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  1. Kamikaze

    HNAC Week 9

    Liberty Field is freshly mowed and painted and is looking beautiful. With the weather being cold and rainy, it might be a good night for Pioneer to rest some of their starters. 😁
  2. Kamikaze

    HNAC Week 7

    I've never been to law school, but I'm pretty sure that if and could won't get you very far with a jury. #22 is one of the best players the Jays have seen this year.
  3. Kamikaze

    HNAC Week 7

    Who has Judson beaten this year? The answer, teams that are comparable to who Delphi beat. Not trying to knock the team that I support, but the Jays haven't proven anything yet. They have easily beat the teams they were supposed to beat and have lost two close games to Delphi and Knox. As I already said, we will find out who the Bluejays are in the next couple of weeks. Again, you being "floored" by the Delphi game is silly. By the way, Delphi had a bunch of talented kids back from last year's squad as well. We might find out that Delphi isn't that good in the next couple of games, but it still wouldn't make you right.
  4. Kamikaze

    HNAC Week 7

    "Floored" that a 2-3 win team from the year before lost to a team by 1 who is currently undefeated. It obviously doesn't take much to "floor" you. Very good points. Pioneer is the only power in the conference. The jury is still out on how good Judson is this year. The next 2-3 weeks will show us that. Blah Blah Blah
  5. Kamikaze

    HNAC Week 6

    I don't think Yogi was disputing the call on the kick-off at all. We've just never seen a flag thrown with so much distance. It was comical how much air time it had. From my perspective, your crew was fantastic.
  6. I don't think that playing Lowell is hurting Crown Point's strength of schedule. Lowell has consistently been at least as good, and probably better than any team Lafayette has had to offer over the past 5, 10, and 25 years. Plus, Lowell is a major rival of Crown Point. I would agree that they could probably schedule somebody better than Highland if they ever want to become a football powerhouse.
  7. Kamikaze

    HNAC Week 1

    North Judson 50 Culver 6
  8. Kamikaze

    HNAC Week 1

    Your explanation is technically correct. However, I wouldn't call a score of 7 to 48 a victory. I have way too much pride for that. Forfeit = yes, victory = no. The Jays are long overdue to beat Winamac on the scoreboard.
  9. Kamikaze

    HNAC Week 1

    Winamac was a victory by forfeit. The score was Winamac 48 NJ 7. I hope the Jays are vastly improved this year, but they have a lot to prove first.
  10. Kamikaze

    HNAC Week 1

    Words don't impress me at all. Results do! Make it happen and don't underestimate your opponent while doing it. North Judson is a 2 win team (last year) until they prove otherwise.
  11. Kamikaze

    HNAC Week 1

    I hope that your prediction comes true, but Culver is too well coached to let this happen. I expect this game to be a toss-up between two teams that have been pretty even the past few years. Did NJ even score 63 points all of last season?
  12. Does Hank Orkis drive a GTO? Haha I don't see Coach O coming out of retirement anytime soon. Brett Lambert and Evan Howard are both on the staff this season. Coach Lambert is a former Bluejay player/coach and Coach Howard is a former player. Not sure if there is a new defensive coordinator or not. Time will tell.
  13. Kamikaze

    Way too close to home

    I don’t pay much attention to the news. Have all of these school shooters been Trump supporters? Were there ever school shootings before Trump was President?
  14. Amen! I agree. In my experience those coaches are usually insecure jerks.
  15. One thing is for sure, this would be a very entertaining seminar. I'm not sure about the usefulness, but definitely entertaining. Sign me up.