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  1. On 7/7/2022 at 11:19 AM, Snadenjr said:

    Yes they obviously want them at their camps to see recruit in person but yea kids do have to dm coaches with their film to.i know there other things to like grades,act, attitude, what your trying to study, and stuff.

    I think you have a drastic misunderstanding of the current NCAA football recruiting landscape. If a kid is having to DM D1 coaches with his highlight tape, chances are he will not be playing D1 football. ZERO D1 coaches are scrolling through the hundreds of Twitter DMs they get, looking for some “diamond in the rough”. If the coach doesn’t know your name before you send the DM, odds are he won’t after. In regards to recruiting sites, @oldtimeqb hit the nail on the head. These recruiting sites are to HSFB, what the travel and prospect teams have been to HS baseball for a while (MONEY TALKS). The overwhelming majority of the “recruiters” on these sites have zero to an absolute minimal level of experience within college football, no coach at any level is looking at any of these rankings. NCAA programs, especially D1 programs, have a plethora of recruiters assigned to every corner of the country that meet with HSFB players and coaches daily. Any NCAA FB coach will trust the guys on their staff a million times over before ever looking at some recruiting site. The days of simply playing for your HSFB during the fall, and expecting big time college offers are long gone, as much as it sucks. It is a year round commitment of going to camps, showcases, and (in regards to skill position players) the national 7-on-7 tournaments.

    The kids you listed are all really good ball players that will have great HSFB careers, but realistically, 2-3 will actually get D1 offers (FCS/FBS). Geography doesn’t help much as Southern Indiana football, despite the awesome atmosphere on Friday nights, isn’t a hot bed for D1 talent. Realistically, most of the kids you listed will get D2, D3, or NAIA offers and have the opportunity to receive a good education, while continuing to play football.

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  2. On 3/13/2022 at 2:41 PM, Titan32 said:

    My own personal survey of 3 HCs said they would like to have 1 non-conference game.  I don't think any of them "need" it...or any of them who think they wouldn't be just fine without it.  I'm just saying, I bet almost all would say it would be a nice thing to be able to have that game to play with, to either create a new rivalry, play down when your down, play up when your up, or for as a reason as dumb and tying the SIAC into the rest of the state for Sagarin.

    I don't think anyone in 3A was bummed Chatard is where they belong in 4A or even Memorial for that matter.  But this season it wouldn't have mattered.  Anyone not located on Lincoln Ave. that knows football will tell you that.  

    Yes, the SIAC is a clearly superior conference to the PAC in EVERY sport.  It is supposed to be, it is a metro area 4A and 5A conference (primarily).  The PAC is primarily a rural 2A and 3A conference.  We will NEVER  have the athlete pool the SIAC does (especially the P&Ps), for that reason our HC really likes the flexibility of his non-conference schedule.  That said, Heritage Hills continues to use the entirety of it's non-conference schedule to play schools on the small side of the conference and despite that, they made it to a state championship game.

    There is zero logic to this analysis.  Here is the thing, Memorial isn't the Memorial of 2017 and 2018 every year.  Gibson Southern isn't the Gibson Southern of 2015 and 2021 every year.  To sit here and try to give some games more merit than others in the 6 matchups is just silly.  Memorial has a great HC and a nice staff, even that QB coach isn't horrible...so they are never bad.  GS's record is about the same in regular season each year (especially before we got the non conference flexibility) for the up years and the down years, so doing a record comparison of the teams you beat in the series is just silly.  Memorials 3 wins aren't any "better" that the 3 GS wins.... period end of story.   A series is a series...I would expect a baseball guy to say we only lost because our stud wasn't pitching LOL (so the games you won don't count LMAO), and that is what you are saying here (the stud being Memorial 2017-2018).  I try not to rank our last 11 teams but 2017 and 2018 aren't at the top of our pack either.  Not to mention beating us by 9 in 2016 and 2017 may have been Memorials closest games in the playoffs I'm to lazy to research it.


    More iffy logic here.  First off, wasn't it Memorial guys on here in the past talking about how "transitive" property doesn't work in football.   Well whoever it was, they were right.  It was 21-7 with GS and LB at half and everyone in the stadium felt like a running clock was eminent.  Came right out after half and made it 28-7 (there was no "struggling").  We got a little cute in the second half expecting them to lay down and made a couple silly errors to let them back in it.  In a 7 game series we running clock that team 4 out of 7.  Memorial would have been just another bug on the windshield this season. 

    I know at tailgates and cocktail parties, it's fun to talk about the state championship that got away from the Tigers this year if success factor hadn't cheated them out of what they deserve, what is implicit in the contract.  But, even given the advantages they have when playing in 3A, this year probably wouldn't have been the year.

    neutral field
    [2021] South Warren (Bowling Green, KY) 31, [2021] Reitz Memorial (Evansville, IN) 17

    neutral field
    [2021] Brebeuf Jesuit Prep (Indianapolis, IN) 27, [2021] Reitz Memorial (Evansville, IN) 22

    neutral field
    [2021] Gibson Southern (Fort Branch, IN) 34, [2021] Reitz Memorial (Evansville, IN) 22

    That said Memorial was really good this year.  In Fact probably about as good as our second best team in the Hart era.

    neutral field
    [2021] Reitz Memorial (Evansville, IN) 28, [2015] Gibson Southern (Fort Branch, IN) 27

    The simple fact is most years Memorial is going to be better than us and they should be as a Metro P&P.  It should never be close between a Metro P&P with a top notch coaching staff and a rule public school in a corn field.  For that reason I don't think most Titan fans feel any kind of rivalry exist at all between these two teams.  Rivalries, when at their best in high school sports, are between very "like" or "similar" schools, like a GS and HH for example.  Somehow, by the grace of God, GS as been the most consistently winning 3A public school in the state for the Hart era.

    Yes, I would personally enjoy that uphill battle against a Metro P&P like Memorial as non-conference game.  It would be very cool.  Was it nice beating Memorial at their homecoming this year in both JV and Varsity basketball....YES it was, but more in that David Goliath kind of way, you know that old testament stuff first book of Samuel (as devout Catholics I'm sure you guys are familiar with that story).  But not really in a Rivalry way. 





    Haven't been on here in a while, so here are my thoughts on a couple things:

    It's almost impossible to compare GS and Memorial. Historically, Memorial is a program with almost 100 years of football history, while GS wasn't really relevant until Hart came to Ft. Branch. The Hurley vs Hart series has been good, with really only 2 games being over before half. The 2012 game was great, with Scheller diving into the pylon in OT. The 2013 matchup over at Harrison was a good game. The 2016 game was competitive, there will always be the controversy with Sellers out at QB. The 2017 matchup might've been the most anticipated of the series, and it didn't disappoint. The 2018 and 2014 matchups were very similar, one team was just head and shoulders better, GS was loaded in 2014 and probably Memorial's best team ever in 2018. The argument about Memorial's "sub-par teams" is irrelevant, the 3 times GS won they had the better ball club, and the 3 times Memorial won we had the better ball club. Titan32 was right about GS giving us our closest games over that 2 year stretch in 2016 and 2017, aside from the regional loss in Spin City in 2016.

    Now, in regards to this year:

    1. GS was really GOOD, probably the best team from SW Indiana since the 2018 Memorial team.

    2. The transitive property argument holds no weight in most sports, let alone when you're talking about 16-18 year old kids.

    3.CalPreps is not accurate. Examples:

    (2018 Memorial vs Chatard) CalPreps had Chatard favored, and we all know how that one turned out.

    (2017 Memorial vs Lawrenceburg) CalPreps had Lawrenceburg favored. Final score 56-35.

    4. "Memorial would have been just another bug on the windshield this season." Strong statement to make about a program that was a half way from their 6th trip to LOS in 14 years.

    5. Hypothetically, if this matchup did happen, I think GS wins by a 7-10 points. Now before every GS poster on here comes for my head, hear me out. Memorial would've matched up with GS pretty well. Memorial's O-Line was big and physical in the trenches, paired against GS's weakest defensive position group, could've allowed some space for Brodie and Tyler to get into the second level. GS had some undersized DBs, while Memorial had some bigger WRs. Memorial scored on some big plays both offensively and on special teams, GS was prone to give up some big plays. GS offensive did have some promising drives stall out against better teams, if Memorial defense forces a couple stops then we've got a ball game. 

    6. Alas, we didn't get to see this game. The Titans were a really good football team all year long, and in the tournament they beat whoever was put in front of them, including one of the better State Finals games I've seen, on their way to blue medals and shiny rings. While the Tigers fell 2TDs short to the best team in 4A and another trip to LOS. 

    7. Lastly, the murmurs around the Titans' State Title run with Chatard and Memorial being up in 4A are pointless. GS was great all year and could've beat any team in 1A-4A and the majority of teams in 5A and 6A.

    Though, the possibility of more of these matchups in the near future is dim, the seven year run was fun to watch and highly anticipated by both fan bases every year. The series isn't over, just taking a brief hiatus.

    On 4/3/2022 at 6:58 PM, Screagle said:

    Ben Johnson

    All good players and I argue they’ve replaced equal if not better groups and keep moving forward. 

    Johnson is one of the better football minds in the state, might be unrivaled south of Indy. I will say, theoretically, with USI going D1 and the possibility of a football program within the next decade, John Mark Hall may have to make a trip over to Lincoln Ave for a possible DC or even HC position.

    Last thing, will Peyton Guerzini ever graduate, feels like the kid has been a stud at Castle forever. He's like the Brad Davison of the SIAC. 

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  3. I think Allen wins this award running away, as much as people want to say it is about a player’s senior year, it’s just as much about their career body of work. Look at Bell and Kiser in 2018, Bell was hands down the most talented player in the state, but Kiser’s career body of work was more impressive. As talented as Allen is (top 20 QB prospect in the country) and as good as he was this past weekend, I don’t think he is top 3 talent wise in the state (Goodwin, McCullough, Curry). But Allen has had the best statistical QB career in the history of the state, capped off by a big win on Friday, he wins this award and I don’t think it’s close.

  4. 21 hours ago, Titan20 said:

    Now you’re starting to piss me off.  Sorry but this team was built from 1st grade on.  This senior group met EVERY Sunday year around at 4 pm at GS weightroom starting in 4th grade all the way until their freshman year.  They won Castle as 4th and 5th graders.  Beat North’s 6th grade as 5th graders.  Won Titan Clash as 6th graders.  Went undefeated in middle school.  Most were running clocks in 2nd half.  Lost only 1 game of 6 games in 2 years of going to Knoxville TN tournament.  We beat your Southridge team as 7th graders by scoring on each of our first 7 plays.  7 plays …7 TDs. I’ve been with this group since 1st grade, every Sunday in the weightroom, coaching each travel game and middle school game.  I know how much work they’ve put in waiting for this year.  We have lost at least 5 contributors in this class since they’ve started their freshman year.  Sorry but without any new kids, every game in the PAC this year would have been a running clock.  I don’t believe Southridge would have turned kids down if they bought houses and moved into their district.  I know Memorial, Central, HH, and North don’t. This is a very tight senior group.  I think you’ll see that as the football season continues, into basketball, and then baseball.  

    Personally, that’s not what I had gotten from the initial post, I don’t think anybody has a problem with the kids at all and I hope they walk out of LOS with blue medals around their necks. I’ve seen the accomplishments and off-season regiments of the youth program bolstered about on this forum since Hart arrived in Fort Branch, just from the posts on here I think it’s evident that all of these kids have put in a tremendous amount of work and deserve the success they are experiencing. The GS program has essentially been built in the last decade because of the kids buying in and putting in the necessary work at the youth levels and combining that with the support of the community has built one of the powerhouse programs in this corner of the state. I think the problem that some people have around the area are the murmurs about the involvement that a future Purdue superfan (don’t know the validity of these rumors, just the feeling that I’ve gotten from a number of people that I’ve talked to) has had in some of these cases and maybe a couple other instances that fell through. Again not taking anything away from these kids at all hope they continue this momentum all the way to LOS.

  5. I may be wrong here, but it seems like year in year out there always seems at least one game (2A-4A) that a team from around the Southwestern Area plays a team from over near the Ohio Border, whether it’s the EIAC vs PAC or EIAC vs SIAC. And it seems that the Southwestern areas teams usually win these games, so is there any real reason for this? Like just from a higher number of quality athletes from the area around the Pocket City, because the top athletes over in the EIAC area are absolute studs (Parris, Yoon, I remember EC having some dudes on that State Championship team) , or does it have to do with more with the style of play in the two areas (Schemes, Coaching and such)? Just curious.

  6. Still can’t wrap my head around the fact that not a single player on EM has a college offer, a school of 650 students winning a state title a class up and not a single player is good enough to play at the next level? It is mind-boggling to me that college coaches do not think any of these kids are good enough to play for their programs.

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  7. 2 hours ago, Tiger391 said:

    East noble treating this like a Disney world trip? Act like you've been there before ....... no need for a practice at Lucas..... 

    The only reason EM didn’t practice at LOS the past two years is because they had played there before. I know that at least two teams had played there as 8th graders. If EN hadn’t been fortunate enough to have that experience, then the practice would be extremely beneficial, especially to calm as many nerves before game time on Saturday, as possible.

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  8. I’m shocked that everyone seems to think that this game will be a blow out. I’m not trying to take anything away from either team, but the games on Thanksgiving Weekend always seem to be close no matter how much “better” one team is than the other. I think HH matches up really well with the Trojans, run-heavy and a great defense should mean low scoring. I think the Pats have a chance at the end, but fall just short. Should be a great atmosphere and outstanding game.

    Trojans 21

    Pats 17

  9. 26 minutes ago, Knightmare said:

    Another advantage for the Tigers is their familiarity with State week, and playing in LOS.  How much will this effect the game?

    I think, personally, this will be the biggest factor in the game. Not saying that EN hasn’t played in big games, but playing in LOS under these circumstances is an entirely different animal. I believe experience will be Memorial’s biggest strength, as they have played on Thanksgiving weekend the last 2 years. The first quarter of the game will be huge. Can Memorial capitalize on experience early, or will EN come out ready to play and we have a great 4 quarter game?

  10. 2 minutes ago, jimsinchur said:

    Expected a Memorial fan to be smarter than this. For such a well coached and well rounded program to have a fan who thinks Franklin, Mooresville, and Webo wouldnt beat every team on HH schedule is rather surprising honestly. 

    I honestly can’t say I expected anything different from a Danville fan. The exact same thing happened in 2017, they had just beat Chatard and hopped on the GID jumping to outlandish claims. The SOS argument is pointless in HS football, only thing that I care about is the game tomorrow, which the Pats roll 42-14.

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  11. 1 hour ago, Ryan11p said:

    Hobarts D is to much for East Noble they advance 

    Hobart by at least17

    Memorial wins by 3

    Hobart beats Memorial for the championship by at least 14


    If Memorial gets back to LOS, I think that it gives them a big advantage having played there the last two years. These are 16-18 year old kids, big games at high school stadiums are one thing, but playing at LOS under those circumstances is an entirely different animal if you haven’t ever experienced it before. JMO

  12. 18 hours ago, hhpatriot04 said:

    I still think Evansville Memorial in 4A is dangerous, despite the double OT loss to Central. Lots of players with years of deep tournament runs pays dividends they have had 12 or so extra weeks of practice over the past three years... That's a ton of time to learn play packages and even if you weren't on the field, you were practicing against state-champion quality competition. 

    They are considered a “Dark Horse”, but have the best player in SW IN and a group of seniors that have played more HS games than almost anyone else in the state. Memorial’s senior class have played in multiple BIG TIME games over the last two years, and always seem to play their best in the tournament. I don’t understand the consistent “over-looking” that teams from SW IN continue to get, despite having 4 teams play in the state finals over that last 3 years.

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  13. Castle by at least 4 TDs

    MD by 2 TD

    North by a TD

    GOTW- Central and Memorial- Central is a VERY good football team with a lot of weapons that will be a tough out in the tournament, but I just think Memorial is due for a big game after three straight sub-par weeks. Tigers 28-17

  14. 13 minutes ago, Titan32 said:

    At least we can agree those Memorial teams weren't great.  And look up Jack Jewell...thanks junior....new material would be awesome.

    Jack Jewell win percentage-65.65%

    John Hurley win percentage-62.5%

    Jewell’s win percentage was so high because of the level of competition they played every year.

    Jewell and Hart are the only 2 coaches in GS history with winning records.

    2012-2015 are over and you can continue to argue about how good those teams were, but they failed to make it to LOS in the middle of Memorial going 4/11 years... thanks senior... new material would be awesome.

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