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  1. Kyle Shaw told me this week he wouldn't be leaving Mishawaka. He's the head track & field coach there, it's what he did in college. Football assisting with the Cavemen, but unless things really change drastically, he won't be joining dad in Elkhart. Column on Scot Shaw: http://www.elkharttruth.com/sports/Side-Lines/2015/01/22/Passions-for-people-and-football-helped-bring-Scot-Shaw-full-circle.html Bill B
  2. Bill B

    Elkhart Memorial HFB job...

    There's a lot of truth in that last statement. Certainly not enough do right now. I could ... I'll say again, COULD ... be a winnable program. Gonna take the kind of guy to sell the idea, help get the middle schools back on track (with the help of Elkhart Central) and get some continuity. Right now, there is none. Bill B.
  3. The field at Northridge was cleared of snow on Wednesday afternoon. Hasn't snowed since Tuesday. Two full days of sunshine have burned off all the clumps and little chunks. There wasn't that much to begin with... it's nothing like South Bend. Most of Elkhart County you can barely even see that it's snowed. It'll be firm, but nothing brutal. Should be a fun night. Bill B.
  4. New Prairie's official stat packs lists 5,454 yards. Don't know what's logged on MaxPreps. Bill B.
  5. Yup. Agree. Recognizing formations then literally eyeing the football is huge in this game for NR defense. Be an interesting game of adjustments on both sides. Bill B.
  6. It's early in the week, of course, but two things are quite clear ... New Prairie's signature is the offense. They way it's run can be dominating. It's very impressive to watch when running well. Cougars know exactly what they're doing. Agreed, NP is susceptible through the air, in my opinion, but run defense I believe is tough. Northridge's lead punch is defense, a great front seven with quick, physical athletes. Raiders haven't allow a second-half point in two months and they managed enough offense to win the last two games. Timely passing was key against Leo and Norwell. Run game is three-pronged and grinds it out, too. I don't see 31-28, to be honest. I see first team to three scores wins. Just my two cents. It'll be a fun week. Bill B.
  7. Bill B

    NLC 2014

    Don't know if you're asking me or just in general, but I would say Zickafoose, Fickert and Carson would be strong picks by the Raiders. Possibly Sven Johnson, the OLB. Just my thought. Bill B.
  8. Video? No. Audio at www.rrsn.com, I believe. Bill B.
  9. Bill B

    NLC 2014

    NSC used to do this, too, and never really understood it. NIC has usually waited until after the sectional in various sports is played. And, to be quite honest, all-conference in football is not the best measure. The top team getting this many players, 2nd place gets this many, 3rd place, etc., etc. ...... I still like the old days when you nominated and voted. The NLC can be pretty much selected by anyone who follows the league well. Not saying I'm a genius, but other than "at-Large'' picks, I could likely name most of the All-NLC team myself based on the format it uses. Just sayin... Bill B.
  10. Just know it's a 7:30 kick. Bill B.
  11. Bill B

    NLC 2014

    Ahhhhhh, the warmth and love shared by the NLC fanbase. Bill B.
  12. Truth there, too, but as a passer, the young man there now isn't nearly the passer as the one they had two seasons ago. Bill B.
  13. It is strange, but true. Because of conference affiliation, different classes until last year and other rival games (Jimtown-Concord), there was never room for a Central-Concord game in football. It's the only sport they don't play in regular season. Bill B.