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  1. dawgieinthepound

    EIAC Week #7

    This is true?
  2. dawgieinthepound

    Thinking about TA

    YUP. The whole crew. A fun day with extra cheese (TW and the 'za).
  3. dawgieinthepound

    DAWGs Half Dozen

    Weren't you member #1 of The Toolshed bro?
  4. dawgieinthepound

    DAWGs Half Dozen

    Would be interesting. Ultimately determined by end result if you ask me.
  5. dawgieinthepound

    DAWGs Half Dozen

    Have a new vested interest in the Milan program so I wish them nothing but the best. A competitive schedule improves everyone. Still got my number? I figured you would be on Roncalli sidelines. Slide in my DM's if you want to catch a game sometime.
  6. dawgieinthepound

    DAWGs Half Dozen

    1.) As I enter into another year of time spent mostly away from TGD and high school football in general. The last few weeks of activity to the forum has almost in short, rejuvenated a passion that was slightly… lost. I was thinking about this. How did this happen? Is this from the new generation of the forum not having an appeal? Is this due to moving away from a program you were apart of that’s altered? I challenged myself to find which one is the correct answer. Coming around here and recognizing hardly anyone who posts it is difficult to have an appreciation for their work and time they put into their thoughts and harder to enjoy the arguments and the laughs that presented themselves. Ahhh, indeed they were the glory days. Just sitting back, trying to recapture. I chose to go the Carmel / North Central game last week. The result was about expected and I did not really have a preference in the result. Friday nights never get old. Let’s go home to Batesville which has not truly been my home in about 8 years. I don’t know this coach. I don’t know this system. I don’t know these players. I don’t really even know this program. This was the same as the Carmel game with more of a small town feel and a few close friends. Then it hit me. The answer is easy. Simply put… both are correct. I was a lost DAWG… Until. 2.) Last week I loaded up TGD and saw it. “DT’s Week 5 Upset Special – North Central over CG.” I saw the score and said humbly, “it’s nice to see DT back.” Not that I had a say in allowing this ;)... I will give credit where credit is deserved. DT really brings out the best in conversation and I personally cannot wait to see the reaction to his first DD in about 10 years. I would generally hope time heals all wounds and egos – perhaps to see 12 of his thoughts from the years away compared to the “current events” of IHSFB. Who’s coming next? That hack Jim Rome? 3.) I also want to personally give a thank you to the 2007 Gridiron Digest Most Valuable Poster, THE TW… and Coach Nowlin who appeared to have kept the spirit of the forum alive. This is not a “quick filler” as much as highlighting a well deserved number for you both. My appreciation is there. REAL recognize REAL. BTW – One could assume the lady judge from the GGG/Canelo fight was also the person who tallied up the 2007 “MVP” votes. It all makes perfect sense. 4.) Recently stumbled across a video of a post game speech by Ben Davis head coach Mike Kirschner after the Warren Central game with a message I would describe as extremely powerful. As an adult now – I hope these kids were and are able to take this message and use this to take the right paths in life. Really important to note here this is all putting the kids first. For anyone curious here is a link to the full post game speech 5.) From one powerful message to another. I couldn’t help but have to take a step back recently and think about a Cleveland Indians baseball team who won 22 straight Major League Baseball games. My thought process as an Indians fan in short is “this is meaningless unless they win the World Series.” While I do believe that to an extent, I cannot help but take a breath and understand no matter what happens… it was history. 6.) This thought process takes me back a few years. If I recall correctly it was after the 2004 season where Heritage Hills lost to Andrean in the State Championship. My good buddy HHPatriot04 made a post about celebrating the accomplishment that was a terrific season and something I would hope those guys involved are proud of. An old Chatard jabroni champ7 chimed in with his personal belief. “Life is determined by the amount of state championships you have.” I'm not sure he physically was apart of any. In most cases I would go for 12 but I’m choosing to hold onto some ammo for next time while also not wanting to get too off topic. I realize Coach Nowlin might get a little too jelly of the DAWG and relegate this thread to his own personal playground, the Out Of Bounds forum, or as I like to remember. The Gridiron Nation. I am extremely proud to have created this alongside TA and am even more delighted to have given Muda a place he finally feels comfortable enough to come out – with his political views. Until next time which I hope to be soon - Always and forever – your favorite posters favorite poster. -DAWG
  7. Is that why you twisted his ankle?
  8. dawgieinthepound

    Odell Beckham Jr. deserves suspension, huge fine

    It's 50/50... we criticize the refs for being to flag happy and then we criticize them for when we don't make the calls? While I agree it should've been a "no more" situation after the first scuffle I'm sure the group of refs logic was we'll call the game how it should be called any extra curricular stuff can be handled by the league. I don't blame the refs for anything other than letting it happen consistently.
  9. dawgieinthepound

    SD Part Deaux

    Classic. Think SD would have a real shot at the EIAC crown this year if he kept that sucker alive and brought it in a bag to all of the games via Jake "The Snake" Roberts.
  10. dawgieinthepound

    DAWG's Dandy Dozen

    Warrior I was extremely glad to hear the lantern landed 50 yards short. Cheese melts easily. I'll check the schedule. Carmel or CG?
  11. dawgieinthepound

    DAWG's Dandy Dozen

    Glad to see DanteEstonia is still hatin'. Yo Dante, how far is the sun away from Earth? Multiply by 2... that's how far out of your league DAWG is. I didn't even bring up the Luck inconsistency. The fact of the matter is the Colts stats are skewed strictly because of the division games that they play. The good teams in the big type games will always win because they have the most consistency offensively and defensively. DAWG doesn't donate to Gender Identification Disorder Mud.. nothing personal. Beliefs are beliefs. Yeah I've heard the name. I'll look into it, thanks for the recommendation. PM me the update boss. Good luck to SBSJ this year, Coach.
  12. 1.) I logged on to TGD this afternoon and to my extreme surprise there were 15-20 personal messages. Subjects included “where is the DAWG” “DAWG alive?”“DAWG is the best” and my personal favorite from K99’s girlfriend who took time out of her juice pressing shift to send me her Snapchat ID. I figured I would take a moment to personally respond to the thousands…. and thousands, of the DAWG’s fans the only way I know how. Just like this: 2.) You know, summers on TGD have always been my favorite as its mostly a time for off topic banter back and forth between bros the way you see it happen at All You Can Eat Night at Hooters on Wednesday nights. I don’t really see any personalities taking over and putting some great content out there. Clearly – DAWG steps up to the plate in terms of content. Where are the personalities at? Where is the high quality entertainment? I’m done reading about how Little Jimmy Smith threw for 500 yards in 3 games at the 1A Southwestern Indiana 7on7 showdown. 3.) Gotta admit. As a born and raised fan of all things Cleveland, I was left pretty heartbroken over the result of the NBA Finals. The Indians are playing like TW’s smallest kids tee-ball team scoring about 2 runs a day. At least that’s what I’ve heard from the scouts in the south side. Then, there are the Browns. I’ll stop there. 4.) Speaking of TWarrior. When is the family tree getting ready to roll through the non air conditioned halls of Roncalli? Gonna try and get the 4straight State Championship odds on Sportsbook. #FREEMONEYALERT Also speaking of TWarrior… For the love of god people be safe with your fireworks. The last thing I want to read on the news is a 4th of July fire that forces TW to put away his large Papa Johns pizza with extra cheese, take the fifteen minutes to get off the couch that was purchased with my taxpayer dollars, take the next fifteen minutes to get on his fire gear only to realize the rival station across town already had it covered. Respect the man, people. After all, he was a one time Griddy Award Winning Poster of The Year.** (See Below). ** - Tim Adams felt it was unfair I win ALL the awards. Since DAWG is TW’S favorite poster. DAWG is the real MVP. 5.) Speaking of state championships. DAWG was recently browsing on LinkedIn and I came across my boy champ7 who just was promoted to “Head of Custodial Arts” at Chatard High School. I was going to like his post but I figured I’d congratulate him publicly in words. We know Champ, life isn’t determined by what you accomplish or the lives you touch, it’s strictly by the amount of state titles you have to your name. Keep doin’ work, son. Knowing champ doesn’t check the board anymore – if any of you fine Chatard people can pass along the message. I sure would appreciate it. 6.) Where has the love been for AROD on ESPN? For a network that thrives on bigger markets and then also celebrates bigger market names such as Tebow, Manziel, LeBron, Kobe… you figured ARod would be right there with them. Wait. Did I say celebrates? What a joke we aren’t seeing the praise AROD should be getting with the season he is having. Records on records on records/blessings on blessings on blessings……Way up. 7.) Back to Tebow. Currently about halfway through “Through My Eyes.” It’s a little too much religious belief and values but you can’t have Tebow without it, which unless you are Mud... you have to respect. So far, I recommend it. Lots of football stories which leads me to ask. What are some other books I should pick up? This year I’ve also enjoyed going through American Sniper and Seal Team 6. Open to ideas. BTW - No 50 shades type garbage… you all are tied up in enough excitement reading this post. Boom. Sup Line Momma? 8.) Can’t believe the Colts are AFC favorites. What improvements have they made on the defensive side of the ball that actually WIN the bigger games. There are a few offensive upgrades but if you’re looking at overall success. The Patriots will find a way to figure them out. The biggest and the most overblown (no pun intended) joke in football has been "deflate gate.” Yo Jim Irsay, Colts would’ve been blown out 10/10 times. It’s not hard to believe he’s in denial and as a paying tax-member of the Carmel community I'm sure there are some police officers who agree with me. Great job CCPD... Except for that time one of your lackeys pulled me over for going 47 in a 40 on Meridian at 8:00am on a Saturday. 9.) Thinking back to it. The last Dozen brought out some trolls. After what I assume won post of the year, Coach Junction Boy tried hijacking MY thread as well as create a topic of his own with MY name on it. I guess that’s a way to boost ratings though, are you listening NBC? You can trust me when I say CJB won’t be “cooking up” the same garbage again. Back to the complete joke that is NBC. I’m D-O-N-E with them. First they bring back Heroes but don’t return the important characters of the original cast “umm, maybe we shouldn’t have cancelled this?” and then they kick Hannibal to the curb? The best show on TV, IMO. Well, it was. 10.) Alright. I’m going to step out of my normal boundary here. I think it’s time. I’ll say it once... #FreeDrivenT 11.) What’s up with the donation drive? I’m seeing “2014 Donation Drive.” Am I losing it? DAWG is always a firm believer in donations. For as many dollars I’m sure Mud will be donating to the Clinton campaign I’m hoping he can spare some extra ched to keep the board alive and well. 12.) I truly will try to post more, for your entertainment, and my own. As Gronk once pointed to his biceps and said… “These are not deflating, these are only inflating.” I’ll say the same thing soon about my post count. God bless.
  13. dawgieinthepound

    Carmel HC

    Don't believe. It's a pretty local hire. Surprising for Carmel.
  14. dawgieinthepound

    Lawrenceburg --Field Turf

    Would like to see some pictures of the progress along the way if any of you fine Lawrenceburg folk can take a break from spinning the slots to snap a few.
  15. dawgieinthepound

    SD Part Deaux

    Locked TopicGATE, Who Really is STCGATE, STC at Boggie Nights videoGATE, Lawrenceburg play by play announcer.... announcerGATE.... list could go on. The potential!