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  1. 37 minutes ago, temptation said:

    Figured today would be as good a day as any to pull receipts.  The THREE Heisman candidates I heard about all summer (Stroud, Henderson and Smith-Njigba) certainly didn't set the world on fire in game one.  

    Hell, you could make the argument that Stroud wasn't even the best quarterback on the FIELD for most of the game or that Henderson wasn't the most valuable running back on his own TEAM in this game.

    Still confident in them dropping 50 on Michigan @Footballking16?  Didn't you give me +21 somewhere on this forum?

    Tongue firmly planted in cheek.  I kid.  I know O$U will be there in the end.  Just busting your balls.

    Well JSN got hurt early, so of course he was a non-factor. I do think Day tried to get cute without his lead receiver rather than methodically run the ball down ND's throat which they did in the second half. Not a career day for Stroud by any means but still threw 2 TD's and still completed 70+% of his passes. Also had two RB's average 6 yards/carry, a lot of people forget Miyan Williams would start for 90% of teams in the country. And at the end of the day, you just have to tip you hat to ND. They have a very good front 7 and had a masterful defensive plan. Will credit Freeman in that regard.

    Still think OSU's offense is going to be a problem when it gets in full gear. I was honestly more impressed with OSU's defense if anything. ND had 250 yards of total offense and 50 of them came on the first play of the game. Notre Dame has a very good OL and OSU was in the backfield all game.

    Still think OSU is going to do what they want with Michigan when the time comes. 

  2. 1 hour ago, DumfriesYMCA said:

    i get the impression that this is a great 4A year.  Not a knock on the the 3A teams by any means…just that I think 3A is slightly down this year compared to the last 5 years and 4A looks really tough

    I think New Pal is on a level of their own in 4A. Would be highly competitive in 6A south as well. Think they top teams in 4A would be very competitive with the top teams in 3A (excluding New Pal).

  3. 1 hour ago, whiteshoes said:

    Real quick on my philosophy of ranking teams.    When looking at individual matchups, I look at what would happen in a best of ten scenarios.    As you are aware, some sports use a one-game playoff (NCAAA basketball) while most use a "series" of games to determine the best team.   I use the series of games approach.    Well, how could you do that when they only play one game?    I look at the game itself and each team's aggregate schedule.    In other words, how they played in all of their games not just this one.   Let's look at the Brownsburg-Cathedral game.    Brownsburg established a large early lead with Cathedral coming back to within a touchdown at the final gun.    Could Cathedral have won if not spotting Brownsburg the early lead?     What factors led to the early lead and the comeback in that game.    Secondly, I look at common opponents.  Unfortunately, in this case, there are none currently.   Looking at their past performances this season, Brownsburg has a 5-point win over Ben Davis and a 35-point win over Franklin Central.    Cathedral has a 21-point win over Lafayette Jefferson and a 14-point win on the road against an improving Penn team, another game where they trailed early but were able to secure the win on a comeback.   I think in the end run, that Cathedral's wins were over better teams.    Now with that being said, I don't think there is that large of a gap between the two teams.   Brownsburg is currently ranked just outside the Top 100 where there are several debatable teams that can make a case for inclusion.    Keep in mind that polls are dynamic, constantly changing in hopes of having a solid list by years end.    BTW, I knew this question would come my way as it does anytime a team is ranked higher than a team that it lost to.    Hope you enjoy the poll and feel free to question it at any time.    That is the reason I compile it, for discussion and debate.

    How much does your preseason rankings factor when you move teams/up down? I know you had Cathedral pretty high in your initial rankings, somewhere ~30's. Where was Brownsburg initially ranked? While it makes sense on the surface to rank a team who has beaten another team head to head higher, it doesn't always work that way, especially when your rankings take into all consideration 50 states and literally 1000's of teams. Cathedral dropping 40 spots after losing to Brownsburg makes sense but where was Brownsburg initially ranked? 

  4. 6 minutes ago, TheDoctor22 said:

    But point taken, a running clock prediction was dramatic.  But I still don't think it'll be especially competitive, similar to the last two years.  And my comments have been more in frustration of what's going on at Chatard and not intended to down play the game or Cathedral's team.  Sorry to strike a nerve.

    What's going on at Chatard that's allowing you to downplay them this year?

    They beat a very strong Brebeuf team in week 1 and played a very good Roncalli team to a near draw last week? They are heavy favorites to win 3A again this year. 

  5. 26 minutes ago, Bash Riprock said:

    Reunited with his old offensive coordinator at Indiana who is now Washington's head football coach, Kalen DeBoer

    DeBoer left Indiana to become head football coach at Fresno State, the left for same position at Washington....thus Penix landing in Seattle, a long way from his Tampa home.

    This is the perfect example of where a change of scenery works in the favor of both parties. Penix gets another shot with a familiar coach in a familiar system while IU isn't handcuffed allowing Penix to command first team reps all summer only to lose him to another season ending injury. Indiana was able to go out and pick up a solid QB in their own right with Penix moving on. They would have been dead in the water this year had IU risked going all-in on MP and lost him to yet another injury. 

  6. 5 minutes ago, TheDoctor22 said:

    I agree with that.  Chatard is a tough, well-coached team.  If Cathedral has some of the same mistakes they've had in recent weeks, this could be a semi-interesting game.  But Cathedral has 30+ players on their roster bigger, faster, and more athletic than everyone on Chatard's team (and most other teams in the state for that matter).  If they execute to their typical standard, this will be a running clock in the 2nd half.

    Neither of the last two games came anywhere close to a running clock and this Cathedral team right now is nowhere near as good as any of the Cathedral teams the last two years. 

  7. 3 minutes ago, DumfriesYMCA said:


    i think it depends on which cathedral team shows up.


    vs brownsburg they had many mistakes…and I think for the first quarter or so vs Penn they weren’t in their groove either before finding themselves


    from an outsiders perspective, cathedral can be the #1 team in the state any day of the week….but they also could show up flat and be their own worst enemy 

    Yeah he's been trying to downgrade this game since the beginning of the season. 

    Chatard more than held their own against a big and physical Roncalli team who I think is better up front right now than Cathedral.

    Cathedral won pretty good these last two years, but those teams were two of Cathedral's better teams of all-time and both of those games were within the 4 TD margin he's predicting for this years contest. Cathedral won a hard fought contest in 2019 and lost in 2018. 

    Chatard will undoubtedly play their absolute hardest as they do every game against Cathedral, and while I don't think the Trojans have the skill position players to defend the Irish for 4 quarters, they aren't going to lay down. I think Cathedral wins 35-17.

  8. 4 minutes ago, BTF said:

    Boasting or defensive of the "coward" accusation?

    You're ready to throw Freeman under the bus after just two games? 

    Look. I admire your passion about the two greatest games in all of sports.............high school and college football. But you really get carried away sometimes. Take a deep breath and maybe pause for a few minutes before you type. 

    He completely gave up in the 4th quarter of his second game. How is that anything but alarming? You play the #2 team in the country to a near draw for 3 quarters and then just throw in the white flag to preserve your potential end of the year resume? Coward football and I 100% stand by that. 

  9. 1 minute ago, gonzoron said:

    LSU lost, that's all that matters today. Same with Notre Dame. Both are now 0-1. We already know 1 of the coaches sucks, the 2nd remains to be seen.

    Brian Kelly will win a national championship at LSU before Marcus Freeman does at Notre Dame. You’re putting immense pressure on Marcus Freeman when you say that his predecessor sucks. I will be shocked if Freeman has half the success that Brian Kelly had, 2 games in and he already looks in over his head.

  10. 10 minutes ago, BTF said:

    Lol, you're exhausting. 

    I’m not the one boasting about “only losing by 11 points to the #2 team in the country on prime time TV”, that’s you my friend.

    And I’m certainly not the one excusing the coach calling such a chicken sh*t 4th quarter for the team I root for. Again, that’s you my friend.

    ND is 0-2 under Freeman and has been absolutely schooled in the second half of both contests. 

  11. 2 minutes ago, gonzoron said:

    Momentum? They were lucky to even get the ball back. A punt returner who drops 2 punts in the same game.......give me a break. The only reason they were in a position to even tie was due to a mistake by officials. Game should have been over when the player was tackled in bounds with no time on the clock.

    He was tackled in-bounds after getting a first down with 2 seconds left on the clock on a bang-bang play. Clock stops in college for the officials to re-spot the ball and move the chains. They would gotten a snap.

    And absolutely LSU would have had the momentum going into OT. All FSU had to do was take 3 knees, force LSU to take all 3 TO’s, and then kick a chip shot to go up 2 scores. 

  12. Just now, BTF said:

    Hmmm. I think many programs would love to be where ND is as a program:

    Five years in a row with 10+ wins

    Fourth best recruiting class in 2023

    Number one recruiting class in 2024

    You're really making a fool out of yourself. It's sad because I know you are much smarter than this. You're going down and a very high rate of speed right now. 

    There’s 4 other programs with tutelage like that the last 5 years. You think any of those 4 would be boasting about keeping it “close” with another top 5 team? 

  13. 1 hour ago, BTF said:

    "Incredibly ignorant?" I find it comical that you're incredibly angry that one could possibly have the audacity to rank a Fort Wayne team in the Top 15. It's like I said in another post. Never in the history of the game has Fort Wayne not had a representative in the Top 15. And I doubt it'll happen this year. I've got the top ten teams right now out of Indy, yet you're angry that I have Carroll over Westfield and Zionsville. Sorry my opinion that Westfield isn't a top ten team this year offends you.

    Here is what a biased poll would look like:

    1. Center Grove
    2. Brownsburg 
    3. Cathedral
    4. Carmel
    5. Ben Davis
    6. New Palestine 
    7. Warren Central
    8. Carroll
    9. Hamilton Southeastern
    10. Snider
    11. Westfield 
    12. Fishers
    13. North Side
    14. Roncalli
    15. Dwenger

    Where’s Chatard?

  14. 23 minutes ago, gonzoron said:

    Only if someone plays for a tie game.

    Why would LSU go for 2 there? Home game with all the momentum in the world heading into OT. Even with hindsight, Kelly kicks the PAT 10/10 times there as he should. Kicking a PAT to send a game into OT is entirely different than punting down 2 scores with 4 minutes left effectively ending the game. Complete apples to oranges comparison.

  15. 1 hour ago, gonzoron said:

    Wonder what he thinks about a coach who decides to play for a tie by kicking a PAT with no time on the clock? Then the PAT gets blocked.

    OT does exist in college football…

  16. 10 minutes ago, WolvesOnTheProwl said:

    Again, an irrelevant program 

    A top 10 program hanging their hat on keeping a regular season game close. There’s an oxymoron if I’ve ever seen one.

  17. 41 minutes ago, temptation said:

    Purdue can compete for the Big Ten West…if they can reign in their head coach.

    Zero hope for IU.

    Minnesota and Wisconsin appear to be the biggest threats to Purdue in the West but couldn’t get a real gauge as they played FCS team. Iowa once again figured out how to set back football 100 years in their win over FCS South Dakota State.

    I was encouraged by some of the things IU did Friday but they are still brutal in the trenches, especially on the O-Line. QB missed some throws high early on, but he at least looks the part of a competent QB as he can at least push the ball down the field and has some zip on the ball. IU having two WR go over 100 yards was refreshing given how dreadful the collective group was last year.

    Still think 6 wins is an uphill battle, but it would have been nearly impossible had they lost to Illinois. 

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  18. 1 minute ago, WolvesOnTheProwl said:

    Yep very irrelevant, which is why you’re posting on a message board board about the head coach waving the white flag and not trying to score twice in the final minutes of a game most everyone knew they weren’t going to win. Very irrelevant.  

    Waving the white flag in a game that you dominated for 3 quarters is an absolute horse sh*t move. Those ND players deserved better. Not likely ND was going to win, but they didn’t even give themselves a chance. Disgraceful.

  19. 2 minutes ago, temptation said:

    Putting words in my mouth.  ND was the better team through 3 quarters.

    They absolutely were, and then just decided they didn’t care any more. I don’t understand that. But hey I guess an 11 point loss at Ohio State is much better on the resume than an 18 or even 25 point loss had they actually played aggressive and to win. Tells you where ND is at as a program.

  20. 21 minutes ago, temptation said:

    You are reaching here.  While I agree that they should’ve gone for it, there were countless other factors on the night that had decided the game so dying on this hill is bizarre.

    You honestly watched that 4th quarter and got the impression Notre Dame was trying to win the game? I didn’t.

    Look I hate ND as much as the next guy, and happy that ND lost, but I will fully admit that Freeman had a great game plan coming in and the Irish executed well. That being said, it was blatantly clear that ND was trying to keep the game respectable and had no interest in winning. That’s BS if you ask me. You would NEVER see a team like Ohio State or Alabama or Georgia concede a game like that, nor would you ever see one of their fans hang their head on keeping a game close (moral victory). That’s the reality between those programs and ND.

  21. 5 minutes ago, BTF said:

    That pretty much explains it. You're "happy ND lost." Hence the reason you're mad they were up 10-7 through three quarters and only lost by 11 in big bad Ohio State's back yard. It's ok. Notre Dame is good and will be for a long time. Get used to it. No sense in being angry all the time. Can I get you a counselor? Indy, right?

    Oh wait..............it just hit me. You're angry that Cathedral, with their three offensive All Americans, were a few lucky bounces from losing their second game in a row on Friday night. That's it. It's all coming together. Go take a nap. 

    Yeah, that’s why I’m angry lol. Must suck to know that both your high school and college teams are both has beens and no longer relevant. 

  22. 14 minutes ago, BTF said:

    Again, it's obvious you're upset that the Fighting Irish ONLY lost by 11 and were a couple of third down stops away from actually winning in the Horseshoe during primetime.  

    And that right there is my entire point. Freeman coached that 4th quarter so that the Irish only lost by a respectable margin. He had no interest in winning or trying to win. That’s entirely weak.

    ND had 3rd and 21 on it’s second to last possession at the OSU 47 down 14-10. They run a 2 yard QB draw to set up a punt and took almost an entire minute off the clock by the time the ball was downed in a game they were LOSING. Why not throw a 10 yard in with the Ohio State defense conceding the middle of the field and let the WR get a few more yards upfield which would have given ND at least a chance at a makable FG and it still being a one score game if Ohio State scored a TD on their next drive (which they ultimately did). At worst it’s an incomplete pass and ND is still punting the ball away but would have saved an entire minute on the clock.

  23. 3 minutes ago, BTF said:

    Dummy? Lol. You're angry.

    It's ok to have your own opinion and play pretend "what if I were the coach." But I have some news for ya. Fifty percent of collegiate coaches, all of whom have more coaching experience than you do, would have punted in that situation. You act like this is the first time you've seen it happen. You're mad that Freeman, who actually coaches for a living unlike you, didn't see it your way. Again, it's obvious you're upset that the Fighting Irish ONLY lost by 11 and were a couple of third down stops away from actually winning in the Horseshoe during primetime.  

    Lol. I’m happy ND lost. Any time ND loses whether it’s by 1 point or 100 points, it’s a good day. 

    I do however find it utterly comical that fans like yourself sit here all off-season complaining about lack of national recognition or defense of the ND program, and then turn right around and defend the actions of a coach who blatantly playing to not get blown out. It’s why ND is a chicken sh*t. Good to know the Irish can finally claim a moral victory over one of the big 3. Congrats.

  24. 28 minutes ago, BTF said:

    Your hatred for Notre Dame is evident. You were praying he'd go for it and fail so that Ohio State wouldn't have far to go to go up 28-10 and make the win look more convincing that what it actually was. 

    Or did you take Ohio State with the point spread? 

    Either way, you act like Freeman is the only coach in the country who would have punted in that situation. It sounds to me like he was trusting his defense to give them another shot. 

    You need two scores dummy, not one. Punting the ball down 11 with 4 minutes left and 1 TO was the white flag.

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