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  1. 18 minutes ago, itiswhatitis said:

    I would hope by next year they are much improved.  As I said before, with a better defense, IU would be a dangerous team even against the top teams in the conference.  Allen has done a pretty good job assembling this team.  Hope he can continue to get some 4 star recruits.  Going bowling should help that.  I anticipate this year's recruiting will be even better than last year's.  Success breeds success.

    I get what you're saying but numbers so far don't suggest that as this 2020 class isn't quite on par with the 19 and 18 classes IU assembled. IU still only has 14 players committed so definitely time for IU to make a late push. However, IU does bring back an insane amount of talent and depth already so they aren't pressed (like Purdue) to sign a 20+ man class. Would really like to see IU sign a couple of GT's or JUCO's to really solidify an already pretty deep team.

  2. 4 minutes ago, DT said:

    I think it's a waste of time and space to push for a qualifier.  The coaches and admins and ihsaa are all strongly against.  The fans do not support

    It's a waste of energy

    I prefer to put my focus and effort behind practical solutions that address equity and competitive balance for all schools, and solutions that might possibly gain traction with select support groups



    And advocating a meaningless game that involves a 400 mile roundtrip the week before playoffs is somehow practical?

    Got it.

  3. 8 hours ago, DT said:

    Just to even things out and continue on the course of true competitive balance, I would like to see the IHSAA mandate a 10th regular season game for 5A and 6A schools.  These schools should not be getting a bye week with their deep rosters while smaller schools with very thin rosters are getting no time off to rest, heal and prepare.

    Why the duplicity?

    Simple rules for week 10.

    No games against conference teams and no games against sectional teams.  Good chance for some interesting cross sectional games and some travel for kids and families before the season ends.  

    Schedules will be made in advance around week 7 to make things interesting and competitive.  Schools are encouraged to travel.  DAC schools should reach out to MIC schools and HCC schools to schedule competitive matchups to keep kids and staffs sharp as they head into the playoffs.

    Merrillville vs Bloomington South

    Center Grove vs Valparaiso

    Fishers vs Floyd Central

    Who wouldn't want to see these matchups?


    Hold up....People complain about a qualifier/seeding because there may be lengthy travel during sectionals but we advocate this?

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  4. 8 hours ago, DT said:

    Brohm will be hired into the NFL not based on his coaching record, but on his offensive acumen.  he has been in some tough places to win.  NFL execs know and understand that.  brohm is a QB whisperer.  That is the most valuable commodity in NFL coaching these days.  Matt Nagy is supposedly a QB whisperer.  As is Kliff Kingsbury.  And many of the other young coaches in the league.  Brohm matches up very well with all of them, given his vast playing and coaching experience.  

    Sorry, I meant Rondale Moore.  

    If Kliff Kingsbury can get a job in the NFL so can Brohm

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  5. 13 hours ago, itiswhatitis said:

    So did Philyor have 14 catches against Nebraska?  I haven't seen a box score of the game.  If so, that would be 2 games in a row with 14!  He had 14 against Maryland.  That's totally insane for a 2 game stretch by ANY receiver.  I think IU has a great stable of receivers.  All of them are good route runners, can catch the ball, and get yards after the catch.  The WR's, TEs, and RB's are all great targets for either quarterback.  With all of that youth, IU looks to be in good shape for the next few years.  As has been mentioned, the defense needs help.  If they get that figured out, IU will be a dangerous team.  With a better defense, they will start approaching a top five spot in the conference.  They'll still be below Ohio State, Penn State, Wisconsin, and probably Michigan/Iowa, but the rest of the conference will be looking up at IU.  I was thinking the Michigan game might be 50/50 this year but after what they just did to Notre Dame, I'll just keep quiet about that.  LOL

    Defense is very young. They are set to return 9/11 starters and 18/22 in their 2 deep. Have a very young secondary including a true freshman and true sophomore at corner. They play at a bend but don't break pace this year but I expect that side of the ball to be a reliable asset in the coming years.

  6. 6 minutes ago, DT said:

    I read in the Indy Star that 80 of the 115 players on the roster are either freshman or sophomores, and both classes represent the two highest rated recruiting classes in IU history.


    How could that be nothing but extremely encouraging for the future.



    I seem to recall having this discussion with you last year about the direction of the IU program in comparison to that of the Kentucky Wildcats.

    Glad to have you on board 

  7. 10 minutes ago, Gipper said:

    Good luck as things don’t get much easier...

    For who? IU or OSU? OSU’s next 3 weeks are bye, Rutgers, Maryland. IU has yet to play NW or Purdue, two of the three worst teams in the B10.

    1 minute ago, BTF said:

    Michigan can't pass and has a very strong run defense. You don't think playing a game in a downpour of rain played in their favor? Then your not very bright. 

    Quarterback development has been a problem, but I don't know how you can say that for any other position. I think Kelly is a great coach. The fact that they have been in so many playoff discussions during his tenure despite recruiting restrictions is proof of that. What I don't understand about Kelly is why he insists on passing in weather conditions like that (North Carolina State)....................and quarterback development. 

    For the haters (Stax)..........................................Notre Dame will continue to be in the limelight week after week and they will continue to be in the playoff discussion as long as Kelly is coach. Sorry that bothers you.............just kidding, actually I love it. 

    Go Irish!

    ND is out of any playoff discussion 

  8. Love where this program is at. All the talk around the state has been about the program to the north and their $6mil/yr a coach who can recruit fast and shiny WR’s.  Brohm has completely neglected his OL and I don’t see things getting better next year.

    Yesterday, IU started a true freshman at LT, JR at LG, JR at RG, and a SO at RT. All four will be back next year and IU’s best OL coming into this year broke his ankle in game 3 and is eligible for a redshirt for a 5th year if he so choose. Couple that with the defensive side of the ball that features 5 FR or SO in the two deep of the front four with only one reserve SR, the future looks extremely bright with young and talented skill position players.

  9. 18 minutes ago, Temptation said:

    Sigh, here we go again.  That’s why I specified “supporters.”  Nothing said on this forum impacts the contest;  you know this right?

    We, as fans, don’t have to commit to the “coach speak.”

    I would suspect when and if it’s time, Cathedral and/or New Pal will have their full focus in Decatur Central.

  10. 17 hours ago, Temptation said:

    For those of you wanting to ditch the “all in” playoff format...a quick chuckle.


    Sorry.  I couldn’t help myself.

    Really fail to see where this correlates in the discussion between the all-in and playoff qualification? Couldn't a team in Indiana theoretically forfeit every single one of their regular season games keep players healthy while still being admitted to the postseason? Actually, I'm surprised most teams in Indiana don't rest their starters/play a week 9 game under the current format.

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  11. 19 minutes ago, Bobref said:

    Thank you. I’ll take a look at it.

    Starts early third quarter, Cathedral had 4 thrown on them in about 7 or 8 plays, 3 consecutively.

    First one starts with Cathedral punting early in the third quarter. A Center Grove player takes out the Cathedral LS 30 yards downfield, pancakes him, and lays on him till the end of the whistle. A second Cathedral player comes to help him up as the Center Grover player is simultaneously getting up. They bump shoulders. I don't know why I was watching at that juncture (fair catch maybe?) but I saw the ref fumble in his waistband for the flag and thought, "there is no way he is calling that a late hit". Sure enough he did and just thought to myself that is the softest sh*t I  have even seen in a football game. Cathedral later goes on to get called for 3 consecutive dead ball personal fouls on the ensuing Center Grove drive.

  12. 35 minutes ago, FastpacedO said:

    I respect his observations of officiating mechanics so I will be interested to see what his thoughts are. Of course I understand this won't be the same as game film recorded by each team which would be better.

    That's the issue though, a personal foul unnecessary roughness is a subjective call made at the discretion of the referee. It's a judgement call. There's no right or wrong answer. That's why I thought the majority of them I thought were excessive. They weren't warranted. I've seen much worse go unflagged. Nearly 15 flagged personal fouls between the two teams that resulted in ZERO ejections, skirmishes, etc is excessive. The refs only escalated the situation.

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  13. 2 hours ago, Bobref said:

    PHJ, you know I have immense respect for you. I can’t comment on whether any particular fouls were justified or not. My only point is that sheer numbers don’t say anything about whether the game was well-officiated or not. You don’t complain about officiating, so I take what you said very seriously. If there’s video available, I’ll be happy to look at it and tell you what I think. But until I see it, I’m giving the officials the benefit of the doubt, numbers notwithstanding.

    It’s not just the sheer number that makes it excessive. It’s the quality or lack thereof I had an issue with. Calling unnecessary roughness after two guys shoulder each as they’re walking back to the huddle a half second after the whistle blows is excessive regardless if it’s called one time or a hundred times.


  14. 8 minutes ago, FastpacedO said:

    There were flags that were definitely warranted. There were some where I felt it was excessive after watching the game. I don't complain about officiating much at all and I definitely had no dog in the fight.

    .The comment about the webcast crew was that they said this same crew did the Cathedral/Jeffersonville game and it was mentioned to them they were excessive with their flags. Didn't watch that game have no idea, I have watched other games and haven't seen the problem through 6 other games. Not saying the officials are bad, but in my opinion you get different enforcements from different crews. 

    I don't think the officials should be shredded. I also don't think a team should be stated  that there might be a problem when it hasn't been a problem in 6 other games I have watched (one of those being their most heated rival). Could be just the strict enforcement by that particular crew. It may be something they do consistently too through all games they officiate.

    100% agree.

    Respect 99.9% of what Bob has posted over the years, but then takes these kind of stances that lay people in the stands can't have an opinion or there's no way an officiating crew got it wrong. 

    Like I said in my initial post, I didn't take issue with the live ball penalties and thought they called a clean game for the most part. But the personal fouls were extremely egregious and I thought they were excessive. 

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  15. 28 minutes ago, Bobref said:

    I couldn’t care less what fans say. It’s not a popularity contest, and they’re not on the field. Maybe we should officiate the game from the stands, or impose quotas on flags?


    Made a simple observation that the crew was flag happy. I though there was an excessive amount of penalties (especially personal fouls) called on both teams. If you're going to call a personal foul for unnecessary roughness because there's contact after the whistle, then it needs to be thrown on every play. I thought all but one or two were extremely ticky tack and soft in nature. It's football. I don't think this officiating crew had their best night and really let the game get to them. 

  16. 37 minutes ago, Bobref said:

    A flawed analysis. There’s no such thing as “excessive” where personal fouls are concerned. Every play is a separate play. You don’t see something that meets all the criteria for a flag, but stop and say “I’ve already called 3 of those, so I won’t call this one.” Criticize individual calls as warranted or unwarranted. But the sheer number is meaningless. You call what needs to be called without regard for numbers.

    Then you could literally throw a flag for unnecessary roughness after every play. 11 personal fouls for ticky tack stuff is excessive. I was there, you weren't and it was excessive in nature and I think fans from both teams would agree. 

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