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  1. 3 hours ago, temptation said:

    They debut this Tuesday.  Fairly clear cut but at this point if I had to guess.

    1.  Georgia

    2.  Tennessee

    3.  Ohio State

    4.  Michigan

    5.  Clemson

    6.  TCU

    7.  Alabama

    8.  USC

    9.  Oregon

    10.  UCLA

    I know this might not be a very popular opinion but I see no path for Oregon to get into the top four.  If so, something seriously needs to be reevaluated.

    Teams obviously improve but you can’t convince me that one of the four best teams in the country is 46 points worse than another team.

    Kansas Stare rolling Oklahoma State yesterday improves TCU’s profile which is why I gave them the edge over Alabama.

    What a great weekend of football next week!!!




    I think Georgia is better than UT and expect them to beat the Vols next week but I think UT deserves to be #1 out of the gate purely based on resume to date.

  2. 3 hours ago, temptation said:


    1.  Michigan

    2.  Ohio State

    3.  Penn State

    4.  Illinois

    5.  Maryland

    6.  Wisconsin

    7.  Purdue 

    8.  Minnesota

    9.  Iowa

    10.  Michigan State

    11.  Nebraska 

    12.  Rutgers

    13.  Indiana

    14.  Northwestern 

    I might be ready to put Illinois ahead of Penn State. Can’t help but to think where Illinois would be ranked today had they not tripped out of the gate to IU of all teams.

  3. 1 minute ago, HoosierFB_JG said:

    Understand.  Obviously summer ball is so much different, but BD handled their business over the summer and, in my opinion, convinced me they’re the favorite.

    Two very good teams, agree with that. Kokomo could make some noise with Bidunga as well.

    Do you know if Cathedral and BD are scheduled to play again in the regular season?

  4. 1 hour ago, tango said:

    I would argue at some schools, being eliminated might cause attendance for later season games to drop significantly.

    Under my proposal, the field is cut in half AFTER the conclusion of the regular season. In a system that uses a computer ranking formulating W-L record, opp W-L record, SOS, and opponent SOS, no team is mathematically eliminated until the conclusion of the regular season. 

    This kills the argument so many use about teams mailing it in after they start the year 0-3 or 0-4.

  5. 59 minutes ago, HomeCookin said:

    The gauntlet for a team like New Pal playing a MIC schedule is depth. North Central and Pike are bad but Pike is still very physical. The 4 other schools in the conference can beat anyone on a given night, and all take a toll on the depth chart each week.

    They would either be totally prepared for a 4A tournament run or decimated due to their lack of depth.

    I don’t think the MIC is near the gauntlet it used to be. It’d be one thing if CG and Carmel were still around but they aren’t. And no I don’t think New Pal would run roughshod like they do in their current conference but they could more than hold their own. Believe Pike, NC, LN, and LC all have a few guys who go both ways.

  6. 15 minutes ago, BTF said:

    I don't see it happening. Those kids playing on both sides of the ball will be so battered and bruised come playoff time, they'd be a non factor every year. 

    Their current model isn't broke, why fix it?

    How many kids from New Pal play both ways? How many do it out of necessity? New Pal playing a MIC schedule and then turning around and playing in the 4A tournament isn’t the gauntlet you think.


  7. 25 minutes ago, foxbat said:

    In essence, you get your field cut in half after the first week of play ... hence your "one extra game of the season."  The seeding mostly gets rid of your #1 vs. #2 issue.  As pointed out above, it also mitigates potential negative impacts, and, in the IHSAA's eyes, is fairly risk-averse.  Again, while I don't doubt that seeding is a possible potential implementation, I find it very hard to buy in to the idea that there some type of inevitable next step to having a qualifier and cutting the field.

    I don’t disagree at all that in an all-in format that appropriately seeds team 1-8 and 1-4 that the first week of the postseason serves as a qualifier. There’s enough data out there that suggests top half Sagarin teams don’t lose to bottom half Sagarin teams and a format that seeds the sectionals accordingly will serve as a de facto qualifier.

    And if/wgen that happens, hopefully it completely changes the outlook for those who favor the all-in. The current format theoretically gives every team a “chance” to win due to the blind draw. Teams with terrible regular seasons can draw other teams with regular seasons and in some cases be put in the same half of the bracket as two other teams with terrible regular seasons. 

    Everyone on this board knew there was a mathematical certainty that one of West Vigo, Princeton, Washington, or Pike Central would be playing for a sectional championship due to the blind draw. Its scenarios like this why people favor the all-in. In an all-in format that effectively seeds teams 1-8, this scenario effectively ends the second the ball is kicked off in the opening round. Pike Central is losing to a team like Owen Valley by 60 points. 

    In the event the all-in is kept but seeding is properly introduced, the former outlook that everyone has a chance (like they did under the blind draw) immediately evaporates. The next reasonable outlook then becomes, “why are these first round games even happening”? The IHSAA does not want this and that is why seeding will never occur. It’s a precursor to a qualifier. But until seeding happens, you’ll still have a large sect of followers that still believe Cinderella is a real thing.

  8. 4 minutes ago, foxbat said:

    That's an interesting logical assumption.  What follows?  Dogs and cats living together?


    Hopefully just a more competitive state tournament that rewards and takes into account regular season success.

    I know, I know, wishful thinking on my part.

  9. 2 minutes ago, foxbat said:

    Again, already addressed in another post ... this specific sectional as a matter of fact.  Not an issue of consideration of the all-in format ... an issue of seeding.


    If that sectional was seeded appropriately, there would have been 4 second half running clocks in the first round. Cut those teams out completely and you have a highly competitive sectional featuring the 4 top half teams.

  10. 6 minutes ago, Stoner said:

    And one of the advantages currently is you can see a great game each week of the playoffs. I took a carload to Mier last week to watch Guerin/Oak Hill, and a little less than a carload to watch the nut-buster at Owen Valley last night.

    You seed it, we'd likely stay home the first two weeks.

    You seed it then after a few years there’s no other logical choice but to cut the field in half.

    Appropriate seeding is step 1 to an eventual qualifier. That’s why the IHSAA hasn’t enacted it.

  11. 3 minutes ago, PHJIrish said:

    If you had your wish, LN probably wouldn't have "qualified" for the playoffs and LC either.  I believe both, with losing records, are worthy of being in the playoffs.  There's nothing wrong with the current all-in system that warrants 11 pages of discussion, imho.

    LC (12) and LN (13) both would have been in a playoff qualifier using Sagarin that effectively cut the field in half at the conclusion of the regular season.

    Thanks again for contributing.

  12. Survive and advance right? About the only good thing to come out of last night. Cathedral’s defense needs to figure it out quick or this season is not for long.

    On another note, LN may need to be put on notice for next year. Believe I heard 4/5 of their offensive lineman were only sophomores who more than held their own against a Cathedral DL with two D1 commits. Couple skill position guys are back next year and I thought LN’s QB was the best player on the field last night by far. He’s only a junior. I see a little Reese Taylor in him.

  13. 10 minutes ago, tango said:

    The championship probably was last night. Is the game itself any better if it happens next week? I expect every player and person in attendance last night in Spencer knew what was on the line. 

    Again, the higher the profile game, the higher level of competition I prefer to see.

    I don’t see what the problem with that is?

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  14. 23 minutes ago, temptation said:

    I included Carmel and Center Grove in my data…it’s over man.

    Carmel and Center Grove no longer play in the MIC. You probably could have written this the second they were booted. Still need to see the HCC actually win a 6A title before I’m ready to pop bottles. A state title win would finally put a dent in the MIC’s 9-0 immaculate record in state championship games.

  15. 5 minutes ago, temptation said:

    Upon joining these boards about a half decade ago, I claimed the MIC was on borrowed time and that the HCC would be the superior conference in the future.

    Many users were in denial, some were on board and questioned when.

    Well, I am here to declare that on this 29th day of October in the year 2022, it is official.  

    The torch has been passed.

    Even while still allowing the MIC to claim Carmel and Center Grove (and once again let’s not kid ourselves and go down that rabbit hole), the HCC put the icing and the cherry on top with last night’s sectional performances.

    For the season, the HCC was 10-3 against the MIC with Avon suffering two and Franklin Central suffering one of the losses.

    But can they do it in the playoffs?


    Brownsburg 48-20 on the road over MIC “champion” Ben Davis.

    Westfield 28-9 on the road over Carmel.

    Center Grove went into a mid pack HCC squad in Franklin Central and barely escaped 14-10.

    Avon went on the road and defeated Pike.

    The HCC has 6 teams left, the MIC 3.

    Still more chances too as three MIC teams are left on Brownsburg’s side of the bracket and an HCC team could come out of the north.

    Mic drop…pun intended.

    Carmel and CG’s removal from the MIC accelerated this by 5 or so years. Still need to see the HCC win a 6A title before I’m ready to dance on the MIC’s grave. That being said, I have no issue saying a Carmel-less and Center Grove-less MIC is now behind the HCC. That’s not really any Earth shattering revelation.

    And on a side note, when do heads start to roll at Carmel? One of the most disappointing football programs in the state the last few seasons.

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