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  1. Does the visiting high school get to keep the money from Pre ticket sales?
  2. Maybe you should start a Go Fund Me page to help fund the field.
  3. Haha...Yeah ummm ok.....Is Carson Steele back?
  4. Not very educated, and got called out by Irish fans....Umm ok. You are the man....smh...
  5. Do you really think CG is good this year? Regardless of record? The Irish wouldnt have fewer titles they simply wouldnt chose to play such high level of competition during the regular season......For every Elder and Moeller and St X they play. There is a Yorktown, shelbyville and Jeffersonville. CG is having an uncharacteristically bad year everyone knows that.....
  6. Is Center grove any good this year? Did they start out 0-4?
  7. Oh wow....You have heard it from coaches so its real...Got it...what is the stigma exactly?
  8. Whats the stereotype of the white running bacK/
  9. You obviously havent seen Arlington, its probably better than any other grass field in central indiana......It was a choice, not a take what you can get option. If CHS wanted to they could have easily played at Marian or UIndy
  10. Well they should. Hes always talked about on social media after the gaudy numbers he puts up. Sooo ummm ok? Were you answering my question ? Not really sure of the relevance with your comment...
  11. Cathedral pulled their starters out after the score was 28-0 in the first quarter with about 6 minutes to go on Friday night....Guess it just comes down to the philosophy of the coaching staff.
  12. Probably not a lot going on in New Pal on a Friday night....Most little towns are packed like that.......Charlie is a monster for sure, but there is definitely reasons behind it that not a lot outside of New Pal are aware of. That offensive line is pretty good, the holes he runs through you could drive a freight train through....Could New Pal win State with Charlie???
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