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  1. trumpme

    Week 8 Southwest 7

    And the fact that this thread was ORIGINALLY Southwest7Week8 until an imposter (lol) came on and made it about getting Dugger out of our conference. When the man said...."back to pont....." I was wondering when that was going to actually happen.
  2. trumpme

    Week 8 Southwest 7

    Back to the point SOUTHWEST 7 WEEK 8
  3. trumpme


    We are loving HUDL at North Daviess
  4. trumpme

    Sectional 40 Round 2

  5. Good luck to both North Central and Linton in the SW7 Championship. Play hard and stay healthy for post season! Coach Helms
  6. trumpme

    Cut Block In Shotgun?

    Thank you! Greatly appreciate you and all you do.
  7. trumpme

    Cut Block In Shotgun?

    Absolutely did that, and I appreciate your response to this. How would you honestly feel, if a coach were to point that out prior to the game in which his team was playing a team that consistently does this against the rules?
  8. trumpme

    Cut Block In Shotgun?

    I strongly disagree that they all know the rule!
  9. trumpme

    Cut Block In Shotgun?

    Ahhh yes.... Still had a flanker (aligned wide) in motion cut our defensive end in a game this season time after time after time and the officials explained that our player was aligned in the free blocking zone..... man oh man
  10. trumpme

    Cut Block In Shotgun?

    Absolutely direct clarification in the rule book, but my question is..... "Why are so MANY crews not calling it, when it is NOT performed within the rules of a proper cut block"? Seems we need to revisit the rule, as we have in the past, and make sure all have clarity as to whether or not this rule is going to be enforced.
  11. trumpme

    Southwest 7 Week 9

    He is doing as fine as can be expected. Bracing for surgery tomorrow. He has everything in a much better perspective than his old man...lol. Good to hear you are staying away from RC.... baaaaad influence!
  12. I am enjoying both threads, and I am part of "the other thread".....
  13. trumpme

    Southwest 7 Week 9

    My goodness... Did Callahan sabotage your coffee again? LOL
  14. trumpme

    Cut Block In Shotgun?

    Absolutely, good statement.
  15. trumpme

    Cut Block In Shotgun?

    They do cause MANY injuries when not performed within the rules and / or incorrectly. The unfortunate thing is that in my 22 years of coaching at the high school level (as both a head coach, and an assistant), the illegal cut block is being called less in OUR games than in the past, and it has become even more obvious an infraction than in the past. Having a blitzing linebacker cut at the line of scrimmage when he begins two yards deep in the box is VERY dangerous for both players. As well, cutting a down lineman after the QB already has the ball in his hands following a shotgun snap is VERY dangerous. I have seen many more players in the backfield pursuit being cut (probably more this season than in all my previous seasons). It something that certainly needs clarification in the VERY NEAR FUTURE! Just speaking for what we have been dealing with.... anyone else seeing a great disparity in the cut block call, or more cut blocks missed than in previous seasons? Coach Helms