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  1. 93_knight

    SAC playoffs

    I'm sorry I made a typo Herrell has Lakeland beating Concordia 31-30 not 31-0 http://indianahsfootball.homestead.com/files/capsFri.htm#loaded
  2. 93_knight

    SAC playoffs

    Looking at Harrell (spelling) website has North losing 52-3 to Elkhart Central. Dwenger only winning 35-14, Lakeland beating Concordia 31-0. Little love for Sac Teams BTW, he's also predicted a 1a game @ 143-0
  3. 93_knight

    SAC week 9

    Because Luers coaching staff are a bunch of *Deleted*s.
  4. 93_knight

    Snider Panthers

    Snider will have an easy time against Luers. Luers can't afford any more injuries going into the playoffs. The last 2 games Luers had at least 12 players not dressed for each game. With a roster 0f only 52, I think they'll show up,but I don't think they will show up to play.
  5. 93_knight

    SAC week 8

    I don't know, last time Luers was supposed to win by a lot they got beat by the legends, could there be a repeat coming?
  6. 93_knight

    SAC week 7

    At least 12 guys did not suit up Tonight for the knights. They only list 52 on the roster, but only half play on Friday nights. They are really spreading it thin.
  7. 93_knight

    SAC week 6

    One or two guys do coaching while the others just stand there and do nothing all night. Lures will never win another state championship with this coaching staff.
  8. 93_knight

    SAC Week 5

    I believe it's mix of both lows numbers (52) and the coaching staff especially the Defensive coaching staff. Almost every team Luers has played this year has had a player playing for them that had transferred from last years team . I think I counted something like they had like 12-15 others guys who played on last year are not in the team this year. Plus i heard they don't allow senior transfers in. The coaching isn't what it used to be. Seem like they can't, or wont adjust to situational football. This isn't new, Luers D has been pretty sad was for many years now. Look at all the yardage they have given up this year. They just have a offense that has been able to pull a rabbit of the hat and save them this year, but last night the rabbit but back.
  9. 93_knight

    SAC Week 5

    Luers O is pretty good. Luers D is very bad. They have been lucky. The offense bailed them out in 3 of the four previous wins. the luck ran out last night. It is possible that they could have been winless at this point.
  10. 93_knight

    SAC Week 5

    Luers has a really big O-line and a good Rb(s), So coach, mix it up once in awhile, Get the he'll out of the f-ing shotgun spread, lineup under center and run the f-ing Ball. I'd love to see some full house back fields like they use to run.
  11. 93_knight

    I'm ready for some football

    I 've been ready since 5 minutes after last year's state finals
  12. Less than 80 days utill the start of the new season. Starting to get excited.
  13. I try, but I just can't get into bball. Never have and probably never will. It's good thing I got hockey to help keep me sane. I just can't wait until my beloved football returns and Friday nights out at the stadium.
  14. 93_knight

    2018 Indianapolis Colts

    If not the Browns, I see the Giants taking Barkley. Think he will be gone before the Colts get to pick. IMO, Trade down grab an extra picks or two, because with as many holes the Colts have in their the roster any pick within in the top 5- 10 picks would be a great help, and an extra pick or two should only help the Colts situation.
  15. 93_knight

    2017 Indianapolis Colts

    This team is so bad that it's going to take multiple years of high draft picks to get this a decent team again. The depth on this team is just awful.