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  1. I thought Pioneer's decision to play at Logansport's field had more to do with the lack of seating capacity and media accommodations at their home venue that it did with the state of the field. Unfortunately with more and more schools going to the extravagance of field turf this is becoming the mind set. They really do seem to be afraid of muddy uniforms and possible footing issues. All part of the game.
  2. Weather and the potential for "sloppy fields" should be part of the game.
  3. Well I was getting kind of tired of people dodging it.
  4. Frankly the term "city speed" sounds vaguely racist.
  5. I never said Latinos can't play American tackle football, just that most currently choose not to. There is a difference. Ok, what exactly is "football speed"? Do "city teams" somehow takes more offensive snaps during the game than a "non city" team? Is this what makes them faster?
  6. That it doesn't make any sense. If you have a player from the "city" and a player from the "country" (for lack of a better term) that both run the 40-yard dash in the same X seconds that somehow this "city speed" still makes the player from the "city" faster?
  7. No, only things about as substantive as "Luers-speed", aka "city speed". You appear to be inferring that "city" athletes are generally superior to their non-city counterparts.
  8. So people in the city are faster than people that are not in the city? How does that work?
  9. Says an LCC Alumni whose school slummed for years in the Hoosier Heartland Conference, racking up lopsided win after lopsided win again powerhouse programs like Carroll, Clinton Central, Clinton Prairie (96-0, never forget), and Tri-Central.
  10. What exactly is "Luers-speed"? Is that like "City Speed"?
  11. Muda69

    2018 Hoosiers

    Must be the water.
  12. Muda69

    All teams not D1 in Indiana

    A great story. Thanks for sharing it.
  13. I experienced it plenty when young Mr. Colby's father coached at Frankfort. The run-pass option was born in high school and took over college. Now it’s the NFL’s favorite play: https://www.chicagotribune.com/sports/football/ct-spt-nfl-run-pass-option-20180818-story.html
  14. Seems awfully complicated for a game being played by children. What is wrong with "three yards and a cloud of dust"?
  15. What exactly is a "1A style offense"? The Wing T and all it's various wrinkles/variants?
  16. So all the students that did transfer to a government school played football?
  17. But then people have to have the assumption that a higher class of population in a school automatically means a higher, more competitive class of football program, something we all here on the GID know as false. This is the fallacy of the primarily enrollment based classification system, that "6A" or "5A" means a higher level of play. Could 1A 12-0 Pioneer or a 2A 12-0 Western Boone compete against 5A 1-9 Evansville North, or 5A 0-10 Greenfield-Central?
  18. Muda69

    IS PJ Fleck a Fraud?

    Agreed. Those uniforms were hideous. As for Mr. Fleck, a professionally dressed head coach on the sidelines during a game is a plus to the program, as I have always maintained.
  19. Hmm, so you have never stated something to the effect of "if a charter, private, or parochial school wants to accept educational vouchers they need to adhere to the exact same admission policies, behavior guidelines, etc. as the government schools currently operating via taxpayer dollars."?
  20. I'm not. You are just confused. What are your caveats should a parent decide to use taxpayer money, via a voucher, to apply to a charter, private, or parochial school?
  21. That seems to be your logic, championing the de-facto monopoly the government schools currently hold on K-12 education. Allowing parents viable choices in where their taxpayer money goes towards educating their child is chipping away at that monopoly. Are you going to actually answer these questions? After all you have the superior mind when it comes to matter of education.: