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  1. I'm sure you both have already duel'ed each other in World of WarCraft.
  2. Fear The Stache

    Where Is Steve From Mater Dei?

    Lord. I don't believe STEVE has been on the board since it looked something like this.
  3. Fear The Stache

    What Does Tgd, Harrell's Not Provide?

    We did this in 2007 I believe. Most of us are at the State games every year and talk about developments. I mentioned in the Admin Forum that this is something that could easily be done in a Google hangout. I definitely have some ideas I personally want to move forward with to increase game-day (post game) experience on the board that have been talked about. I am sure they will be brought up if we decide to go through with them.
  4. Lies. Slander. What's there to re-negotiate? A hand written letter of apologies to the admin staff does the job. He'll just be gone again 6 months after that anyway. Cbuzz to this day is the only person on this board to ever challenge me to meet him at an establishment for a fight after an accusation of Cbuzz obsession with the DAWG. DAWG was under 18 at the time, which coincidentally is the same logic of Cbuzz challenging me to a fight. BRUH. 99 takes ka-rah-tay and wears Affliction bruh. Over/under on shots thrown is 3. That's a shot of hypnotiq (99s drank of preference), a shot to ya face, and you hittin da' floor, bruh. How many bars of St. Ives does it take to get rid of the scent of cheese? "Romey" is batting .950 at The Gathering Place Slowpitch Softball League. He missed a straight week from Arlington watching film on the guy he flied out to. According to Rome, "Indy Orthopedics softball teams pitcher was lobbing straight fire." I wish I was joking. Dawg is Jim Romes favorite posters favorite poster. Take that to the bank. CHECK THAT. Load up the Brinks truck and take it to Fort Knox. CHECK THAT. Take it to Vegas and put it on the 5/2 spread that DAWG is KING OF SMACK.
  5. Fear The Stache

    Cgtf8 Is Back...new Alias.

    cgTrojan was at another camp.... familiar with the law lately. cgTrojan, Mr. October are HOF'ers compared to Duane Gill and 009er.
  6. Fear The Stache

    Dawgs Dandy Dozen

    Better reach out to FEMA. RT
  7. your friendly neighborhood hhpatriot04.
  8. Fear The Stache

    Dawgs Dandy Dozen

    DT... :DT.... DrivenT.... LordDrivenOne.... dang, none of them changed to the toilet flush
  9. 1.) Without double checking sources, am I to understand Gunner Kiel did not make the trip to Oklahoma with the Notre Dame Football team? DAWG called this a few months ago stating that Brian Kelly has already chosen his QB for the future. ND fans berated DAWG saying that Kiel was guaranteed to start in his junior year which I am to understand would be Golson’s SR year… DAWG asks the question again. Why would a winner like Golson relinquish the job? Does Kiel really want to be at ND for one year of play without any red shirts of course. You also have a guy like Malik Zaire coming into ND. In DAWG’s four star poster opinion. Gunner should have had the swagger and confidence to stay at LSU… or Indiana. 2.) Speaking of Indiana. Kevin Wilson picked up that coveted Big Ten win this past week. Am I to understand they are 3 point underdogs at home vs Iowa? Lookout Hoosier nation. DAWG senses a win streak coming down in Bloomington. Who am I kidding? DAWG would kill double at Buffalouie’s with a baklava slice at Trojan Horse followed by some upstairs at Sports sippin on some Purple Drank followed up by a $5 Papa Johns special on the walk home with a few ladies on each arm. **dream bubble pops…. IU will end up right where they want to be, 2 Big Ten wins a year, keep it close vs the top teams, and win the games you should win early on. Here comes basketball season. #HooHooHoo 3.) Also speaking of the Big Ten… how down are they this year? I feel like I’m watching baseball. Some of the scores indicate that as well. The SEC is just on another level. It’s unfortunate for Ohio State as to what all went down there especially with the year they are having but Ohio State should be thankful. Oregon and USC both manhandle them in the Rose Bowl. Mizzou made a mistake going to the SEC. Their “speed wins” mentality could have made things interesting. 4.) What’s going on in Chitown? Da Bears are looking mean. Brian Urlacher is washed up and over-rated to begin with but they are looking good. It all comes down to QB play. To quote a past article of DrivenTs. LOL. What a clown DT was. Fool. Cutler is 10-1 in his last 11 starts. The man is from Santa Claus, he gets better in the winter. The NFC is scary this year. Chicago, NYG, Green Bay, ATL… all tough teams. Marshall is saving his career. If the Bears can swing something in this years draft and land Teo. Look out. 5.) Let’s take a look at my past predictions here. My 5a prediction went down the drain with Carmel eating too much Bubs and being a little too slow. My 4a prediction hangs on the Rebels and the Irish. The 3a title game between Jimtown and Chatard should be a good one. Having not paid much attention to multipliers the new P/P rules, would Chatard be in 4a with a win this weekend? Will they be in the Roncalli/Cathedral sectional? Wowza. 6.) Sectional final pairings that interest me per class. 5A = Crown Point @ Merrillville or the “who’s going to give Snider a game… game.” 3A = Charlestown @ Brownstown Central. Is there a more impressive “average” in the state than Charlestown? 59-6. Very impressive. Chatard and Greencastle is also a semi-interesting match up statistically speaking. In terms of 2A and 1A you’re always interested with Luers and LCC. 7.) Pacers kick off the season tonight with Danny Granger on the sidelines. Pacers are favorites to win the division and are early favorites as the #2 seed. It could be a pretty interesting year for them. Is this the year all of the fans come back? “The Fieldhouse” is like a scene from a western movie… at least with the Tumbleweeds. 8.) The “Out of Bounds” forum is hopping with controversy. Dawg will not dab into this much but go check it out and give us some of your political beliefs without going all American History X on us. 9.) Hurricane Sandy just got done ravaging the east. Is DAWG the only one who wishes they were filming Jersey Shore during it? G….T….L. But in all seriousness. I hope anyone with any ties in the northeast is OK and can resume their normal lives shortly. 10.) DAWG is not one to harp on things too much but I have never been as embarrassed for a teams fan base as when DAWG was at the Colts v Browns game a few weeks ago. There was a lady who was apparently a rabid Colts fans but she could not stop commentating on how good the Cowboys were or how much she “loved” the Ravens. A gentleman who accused me of being racist, and also a few kind people encouraging me to “have a nice 5 hour ride back to Cleveland.” I politely informed them I lived about a ten minute walk from the stadium... So, my take away from the game is that most Colts fans are either dumb, ignorant, or are just there just because it’s the cool thing to do. I’d label about 8% of them know what they are talking about. The Irsay’s and owner are not included. My Browns are a few drops away from being 5-3. 11.) Going into dork mode. I cannot remember a more exciting time in recent years for video games. Assassins Creed 3, Halo 4, Black Ops 2… I will not be at a game on Friday. TW offered me the VIP sideline treatment at the Roncalli game. I refused. I’d rather be slaying redcoats then watching Lil' TWarrior... the privilege to pick up the kicking tee for the Rebels. An honor it must be! Speaking of the mini Warrior. I've heard from a rebel in spirit that he already benches 300 and runs a 4.3 have must be feeding that kid straight provolone. 12.) Happy Halloween to all. Save me the Take 5 bars. Safe trick or treating for families. Does anyone remember a few years back the “Gridiron Digest Halloween Costume Contest.” Gold.
  10. retweet every first quarter snap so I can't retweet final scores.
  11. Fear The Stache

    Roncalli At Cathedral

    It's hurricane season once again. Hurricane Scifres >>>>> Hurricane Sandy
  12. Fear The Stache

    Coach Lorenzano

    Cbozz >>>> Lorenzano.
  13. Thanks to everyone who has sent something in. Tim Adams always believed TGD should be a free service to help spread the game of INHSFB. With your help that can remain the case.
  14. Fear The Stache

    Eiac 2012

    oooooweeee southeastbeast... I'll pour some sugar on that! It was "Da Dome." Keep it Gangsta -- Definitely before his time. Greensburg was a far more talented team in 2006 (and 05 for that matter) and I believe they were a couple onside kicks away from getting beat 41-7. I'm just hoping for a pre-game stretch run by! PiratesFootball, as a former player myself or "a fan with a very close perspective inside the Greensburg football team" as you say... it's best to try and do your "dominating" on the field. Good luck Friday.