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  1. Mr_October

    DAWGs Half Dozen

    Was that before or after you were disposed of in CFB '06?
  2. Mr_October

    DAWGs Half Dozen

    Y'all ain't got nothing on BJD and CJB
  3. Mr_October

    Hoosier Conference 2017

    Ben Ahler is now squatting 800 lbs last I heard at the silver dollar in Elwood.
  4. Was there a fight after a HH supporter started barking
  5. I wonder how many kids Heights has running sub 4.5 In my day there were claims of 5+. They run like the wind 12 miles away
  6. What's crappenin' is also a good one. joe Dirte'
  7. "We're so confused. The timer went from 6,5,4,3,2,1 and then we got penalized even though it said 8! What the heck?!"
  8. Darnit, I was hoping people would scream for all 40+ minutes. I heard Tipton has a Janitor job open. I'll be sure there's a spare jersey on the sideline for Dmitri. There's a legend that a goonies style treasure is under the auxiliary gym at tipton. What does LCC offer? Talk about perks! Finders keepers! And Ballhawk, don't you be talkin about my momma!
  9. It's a very Carnal look, Coach Dale. Tipton has the second worst sagarin in the conference. LCC is number 19. It aint gonna be pretty me thinks
  10. Where I come from we usually exchange "pork queen" with Mrs Ballhawk. Pow pow
  11. Isn't it odd that the only picks I made happened to be splits?? Also, Tipton is gonna get 50+ hung on em this week. Will be lucky to score 10 while the starters are in.
  12. I don't mind a bit of fun, but you crossed the line!
  13. I'm not the weiner we need, but the one we deserve
  14. I'll put it plainly for us, dude. KV is garbage when you want to draw comparisons. 6 winning seasons in 20 years. Move along.
  15. Yeah, RC! Brag about all those sectional titles over NN and Wheeler!