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  1. valleySTRENGTH

    Bedford North Lawrence

    Having been someone that has competed against Coach Weber at Linton and, more recently, Oolitic in JH, this is good to hear. There would always be kids sprinkled through the OMS program that were really good. Im sure once you put them all together they are very talented. Congrats to Coach Weber and the Stars!
  2. valleySTRENGTH

    Middle School Football Consolidation

    Yes the past two seasons you could at least see a resemblance of the offense that Coach Weber runs at BNL. Just curious, what was the structure of OMS football? Did they practice each day? Someone mentioned one time that they didnt have a great place to practice/it was hard to get kids there after school/etc. Just curious. They always looked pretty good getting off the bus I know that!
  3. valleySTRENGTH

    Middle School Football Consolidation

    But no reasoning/explanation? We came up there two years ago and there were big/athletic looking kids all up and down the sideline. We played one game and 2 quick qtrs and that was it. Made no sense to me.
  4. valleySTRENGTH

    Middle School Football Consolidation

    I have coached against Oolitic for the past 5 years. There have been years where they could not field one team and then years where there were literally 30+ kids on their sideline but they only wanted to play one game?? It has always seemed rather odd to me. What do you guys mean when you say that Coach Weber is just now getting his hands on the program?? Was he really not allowed to be involved with the middle schools at all before this consolidation? Alot of unknowns from an outsider.
  5. valleySTRENGTH

    Bro Culture Gets out of Hand

    Anyone else notice the instance in the National Championship game where the "greatest college coach of all time" has a player (#48) punch a Georgia player in the facemask (genius), then go after an assistant coach on the Alabama sideline that is reprimanding him for being an *Deleted*, has to be restrained by teammates/coaches, but yet goes down and makes the tackle on the next kickoff. Boy the "greatest college coach of all time" really showed him. Not to mention the more this "bro culture" gets blasted on youtube, social media, or ESPN/tv networks, it isnt going away. Maybe they should get some of the blame.
  6. Great game and great atmosphere! A little confused as to why NC #2 didn't carry it more in the 2nd half. I also thought Hamilton was a different player in the 2nd half. Made some huge runs. Most of us know that EG is a VERY good team. However, NC has a very good team as well. Very fun to watch them play.
  7. I saw Shenendoah on film against Milan just a few weeks ago. they had a couple good looking RB's and their QB had a CANNON! he made some throws in that game that were amazing. a couple of them were bombs. I know nothing about Ritter other than, they are RITTER! good luck to both teams!
  8. valleySTRENGTH

    Linton-Stockton @ West Washington

    OK, having coached against BOTH teams this year and seen both teams on films twice I really think WW has a great shot in this one, opposed to many of the teams Linont has faced this year. In many weeks Linton has gone into a game and just been much better in many positions than their opponent. I dont see it that way this week. QB- Gotta give the nod to AK, but Maudlin has REALLY surprised me this season. for a sophomore he has done exactly what the coaches need him to do, manage the game! RB- Kaiser is a stud and I do think he will be the best overall RB on the field but WW RB's are no slouches. Keller, Dunn, and Thompson will all get carries and they can tote it! Maudlin has done a nice job as well. WR- I'm giving this nod to WW. Now before the Miner faithful gets all upset, the miner skill players are very good. However, I dont see any of them with Brackney's size and ability. Nor do I see one with Thompson's size and ability combined. Staam and Bradbury are very good and Rupska does give that corps some size but I just see the Senators having more size and ability. OL- I honestly think this is a push. If not Linton may get a SLIGHT edge but WW will tell you that their line is their strength this season. They are both VERY GOOD o-lines. DL- Same as above, at our level this is often some of the same kids. LB- Sorry but again, I think this is a push. Rupska is definitely the prototype LInton linebacker (alas Nate Austin and Matt Gamble) Keller is a heck of a MLB for the Senators though! DB- I'm giving this edge to the Senators with Thompson being back there. His size AND ability together makes the back end pretty strong for the Senators. All that being said, I am hoping for a great game! Cant wait!
  9. valleySTRENGTH

    Week 5 Southwest 7

    Hector is Damian's brother.
  10. valleySTRENGTH

    What Is "a Great Coach"

    Great question, great topic, and terrific posts. However, I struggle with this because as much as we want to believe and (many) parents want to say, a great coach is a coach that WINS, WINS, and WINS. In my opinion HS (and even lower) sports are in a VERY sad state right now. I have been a paid, full time coach for almost 10 years now. In that 10 years I have seen some men work DILIGENTLY to mold better men, husbands, and fathers. However, these very men, as coaches, could not juggle the task of winning games and upholding character, discipline, and values. Therefore, they were fired/asked to resign. It troubles me. It is our job as coaches to build these boys into men that will honor their communities, their families, their future wives, and the children that they may parent someday. I have said time and time again, "pictures on the wall"/championships DO NOT make better husbands or fathers. The wins are fun and the championships would be nice but they dont last forever. I commend coaches like Scott Helms and the coaches that have been mentioned by name above. There are a select few coaches (in my experience) that can instill lifelong skills/traits AND win football games/athletic events. God bless those men and they work they do. Thankfully they are also able to win games as (too many times) its all about winning. Again, thanks for starting a thread to share things like this.
  11. WOW! Coach Helms is a top-notch coach and individual. Congratulations to coach, his players, his staff, and ND high school!
  12. valleySTRENGTH

    Best Uniforms?

    i would second Ripon jerseys! We have 3 different Ripon jerseys right now and they have all held up wonderfully! the first set we got had a few numbers peel at the end of the season (6-7 jerseys) and ripon asked for every jersey back and reprinted new numbers on every jersey. great product and the customer service has been awesome. they have a great website where you can build your own uniform.
  13. valleySTRENGTH

    Southwest 7 Week 6

    I am not going to make any predictions but I am very anxious/interested in the Linton/ND game. I have not seen ND on film yet this year but I know Coach Helms and his staff will have the kids prepared and they wont have to do much in the way of motivating. As for Linton, I will say they are a VERY good football team. Now having said that, I really hope those kids put in the work and dont listen to people on the digest, in paper, on the radio etc telling them how good they are. I am interested to see how the season and the tournament plays out for them. Very good football team with a TON of weapons. Good luck to all.
  14. valleySTRENGTH

    2011 Southwest 7 Conference

    Miner Pride, sorry to hear about whats going on. To be honest, I am kind of glad to hear that things like that are happening somewhere other than Valley! We dont have the fall baseball problem but it seems like there is always some "team" that is put together and playing in 75 "shootouts" all spring/summer. Not 75 but you know what I mean. I know many have their opinion but I really think the IHSAA needs to step in and put some constraints on things. Hope everyone is handling the heat and getting good work in!