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  1. gowesdel

    Sectional 40

    I know it's a new year and all but Sectional 40 does have the reigning state champ. They do have 3 total teams that have won state championships and are top caliber programs year in and year out. What do we have to do to get some respect? Your statement above makes no sense.....because you gave all 3 of those teams zero respect. It's fine though......we love the challenge...…..
  2. The outcome of this game will answer a lot of questions in my mind......Jasper and Heritage Hills played pretty much even, in a monsoon, and Jasper without some key starters. Does HH or GS have any key injuries at this point in the season?
  3. You'd be surprised...…….
  4. A digital certificate for one website is $59.99 from Godaddy per year. Anyone that uses this website, when they login, are transmitting their password across the Internet in clear text. Hopefully people are not using the same password for multiple sites....... At a minimum, people should be using a different password for this site than they do other sites. It's good security practice in general......the right answer is that we all give more money so they can upgrade to https. OK, off my soap box......
  5. gowesdel

    Linton @ Southrdige

    Ironic that the tables are completely turned around this year. Last year, we were opening with the defending 1A State Champs. This year, Linton is opening with the defending 2A State Champs.....
  6. Awesome! Can’t wait to see it.
  7. I love our field but hands down, best press box in the conference is Gibson Southern. I'm also partial to Pike Central's press box because as a film guy, it's covered! Don't have to worry about rain and equipment.
  8. Throws a football right handed.
  9. Southridge returns a great core. A few questions to answer but we will be a good team again this year. Exciting time at Southridge right now........a lot of success in many different areas.
  10. I'm not an admin but I did use this feature. It doesn't completely eliminate them but seems to help.
  11. Congratulations to all! Happy for our Southridge kids. 3 of the 5 who made it from our team are underclassmen. Future is bright for the Raiders!
  12. A standup guy wouldn’t have made that post as it served no constructive purpose other than to point out a missed call (which happens all the time) and to diminish what SR accomplished. Sorry if you think that is being too sensitive but I cannot validate that post any other way. Why post it in the first place? OK, I am done.
  13. I stand by my comments as what happened had no bearing on the play and did not give SR an unfair advantage. He did not jump nor did he hold.
  14. I feel sorry for you and the character flaw you're carrying around. Something that had no bearing on the play but you have to get on here and bring it up. I thought the officials did a great job but yes, they missed a few things. Namely a horse collar and a face mask. That's how the game goes. Instead of posting what you did above, why didn't you say "Woodlan lost the game because of their inability to get into the end zone"? You are pathetic.