Alexandria got a 26-0 win over Elwood on saturday morning to complete their season. They finish undefeated with a record of 9-0.
  12. Coach Jones

    CIC Week 9

    The kickoff is still set for 7pm. In the past it has happened a few ways one being with football players before the game and the rest of the student athletes at half time. I dont know what will happen for sure but plan for a 7pm kick.
  13. Coach Jones

    CIC Week 9

    Some sort of recognition has been talked about but nothing is for sure or in stone. We are very excited to host the panthers this week and trying to prepare for the crowd and attention that this record will attract. Either way we believe it will be a very exciting and entertaining gam and have brought some extra seating to the field.
  14. Coach Jones

    CIC Week 8

    I have a feeling next week may have that sectional game feel!!! We at Alex would not fight a trip up 28 for that champ game though!!!
  15. Coach Jones

    CIC Week 8

    500+ yards is something that is hard to achieve although it seems like it has been done a few times in the last two weeks or so. I do not think that it will happen this coming friday unless it becomes a barn burner like the MG game became. That being said he will probably have a big chunk of it take out Friday and be knocking at the door as he comes to Alex for senior night. What a great atmosphere that will be!!!!