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  1. That was a backwards pass, blown call! conrgats anyway!
  2. Sergeant D Just a couple of thoughts to your earlier post: before that I will say Western Boone has a solid team this year, just like last year. Who is Tri-west? I think not as good as they have been with past teams. Don’t get so excited about Harrison and what they do against New Pal. I guess if they score then you think you can hang with New Pal, easy S.D. Scecina scrimmages New Pal every year and these past two years their Coach didn’t want to scrimmage anyone else. We asked and he said no way. As far as Scecina being tried, I guess you haven’t been to a Scecina practice. Coach Hurrle always makes sure the boys are in shape. Roncalli game the boys displayed how in shape they were. QB Ayers and toughness, all I will say is I guess you don’t know where the Eastside is in Indianapolis! Now the important stuff, if Scecina doesn’t stop the run it will be a long night. 1st half last week was BAD....adjustments at half no more running for TC. Scecina cannot make mistakes because WB is to good. The 150lb LB might have trouble, but they always make plays. The offense has to score just like last year, the question is can WB stop the offense? WR Baker is good, but their are a lot of weapons on this offense.(Just like WB) This game is going to be very good, I posted another thread about the South being loaded....well Southridge Scecina Western Boone All three are going after the State Title to bad they are all in the South! Good luck and everyone travel safe! See you at Roncalli
  3. Rematch from last year Regional.... Two good teams! Let’s get the thread going!
  4. 2A South has, I believe, 7 of the Top 10 ranked teams. Triton Central and Scecina will met again for sectional final. Western Boone is loaded again. Southridge looking good. it’s gonna be fun!
  5. Wow...I haven’t been on digest in a long time and there is no tread on this game???!! well it’s gonna be a good one. Triton Central has always been a well good team. Scecina is going to have to control the ball and have no turnovers. i see a score of: Scecina 28 Triton Central 24
  6. Congrats CE! This 5A game will not even be a game! CE wins by 4 touchdowns!
  7. Eastside10

    CYO Football

    Check again..Holy Cross is not.
  8. Game day! Scecina wins by 21. Go Southridge, so we can host next week.
  9. I get back with you later Chief. I’m going to watch CYO Championship games today at Chatard, I think they own that field. CYO is the feeder systems that the p/p gets most of their kids. 3rd and 4th grade 5th and 6th grade tomorrow 7th and 8th. Come out and watch it’s fun!
  10. It was a matter of time when the “ recruiting “ word comes out. Please let me know the kids that are from all over the state. HSE kid sat out last year, and plays this year. This happens more than you think throughout high schools. What else, Chief? Please tell me you are not just hanging all your thread on that one HSE transfer, please tell me you have more.
  11. Where is that Linton game?
  12. Tipton score? Linton? milan score?