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  1. SBguy

    NIC WEEK # 3

    Gotta imagine there'll be tons of motivation for the Indians. I'm sure the class of 2019 seniors do not want to be the second class in a row to go 0-4 in the Holy War. I think they win 17-14. New Prairie wins 35-19 Riley loses a tough one to Adams 22-16. Gotta give Clay a win here, it's probably their only chance.18-12 Bremen seems legit 28-21 over glenn Monroe beat EC handly last year, but got a good feeling about Central's year31-21 Cheering for the NIC so Washington over Kankakee Valley 19-13 Mishawaka comes close, but loses to Marist 28-24 Angola is turning into quite a program they beat Jimtown 21-14 Penn wins 28-13
  2. https://goducks.com/roster.aspx?rp_id=8024 Haki Woods. South Bend Washington.
  3. SBguy

    School Fight Songs

    I've always been told that South Bend Adams uses the tune of the fight song of the University of Illinois. "All hail to the Scarlet and Blue/To you we are loyal and true" South Bend Clay certainly uses the tune of the University of Notre Dame. "Cheer Cheer for Clay Senior High."
  4. Are these legitimate D1 prospects?
  5. lol what was this originally?
  6. Sometimes.... we give 100%, work our hardest, and still don't succeed. Sometimes... the chips are stacked against us, and we still fight to do our best everyday. Sometimes... we find value in things besides winning and losing. I respect every single one of the kids that stuck it out for the Colonials this year... in any sport. It's easy to jump on a successful train. It takes determination, loyalty, and love for the game and your teammates to stick it out on a team that couldn't win a game if they executed their entire gameplan to perfection. That certainly isn't a "bro culture" thing. It's something meaningful, valuable, and should be commended. I have plenty of problems with the South Bend Tribune, but this article brought a tear to my eye. https://www.southbendtribune.com/sports/high_school/football/clay-seniors-keep-faith-during-another-winless-football-season/article_bdf13a36-7fc1-53dc-8eb3-383803c64481.html Here's hoping that Clay finds a man who doesn't what so many adults do to inner-city kids... promise to stay... and then leave.
  7. Nice story.... but something seems fishy with this. 4 year contract to the Hoover family as the grandson and grandson's friend are freshman stars...
  8. SBguy

    Week # 4 in the NIC

    Brother Rice Wins, Elkhart battles tough. They seem like they could be a 5 win team this year. Triton because they're at home and on a roll although,never count out the Lions jimtown because they're at home and they cant really be as bad as what it seems like game of the week has to be Riley Vs Marian. Guessing it'll be determined by Riley's discipline particularly on the line. What is Riley's offense like? I see they've scored on the ground and in the air and defensively can they rough up that young QB for Marian? Penn wins adams seems like a sad story... thought they'd turn into a program, but it looks like Antwon Jones just isn't a very good coach without his recruits. Mishawaka in blowout style Similarly, st joe takes out their frustration on clay
  9. SBguy

    N.I.C. Week # 3

    I'm interested in all of these games, I think there is only one lock Riley Vs Adams, but going with Adams by 2 scores Washington will do whatever they want to clay I think Marist is loaded, but mishawaka will compete for a while Penn may struggle to get the offense going, but i'm guessing they'll eek out a win Bremen will squeeze by glenn No idea about monroe, let's go with Elkhart keeping the ball rolling and getting to 3-0 Jimtown should beat angola New prairie and Andrean could be a classic. no way St. Joe loses by 40 again, too talented, Marian is too young.... Knights still the favorite... should be an exciting week
  10. A fun guessing game. Who knows? North: Penn 8-1 (5-0) Mishawaka 7-2 (4-1) SB Adams 6-3(3-2) SB St Joe 5-4 (2-3) Elkhart Central 3-6 (1-4) SB Clay 0-9 (0-5) South: New Prairie 7-2 (5-1) Jimtown 6-3 (4-2) SB Washington 6-3 (4-2) Mish Marian 5-4 (3-3) SB Riley 4-5 (3-3) Bremen 4-5 (2-4) John Glenn 2-7 (0-6)
  11. SBguy

    NLC 2017

    Do you have details of NR QB situation?
  12. SBguy

    NLC 2017

    So what's going to happen to Holley?
  13. SBguy

    Michiana Pick'Em Week 2

    Concord east noble central mich city northwood plynouth wawasee st joe mishawaka marian Lincoln way east new prairie Penn riley jimtown chesterson valpo Laporte Lake central lowell north judson Culver laville knox pioneer cma
  14. When did PH put their reserves in?