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  1. Caveman

    NLC - 2018

    I was really hoping I would see a MISHAWAKA VS NORTHWOOD game in the playoffs. I wonder how that would have went.
  2. Dwenger was the only team all year to shut down Chris Harness. That defense was impressive.
  3. YES YES former offensive coordinator. youtube Mishawaka network will have every video.
  4. Don't you play ANGOLA first?
  5. Nice win Mishawaka!!
  6. Penn vs Warsaw should be interesting.
  7. Caveman

    4A Postseason

    Mishawaka has a tough game tomorrow night at Hobart. Good luck Cavemen.
  8. After Friday night I am even more confused about the NP - Penn game. On second thought I have to wonder if NP was a little intimidated by Penn going in to that game. Mishawaka played Penn that waY for years until coach Curtis arrived. I was/am very impressed with NP.
  9. There was a time before Bart that I stopped going to the games. The thing that bothers me about last night is it could have easily been by 2 or 3 scores.
  10. Still smiling... give me a day to enjoy last night,
  11. Mishawka tried real hard to give Penn the game. Three turnovers deep in Mishawaka territory gave Penn 3 scores.
  12. I think most every Penn fan would agree ,Mishawaka almost gave the game away. Mishawaka had three - four crazy turnovers.
  13. Mishawaka announced earlier this year that the series will continue.