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  1. gapdownbacker

    Wabash College Football

    Austin Hoover from Sheridan exploded last week for 255 rushing and 4 scores. Not too shabby!!
  2. Great read - Coach Ho is one of the best in the business. Not just about the W's with him, it's about the kids and community. Well done Johnny... https://www.thestarpress.com/story/sports/high-school/2018/08/23/ihsaa-why-monroe-centrals-coach-wore-dallas-cowboys-jersey-last-week/1051920002/
  3. Muda - just curious, did you play tackle football and if so, what level? Do you have boys of your own that play or have played tackle football?
  4. gapdownbacker

    "Hybrid" delivery not being addressed

    Totally agree - it is with runners on base is my issue. Can't tell if windup or stretch...
  5. The "hybrid" delivery was supposed to be stopped this year. From the windup for a righty, his left foot cannot be in front of his right foot - thus looking like he is in the stretch, kind of. We have played 12 games so far and in 7 of the 12, pitchers used this "windup" with nothing being done about it. It was pointed out to the umpire and no response. So is this a rule or no?
  6. Has anyone used Snap Raise as a fundraiser? If so, please share your overall impressions and would you use it again? Thanks
  7. gapdownbacker

    Kirschner Resigns from BD

    DT - just curious, you are a media member I see. Did you ever earn a varsity letter in anything during your HS years, or perhaps actually coach a team beyond youth league? You seem awfully critical for someone who may or may not have any idea what it takes to lead a football program at a school the size of BD.
  8. gapdownbacker

    Real Bro Culture

    Mudita - finding genuine joy and happiness when others around you are successful. No spite, no jealousy, etc... If and when teams can create a culture where teammates experience this, look out. It is very difficult to achieve this given the "me" culture that seems to be growing. These two for Alabama set a great example for others to follow.
  9. Would love to be able to cut on the perimeter.
  10. If you're an Indiana kid looking to get into Ag or engineering why on earth would you leave to go someplace else? Same with Kelley business school, these two Universities have top notch programs in many areas. Remember, it's about the degree.
  11. gapdownbacker

    IFCA All State Teams

    Special Congrats to Jaret Humphrey of Lewis Cass All State DL for Cass, great season! Jaret was also a 1st team All State guy last Spring in baseball for the Kings. He can hit the baseball a long, long way.
  12. Exactly - factor in travel time to get to Lucas Oil, gas $$, food $$ , parking, etc.... It's just too easy to watch in your home, unless of course you have a vested interest in the teams playing.
  13. gapdownbacker

    1A Title Eastern Greene vs Pioneer

    I think so too - again Jalen Smith played in 2a football and now a starter in NFL. Really scary to think that he has another year of HS football left!!
  14. gapdownbacker

    1A Title Eastern Greene vs Pioneer

    Kizer the most dominant player in single and 2 a this year my opinion, can't speak to the other classes as I haven't seen a lot of football above 2a this year. Question - if Kizer goes to Ben Davis, does he stand out like he does now or just another dude? Obviously playing against the Warren Centrals, etc would skew his numbers on the season. I think back to how much Jalen Smith stood out in 2a football and now of course is starting for the Cowboys. Is Kizer that kind of talent given his work ethic, football IQ, etc?? Congrats to the Panthers on a well deserved state title.
  15. gapdownbacker

    12-1 Monroe Central at 13-0 Pioneer

    LOL - no you didn't!!!