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  1. meabull1506724046

    Evansville Reitz at Southport

    True Blue, thank you very much for the link.
  2. meabull1506724046

    Evansville Reitz 81 New Albany 51

    Not sure when Evansville last had a boy's basketball team that was this good.
  3. meabull1506724046

    So I hear Frankfort is open

    I sent you a personal message.
  4. meabull1506724046

    So I hear Frankfort is open

    Details were very well known in the Princeton community. Not sure how well Frankfort investigated before hiring him?
  5. meabull1506724046

    So I hear Frankfort is open

    He didn't behave himself at Princeton either. I was shocked when Frankfort hired him.
  6. Very impressive for him and for Gibson Southern.
  7. meabull1506724046

    Md Vs. North Posey

    Great game. Congratulations to Mater Dei.
  8. meabull1506724046

    Md Vs. North Posey

    Great news. Thanks for posting this.
  9. Yes, please keep posting the MD-Southridge scores. Greatly appreciated.
  10. Thanks for the reply. Was thinking that Heritage Hills, with a healthy roster, could make a nice run in the playoffs. Good Luck.
  11. Will Heritage Hills be getting some injured players back in time for the sectionals?
  12. meabull1506724046

    Coach John Hart

    Exactly what I was thinking.
  13. meabull1506724046

    Coach John Hart

    I can think of 2 schools in the SIAC where Coach Hart could do wonders for their programs. Would be great to have him back in the Evansville area again.
  14. meabull1506724046

    Heritage Hills At Gibson Southern

    What's the 1st grader's 40 time? Never too young to get the college recruiters looking.
  15. meabull1506724046

    Heritage Hills At Southridge

    North Posey's first year was 1960 I believe.