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  1. 54 minutes ago, gonzoron said:

    They scored on Ohio State and Marshall also, it just wasn't nearly enough.

    They were shutout in the 2nd half against Ohio State and 70 yards of offense and put together one decent scoring drive against Marshall in the second half. Their last TD was set up on a short field stemming from a block punt. Notre Dame is T-115th in the nation in scoring offense at 18.5. That's terrible. 


    UNC defense is terrible but their offense is elite. They're going to have to score more than 18 points in Chapel Hill to have a chance. 

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  2. 40 minutes ago, Bash Riprock said:

    Northwestern becomes the first team from a Power 5 conference to lose to a FCS opponent....Southern Illinois.

    Southern Illinois was 0-2 coming into the game, and lost their opener to Incarnate Word (?) 64-29.


    Which makes you think....just how bad is Nebraska? 

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  3. 21 minutes ago, Bash Riprock said:

    Did he go onto fame with some sort of puppet characters???

    Seriously, thought the Brady all time ranking was interesting.  Most I read on-line had him 8 or 9....certainly top 10

    I really don't remember Brady in college so that may be a "my bad" on my end. I do know Griese lead them to their last national title. Jim Harbaugh is synonymous with Michigan and always thought he had a better college career than Brady. Grbac lead them to multiple Rose Bowl and just figured there were some good UM QB's during Bo's hey day. 

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  4. 4 hours ago, gonzoron said:

    And based on his logic, Tom Brady is #9 on the Michigan list.

    Not sure Brady is even top 10 all-time at Michigan if you’re strictly going off collegiate career, although I’m not terribly versed in Michigan QB’s.

  5. 2 minutes ago, temptation said:

    How bad is Auburn?

    Taking nothing away from Penn State but all I heard this off season was that their offensive line was putrid and would hold them back yet they steam rolled Auburn’s defense.

    Could not run against Purdue yet they put up 250 on Auburn?

    Harsin won’t make it through the season.

  6. 1 hour ago, gonzoron said:

    That's debatable. QB situation hasn't been good there for years. Same with WR.

    Won 10 games each of the last 5 years with the same suspect QB play (Ian Book was really good btw). That’s a testament to Kelly’s coaching abilities.

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  7. On 9/12/2022 at 3:31 PM, BTF said:

    I'll get roasted for this, so bring it on and let me have it. It wouldn't surprise me if Marshall goes undefeated this season. If they do, and that's a big if, they will have beaten both Notre Dame and App State. Playoff consideration? Please tell me I'm not the only one who thought Marshall looked like a damn good team on Saturday. 

    This receipt will go in someone's file............risk taken. 

    Just lost to 0-2 Bowling Green. Bowling Green lost to FCS Eastern Kentucky last week.

  8. 7 minutes ago, temptation said:

    Speaking of east/west…it’s staggering.

    The east is 16-0…west currently 7-9.

    It’s embarrassing and the B10 should have to answer for it. Northwestern just lost to an 0-2 FCS team at home.

  9. Imagine being 3-0 at this juncture AND looking ahead to a B10 West schedule. Defense was a no show until they started getting aggressive late and forced some big turnovers. 

    Offense is already a night and day improvement from last year and could still be better. Have to get better in the redzone. 3-0 is nice but don’t see many remaining wins left on the schedule. 

    On to Cincy.

  10. 19 minutes ago, BTF said:

    Was Saban one of them when he took them to the title? More southern than Kelly, sure. But damn, do you want to win football games or not? Who cares where your coach is from. If you don't want someone, then don't hire them.

    I think Temp is alluding to to Kelly's cringeworthy behavior trying to be "them". I don't think LSU cares that Kelly is from MA as long as he wins. Saban is from WV, Miles was a NE Ohio guy. Orgeron (from LA), had two really good season (1 great) and was a dud for the rest of them. And they turned on him quick. 

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  11. 1 hour ago, BTF said:

    You don't see the logic in anything if you're not the one who came up with it. Are you an attorney by chance? PM me privately if you are. I do like the fight you have in you. 

    I don't see the logic in promoting a coordinator who is unqualified for a head coaching position at Notre Dame for the sake of keeping him away from LSU. That's the top of logic that gets you 0-3 to start a career while looking completely in over your head. 

  12. 2 hours ago, BTF said:

    I think most Notre Dame fans appreciate what he did for the football program for the past 10 seasons. If anyone questions his ability to coach, then they are flat out brain dead. And he left the program in damn good shape. It was how he left that had most scratching their heads. 

    I think a large part in Freeman's hiring had to do with the pissing match they were engaged in with LSU. The Tigers were pissed that Notre Dame won the services of Freeman when both schools were making him offers to leave Cincinnati. So a year later LSU goes after Notre Dame's head coach with the assumption that Kelly would bring Freeman with him. Double whammy right? Wrong.  Notre Dame wasn't about to let LSU have both Kelly and Freeman, they just weren't going to let that happen. HUGE win for Notre Dame not allowing LSU to get Freeman too. Not to mention ND thought highly of Freeman in his ability to lead this program.


    Is there some kind of embedded rivalry with LSU that I’m missing here? ND promoted Freeman to head coach so LSU couldn’t lure him away as a DC? I don’t see the logic. 

  13. 1 hour ago, Irishman said:

    As far as some of the other names, let's keep in mind the challenge of ND that many of those big names never had to deal with in other programs; admission standards. Coaches can recruit and even offer, but the kids have to be accepted.

    If that is indeed the case, it even furthers the point that Notre Dame needed to look at a proven winner, before hiring a green coordinator with zero head coaching experience. Whittingham and M Stoops are both proven winners at schools who aren’t perennially landing elite recruits. If you can win at Utah and Kentucky, you can win a Notre Dame.

    This is why I don’t understand the grief Kelly took. Say what you want about his recruiting abilities, he’s a damn good X’s and O’s coach, one of the best in the country, and won 10+ games the last 5 seasons. 

  14. 12 minutes ago, Boilernation said:

    Great point! I forgot how soon the turnaround was in promoting Freeman. You can't let the inmates run the asylum. In fairness to Freeman, he still has a lot of time to write his story at ND. But, you can't convince me they couldn't have found a better option had they done their due dilligence and opened the job up to outside candidates. It's entirely possible that Nebraska will have a better hire than Freeman. I firmly believe the football Gods are through with punishing the Huskers for firing Pelini and they'll end up with a really good coach capable of consistent 7-10 win seasons. I realize that's not good enough for ND fans; however, it currently looks better than Freeman.

    If Notre Dame went after Fickell, Kyle Whittingham, and Mark Stoops and all said no then I get the Freeman hire. All three of those coaches should have been contacted first.

  15. 1 hour ago, Boilernation said:

    But, Notre Dame essentially let Ohio State beat them twice. They looked like they never recovered from the Ohio State loss and were completely out gameplanned and schemed by Marshall. I heard on one podcast that Marshall's coaches were happy ND never adjusted and didn't just go with a power running game in the 2nd half. They didn't think they could stop ND if they put some power on the line and tried running the ball.

    It's almost like getting cute with Ohio State and trying not to get blown out for style points for their end of year resume wasn't such a good idea? I said that right after the Ohio State game and got blasted by other ND posters here. I think Freeman sent a terrible message to his team and that had to kill any confidence that Buchner had. 


    1 hour ago, Boilernation said:

    This is clearly an outsiders viewpoint as I've made it clear I have no love towards Notre Dame, but I feel like they were shocked to be dumped by Kelly, saw they had a pretty backup they could take to the dance in Freeman, and rallied around his charisma and outstanding recruiting abilities. But, sitting one state away, was a proven coach in Fickel that seemingly was never even considered. Who knows. Maybe ND used agents to send feelers out to prospective coaches and the responses they received made it clear Freeman was their best option.

    ND was shell-shocked by Kelly's departure. But ND and Swarbrick caved in to player demands who all rallied behind Freeman immediately after Kelly bolted. It's the same thing that happened at USC with Clay Helton. Freeman was promoted with 72 hours so very hard to believe that ND did a thorough coaching search, let alone interviewed a pool of candidates. USC, Oklahoma, LSU, and Notre Dame jobs were all open this past offseason and Notre Dame by far made the smallest splash.

  16. 29 minutes ago, temptation said:

    Has little to do with Michigan though I am hoping that Michigan's 10/11 win season that is forthcoming will allow them to poach a few ND recruits, lol.

    And if you think they are winning 9 games with Drew Pyne under center, you are kidding yourself.


    Yeah, my thoughts exactly. Before knowing how serious Buchner's injury was, I commented late Saturday that the Irish were a 7 win team at best with its current QB play. I didn't see how the Irish outscore UNC, Clemson, BYU, and USC, and Syracuse may be sneaky good, we'll know after their game with Purdue Saturday.

    I do think the Irish will somehow scrape and claw their way to 6 wins and earn bowl eligibility, but getting a top tier QB in the portal next summer is job #1 for Freeman. 

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  17. 4 minutes ago, BTF said:

    AP Poll:

    Georgia moves up to #1 and rightfully so.

    Michigan should be at #3 in front of Ohio State, not vise versa.

    Wondering who gave Ohio State a first place vote. Comical. 

    Marshall comes in at #26. Just a matter of time before they crack the Top 20.

    Notre Dame drops to #36. Not much opinion here. 

    Michigan looks good but I don’t think they’ve done anything to jump Ohio State. Hawaii is arguably the worst FBS team in America and Colorado State just lost by two scores (in a game that wasn’t that close) to a Middle Tennessee State team who lost to an FSC team by 37 points last week. They play UConn next week as well.

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  18. 2 minutes ago, PHJIrish said:

    Wentz was a waste.  Ryan has shown some skills.  This is a true team "effort."  Lots of turnovers and penalties, and Frank had better coaching days too.

    Wentz was made the scape goat perpetuated by the Indy media to mask Reich’s inability to coach. 

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  19. 2 minutes ago, BTF said:

    I'll let you know in a couple of years. You're really going to look like an idiot if Freeman rights the ship and turns out to be a pretty good coach. 

    I’ve already acknowledged that Freeman will likely be a good coach in due time. Don’t think he was qualified at the time for the Notre Dame job and he hasn’t shown me anything yet to change my stance.

  20. 1 minute ago, BTF said:

    So you're smarter than Jack Swarbrick? I mean, he's the AD at Notre Dame. Now you've really got me curious what you do for a living and what your standing is. 

    If I’m looking to hire somebody I’m going to interview more than one person. How smart does Jack Swarbrick look right now?


  21. Just now, temptation said:

    I’m hearing a lot from ND folks that keeping the recruiting class in tact was a huge motivator in hiring Freeman.

    Fact or fiction?

    I’m sure it played a huge part, but who cares. Lose a few recruits in a single class or hire a guy way in over his head only to repeat the same hiring process 4 years later.

    ND fans already forget the coaching carousel of the 2000’s?

  22. 4 minutes ago, BTF said:

    Lol, I'm glad you have that kind of time.

    If I were the Notre Dame AD, I would have 100% hired Marcus Freeman. I'm 100% still on board with Marcus Freeman. And I'm 100% aware of the risk. You've never taken a risk before? Still bagging groceries at Kroger? 

    Notre Dame didn’t look to hire anybody else. That’s the point. The inmates ran the asylum and ND caved in.

  23. 9 minutes ago, BTF said:


    When I get a minute this afternoon I will go through the old threads and dig up your posts dancing on Kelly’s grave and anointing Freeman the savior before he ever coached a regular season game.

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  24. 12 minutes ago, BTF said:

    Crazy week for sure. I'm not ready to leave the Irish for dead just yet. My biggest concern is............how good is Tommy Rees? Kelly played a big role in the offense when he was there. 

    You've got to hand it to Pittsburgh though. There's definitely more to this program than Kenny Pickett. 

    ND is a 7 team win at best with its current QB play.

  25. Just now, BTF said:

    Laugh all you want. Most coaches aren't privy to the recruiting opportunities that Day is blessed with. It's similar to programs like Adams Central and Pioneer. We'll never know if they truly are the best programs in the state of Indiana because they're not privy to the same resources that Center Grove has. 

    Name one Irish fan that didn't see the risk in hiring a coordinator with no head coaching experience. 

    I’m responding to one. The way some ND fans on here have dismissed Kelly is astounding.

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