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  1. Yogi

    HNAC Week 5

    I thought Winamac would be better than their showing tonight! They looked awful! The Jays played well, but Winamac looked like they didn’t even want to be out there. You would think they would have been fired up a little for their homecoming! I know their schedule eases up a bit, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they lose one or two of their remaining games, if they come out as flat as they did tonight!
  2. Yogi

    HNAC Week 5

    Very well said Coach H. Thanks for your input!
  3. Yogi

    HNAC Week 3

    What if we made an all star team out of all of the HNAC teams except Pioneer. Do you think the all star team would stand a chance vs Pioneer's team?
  4. Yogi

    HNAC Week 1

    Sounds to me like Wild Hogs is just trying to stir the pot and get people all worked up. I agree 100% with Kamikaze! Let's see what the Jays can do on the field before we make such outrageous predictions.
  5. Since when would Knox be considered a BASKETBALL PROGRAM? I believe they have only won three sectionals since 1973! If this is the case, then the bluejays must be a basketball powerhouse. lol
  6. Yogi

    HNAC Week 6

    Prayers go out to the Triton Football team and the community tonight. Thanks goes out to the Pioneer Panthers for playing the game on a Thursday night! I wish both teams the best of luck! God Bless!
  7. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Triton Community from the Bluejays!
  8. Yogi

    HNAC Week 4

    Yes, Chuckie Wilcox ran another kickoff back. That is 3 kickoff returns in the last two weeks!
  9. Yogi

    HNAC 2017

    Who is everybody scrimmaging tomorrow? North Judson is at Wheeler.
  10. Yogi

    HNAC 2017

    Any word on any assistants coach white is bringing onto his staff? His staff is very young and inexperienced. It is just him and his two boys. With all the success the jays have had over the years, there has to be some old time players that could help out.
  11. Yogi

    HNAC 2017

    Heard Judson lost their defensive coordinator to a Lafayette area school. Can anyone confirm this?
  12. Yogi

    HNAC Week #5 Picks

    If Winamac is a high quality team, then why wouldn't Rensselaer be one? I think that Winamac and Rensselaer would be a good game.
  13. Yogi

    HNAC Week #5 Picks

    There has been a lot of talk on here about North Judson and how they haven't beaten a quality opponent yet this year. I would think that Rensselaer fans would think differently about this. I am wondering who are the quality teams that LaVille has beaten this year?
  14. NJ 48 WC 19 11:46 left in 4th
  15. NJ 41. WC. 19. 2:55 left in 3rd
  16. NJ 33. WC. 19. 5:42 left in 3rd
  17. NJ 27. WC 19 10:00 left in 3rd
  18. NJ 27 WC 13. 10:20 left in 3rd
  19. Nj 21. West central 7 4:30 left in 2nd
  20. End of one. North Judson 14. West central 0
  21. Yogi

    Bluejay Football Fans

    Anyone have any thoughts on this weeks game vs Winamac? How is the health of the Jays? Is Schultz ok?
  22. Yogi

    Bluejay Football Fans

    Were they able to get the NJPS/Knox JV game in? Wasn't sure because of the weather. If so, what was the outcome?
  23. Yogi

    Bluejay Football Fans

    What's the word in bluejay country? Any thoughts on the Redskins?