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  1. It is sweet......Its hard to feel anything but good for the people there.... H-F has something like 2,700 kids.... great school..with lots of athletic talent and more moving in all the time..
  2. Yes it is but that's not what was said. What was said was..."Will CP ever get things tuned around and be a factor in post-season play??" "Havent they developed any talent that can deliver on Friday nights.??." The answer is: They have. They do. That's my point. Only the 'message board mafia' suggests that sectional championship wins in the big school bracket is not 'delivering on Friday nights'
  3. ..again.....'low bar' is an opinion...and you're welcome to it... but for accuracy sake: CP has won the last two 6A Sectional titles. 2 consecutive big school sectional titles: That's not my opinion. Its a fact. (Now your suspension? That's been over. and I think you enjoyed getting suspended.....It was a badge of honor for you. That's my opinion!!)
  4. But again: Crown Point has won the last two 6A Sectional 1 titles. 'DT world' and reality are two different places. I'm aware of that. You are 'driven' now . ..and a media member. Impressive. But here on planet earth, winning back-to-back big school sectionals is good.
  5. But putting aside opinion for fact: CP has won their big school sectional 2 years in a row... You can be 'disappointed' in winning sectionals if you want.....but I think you are on your own there.
  6. Crown Point is the two-time defending Class 6A Sectional 1 champion Crown Point is the two-time defending Class 6A Sectional 1 champion.. Crown Point is the two-time defending Class 6A Sectional 1 champion.
  7. oldunclemark

    Hammond Bishop Noll

    I think they had lost 33 games in a row...
  8. oldunclemark

    Lowell vs East Central!

    That was big one..EC would have been happy with 3..Lowell gave them a shot at 7.. ..and Maxwell made a great throw..If that ball is underthrown...Wildman (#24) intercepts it To be fair..the power running with Jusevitch got them to Indy..Down 14-7, they had completed 3 in a row...nice passes....but the EC safety read the 4th one and that was it... EC tackled very well and, you're right..the 2 interceptions were the difference EC will start next year No. 1...and they should
  9. oldunclemark

    Lowell vs East Central!

    NO FF, that's not really true. Reitz led 20-3 at the half of the 2009 Class 4A game... The final score was 23-9..Reitz gained about 350 yards and had no turnovers. I'd like to think Lowell was the better team....but that day, they just were not
  10. oldunclemark

    Lowell vs East Central!

    One of the wonderful things about the state of Indiana is how 'long' it is....from north to south Folks in southern Indiana can live their entire lives and never have a reason to get anywhere near Lowell or Lake County. And the reverse is certainly true. Its two different worlds. Lowell folks dont know anything about St. Leon or East Central. I know I dont But the last two times Lowell went to the finals, they were beaten somewhat decisively by Evansville Reitz.... Lowell wont be surprised if the southern Indiana representative plays well.
  11. oldunclemark

    Semi State Games in 1A 2 A

    Can somebody explain the almighty Eastern Greene Thunderbirds? Caleb Hamilton? Holding Lutheran to 8 points> Mr. Pride is being gentle here by calling eastern Greene County 'rural' I think then phrase "unincorporated area' was invented there. Seriously. They were 0-10 more than once in the last decade. What has happened...
  12. oldunclemark


    They've held three Top-10 teams to a combined 34 points
  13. Dwenger has the horses..Saint..they are still young ponies.....Most of the roster returns led by the left tackle, the placekicker and the QB? Cant believe the rain held off until right at the end of the game...
  14. That left tackle has a visit to Notre Dame Saturday...just a junior