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  1. 55 minutes ago, temptation said:

    Christian Brothers (MO) @ Carmel:  Hounds get Missouri power CBC and their high powered offense.  A pair of high level Big Ten recruits on each side of the ball including a WR headed to Ohio State.  I do think the travel and the fact that this is CBC's first contest whereas Carmel has already played bodes well for the 'Hounds but I think they come up short here.  CBC wins 34-23.

    Feel like Carmel has won this type of game the last few years when they shouldn't have; Cass Tech last year and Trinity the year prior. 

    On paper Christian Brothers is much more talented. 

  2. I genuinely feel that Taylor is a bright young man with exceptional talent that has unfortunately been given bad advice by his braindead agent.

    Sitting out the final year of your rookie contract demanding to be made the highest paid player at a position that is rapidly declining whilst coming off an injury is a comically bad decision. 

    Colts are under no obligation to trade him this year unless the price is right and they still have the ability to tag him the following year. Taylor is losing a lot of long term money holding out. 

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  3. 50 minutes ago, Slobberknocker said:

    -Deontae Armstrong 6’7 295 Ohio State
    -Devontae Armstrong 6’5 305 Ohio State
    -Archer Soltis 6'2 305
    -Sawyer Prementine 6'3 270
    -Ben Roebuck 6’8 320 Michigan

    And there was Zero fat in that 320.

    That's the key. I would guess most 6A lines have guys that are pushing 3 bills. 300 lbs of fat and 300 lbs of muscle are two different animals. 

  4. 1 hour ago, temptation said:

    Sounds like Harbaugh may have read your post and come to his senses…

    Not sure if Michigan is playing checkers or chess here.

    Getting out in front of the NCAA with self-imposed penalties is always recommended. Self-imposing a punishment less severe than what the Infraction Committee already took off the table seems like the boldest of moves. 

    Will be interesting to see how this unfolds.

  5. 4 hours ago, temptation said:

    By no means do I believe BD can win this contest and I am not sure Moeller looked like the #2 team Ohio last night but Ben Davis made a HUGE statement and might find themselves in the nationwide top 100 sooner rather than later…


    Ben Davis made a statement last night. They could still lose to IMG by 50 and still be one of the favorites to win 6A. Waiting to see how CG fares against Ed’s.

  6. 1 hour ago, bucksfan said:

    2 Things since everyone seems to be speculating.  

    Are we sure BD is not getting paid to Host IMG?

    Related to the first question, I am willing to bet they are flying here.

    Tuition at IMG is listed between 45K and 90K. 


     Scroll down the page to find tuition fees.

    So to answer the question that started this thread, MONEY!


    IMG as it is today started as a privately run tennis academy in the late 70's and was bought by IMG, which at the time was the world's largest talent and sports management company, and turned into a boarding school that specialized in personal athletic growth. IMG merged with Endeavor in $2billion acquisition about a decade ago and actually just sold the IMG Academy to a PE firm for over a billion dollars.   

  7. 1 hour ago, bucksfan said:

    2 Things since everyone seems to be speculating.  

    Are we sure BD is not getting paid to Host IMG?

    Related to the first question, I am willing to bet they are flying here.

    Tuition at IMG is listed between 45K and 90K. 


     Scroll down the page to find tuition fees.

    So to answer the question that started this thread, MONEY!


    I'm saying there's a 0% chance IMG's A team players are paying anywhere close to that kind of tuition, if any tuition at all. 

  8. 1 hour ago, Slobberknocker said:

    Came across this article from the Daily Journal. In it mention that Center Grove had a Week 7 game lined up against Catholic Memorial from Boston before Pike, the Trojans’ regular Week 7 foe, decided in May to opt back in.  That would have made six out of state teams that CG would have faced.  In the article Moore didn't sound so happy with IHSAA for the situation that they are in. Is playing all these national teams good for Indiana football?

    Center Grove football: Season preview - Daily Journal

    As a casual fan I think it's great. There's only so many good football teams in Indiana and Center Grove either already has a contract with them or will play them in the tournament when it matters. They're the 3x defending state champions and have only lost to one Indiana opponent in the last 3 seasons. Hell they've only played a handful of competitive games against in-state competition during that stretch. With the exception of maybe Cathedral, they're on an other worldly level than anyone else in the state. And frankly I don't think it's close. 


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  9. Wonder how much his injury during his junior year scared away schools like IU and PU as well other regional P5 programs? Hindsight is always 20/20 but do recall IU having a stable room of RB's (at the time) while Steele was in the recruiting process. Sampson James was an underclassmen 4* RB and they had freshman Tim Baldwin who was previously committed to Michigan. Naturally both transferred out after that year. It's been RB by committee ever since typically with a one year transfer rental. 

  10. 15 hours ago, temptation said:

    So it’s still a bit naive and shortsighted to claim that the makeup of their school matches the make up of their football team, right?

    90% F/R lunch. No I don't think Central is shipping in rich kids from the South Florida suburbs to play on their football team, there's too many affluent schools in the South Florida area who are all just as good as Central. There are 4 other Miami-County Dade schools with similar enrollments, demographics and all with 85-90% F/R lunch rate in MaxPreps top 100 rankings to start the year. 


    15 hours ago, temptation said:

    Tech would be a good comparison with the enrollment/SES data you provided.  If they started getting P5 kids to transfer in, they’d be great also…just look at what their basketball team attempted to do.

    Tech is a good comparison. I don't think Tech has anywhere close to the same amount of school and community support as a school like Miami Central which has always been one of my major talking points. Not only establishing, but maintaining a winning culture is the one common denominator you see in all these successful programs regardless of socioeconomic factors or demographics.


    15 hours ago, temptation said:

    According to 247, they have a half dozen four star recruits…out of 800 boys in the entire school.  How many of those are home grown from the impoverished area to which you refer?

    No clue but answered some of it above. I think Central has a firm grip on the inner-city Miami talent pool. They're pulling top kids from the inner-city districts similar to what Tech tried to do back in the day.


    15 hours ago, temptation said:

    Florida breeds football players the way Indiana used to in basketball.  That also helps.

    Right but it's all relative to the state. I still maintain there's more than enough talent at Tech high school to be way more competitive than it has been. Not sure they are committed to doing so. That's my point. 

  11. 5 minutes ago, temptation said:

    80% huh?  Not according to my research.

    Can you point me in the right direction?

    My bad. 86% (not 80%) qualify for F/R Lunch. Not sure how up to date that is, but given Central's location and demographics it's probably +/- incrementally from the time it was reported.



    FWIW the Florida Dept of Health lists Central at 100% F/R lunch for the 23-24 school year although I'm not quite buying that (page 25)



    Real reason for Central's success just like every other successful program is talent and coaching. Central has been a national power the last 4 or 5 years and they are attracting not only more local, but national talent. Believe they have P5 recruits from Texas and California who have transferred in this year and have a few local kids out of district within Dade/Broward who have all transferred in.


  12. 11 hours ago, Whiting89 said:

    Out of curiosity is Miami central a legit public school  with neighborhood boundaries?

    any consideration of doing public and private ranking?

    Yes it is a legit public school part of the Miami-Dade County Public School System. 1600 enrollment with nearly an 80% f/r lunch program which trumps a lot of narratives here. Miam-Dade County Public School System is one one of the biggest school systems in the country.

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  13. 1 hour ago, Bobref said:

    That may be true. But I think he’ll need an actual legal reason … and that ain’t one.

    That’s kind of the point I’m trying to make. At 18 he signed a document as a legal consenting adult waiving his rights. That was in 2004. Is there grounds in which that contract can be voided? Could some type of fraud be proven if the Tuohy’s presented the documents under false pretenses? Is it his fault for not reading the fine print as a legal consenting adult no matter how bad he was duped? 

  14. Really weird story coming out of Oher's camp today. Former 1st round pick alleging Blind Side was one big lie in the sense the Tuohy's never adopted him and instead acted as conservators to prevent him from ever making money on a book and film about his own personal life.


    So much to unpack here. 

    -Oher signed away his rights at 18 making him a consenting adult at the time.

    -Waited until he retired from the NFL to research if he was actually ever legally adopted and nearly 20 years after he signed his rights away to make this public; I've always been under the impression that anyone over the age of 18 must legally consent to being adopted and a court hearing must take place in order for the adoption to be recognized. Would think that matter would have been uncovered years ago.

    -Very real chance the Tuohy's took severe of a very underprivileged adult but did so in a manner that from a legality standpoint never broke any laws and Oher may be SOL in the end.

    Any thoughts from a legal standpoint @Bobref

  15. 12 minutes ago, temptation said:

    Nor option 3...the NCAA has an agenda with Harbaugh going all the way back to satellite camps and thinks they've finally "got him" and wants to make an example out of him.

    The university (not Jim) took the plea.

    Highly doubt this is a Jim vs the world type deal. This whole thing is likely resolved by now with a little honesty and cooperation that would have resulted in a probationary status and a possible fine. 

  16. 24 minutes ago, temptation said:

    Do we have proof he is lying or are you just going with the mainstream media's take?  The rules surrounding official visits/dead periods/etc. during Covid were extremely fuzzy and ever changing.  Once again, he (nor Michigan) hosted any official visits during that period per campus rules and those families were in town on their own dime.  That HAS to play a factor here.

    I'm torn on whether or not he is actually lying.  He may admit to the violation in hindsight but Jim is a quirky dude.  I am not even sure he knew AT THE TIME he was committing a violation.

    Knowing what he knows now, maybe he admitted to the suspension after the fact that he committed a violation was revealed.

    He is standing on principle here and playing the whataboutism game (which is dangerous as I play it too) and as you mentioned it may cost him.  


    I’m just going off optics here.

    “Innocent” man doesn’t take a plea unless it’s a really good deal (which in this case it is) because he is in fact not “innocent”.


    Does the NCAA IC pull a deal off the table after it has been negotiated unless there’s hard evidence that the punishment is too lenient.

  17. 1 minute ago, temptation said:

    Tennessee didn't even LAND many of those who they supposedly gave out bags of cash to...so what does that tell you about what goes on in the southeast?  They LOST a bidding war and because they admitted it, got a slap on the wrist.  Pruitt's on-field performance also played a role in his firing too so lets not pretend that was some sort of honorable separation.

    I'll admit my bias but Harbaugh has been squeaky clean every where he has coached.  The "dead period" logistics were changing on the fly during Covid and many families paid their own way to go to Ann Arbor lead by the family of the current starting quarterback.  Michigan/Harbaugh were not HOSTING any official recruiting visits as that was the procedure/rule.  

    I'll go ahead and enjoy the 2023 season as it has the potential to be the best in program history and I will worry about any future nonsense next spring.

    (Side note, the culture at Michigan is better than it has ever been and Jim has said that he has 10 future head coaches currently on staff...so in the event of any potential lengthy suspension, the Wolverines would be in good hands.)


    The NCAA isn't going after Harbaugh for the petty Level 2 stuff....or a cheeseburger, they're going after him for lying/misleading the NCAA during an ongoing investigation, a Level 1 infraction. Agree with your initial premise that the original charges don't compare to what happened at Tennessee, which just begs the question, "Why lie about it in the first place"? And if he didn't really lie or obstruct an investigation, why accept the four game punishment in the first place?

    Harbaugh isn't acting like someone who is completely innocent here. 

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