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  1. Did Brett Law ever make it on the cover of Sports Illustrated?
  2. If you want to rely on the emotion of statistical outliers then by all means do so. But do you have any long term statistical data across a wide range of 0-8 or 0-9 teams and their performance, or lack thereof, in the IHSAA football tournament?
  3. Muda69

    2018 Hoosiers

    But I thought a frequent cry here on the GID is that consistently "Jimmys and Joes beat X's and O's"?
  4. With the 2018 IHSAA football tournament beginning this Friday let's look at the games that under a true competitive system, where regular season performance actually means something, should never even be played: Greenfield-Central [0-9] at Anderson [2-7] East Chicago Central [5-4] at Hammond [0-8] South Bend Clay [0-8] at South Bend Riley [5-4] Yorktown [4-5] at Frankfort [0-9] Richmond [1-8] at Connersville [0-9] Northview [9-0] at Owen Valley [0-9] Andrean [8-1] at Benton Central [0-9] Tippecanoe Valley [5-4] at Peru [0-9] Mishawaka Marian [5-4] at Fairfield [0-8] Garrett [2-7] at Bellmont [0-9] Lake Station [0-8] at Winner of Game 1 Elwood [0-9] at Alexandria [3-6] Cascade [4-5] at Park Tudor [0-8] Mitchell [5-4] at Clarksville [0-9] Winamac [4-5] at Caston [0-9] South Newton [0-9] at Pioneer [9-0] Edinburgh [0-8] at Cambridge City Lincoln [0-9] (Ughh. Really?) Teams that haven't even won a game hosting a tournament game? Teams that haven't even won a game receiving a first round bye?
  5. No, not really. I also don't recall hundreds of fans lining up to get Mr. Reese's autograph after a high school football game. Did that happen frequently to young Mr. Smith has it did with young Mr. Langford?
  6. Sorry, but I don't live in the Fort Wayne area.
  7. Never heard of the young man. Sorry.
  8. It more than just attendance. Name a recent Indiana high school football player that had the same amount of scrutiny, media attention, fan adoration, etc. during his high school career and college recruitment process than New Albany's, and now IU's, Romeo Langford had.
  9. Muda69

    Penn's new Athletic Center

    Who paid for this extravagance?
  10. Agreed. The slowly dying rust belt communities must decide how to wisely spend their meager athletic resources. And contrary to most of the belief here on the GID, high school basketball is still king.
  11. Muda69

    New Pal 84 Delta 13

    What is the story behind this transfer? Things that make you go hmmmmmm....
  12. Total points scored by Frankfort during the entire 9 game regular season?: 47 Points allowed?: 460, with 50 of those being hung on them by an previously 0-8 Crawfordsville squad. And 1-2 of those points scored were interceptions for touchdowns. Lack of size, talent, concentration, etc. all show that Frankfort has no business fielding a '4A' football program. Will the current FHS AD recommend contraction? He should, but he is a stubborn old cuss so I doubt he will. Besides they have a nice, new, big scoreboard at the football field that probably still needs to be paid for. Agreed, focus more on the burgeoning success of the FHS soccer program (two consecutive sectional championships). Move varsity soccer contests to the FHS football field and away from the small dump where they play soccer now.
  13. Why not? Why the secrecy? Sorry that you choose to remain ignorant.
  14. I remember those fall Friday nights while in high school, playing tackle football for the government high school I attended. Fun yes, but not the "Glory Days" moments you and many here on the GID make them out to be. I had just as much fun playing pickup games on the practice field after the season was over. Something like that.
  15. Read some of the other threads concerning contraction and the efficient distribution of government school athletic department resources. No, no 1st Amendment violation occurred, since the GID is a private and not a government entity. However an unannounced act of editing and censorship by a GID admin did occur.