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  1. Greene County Coach

    Eastern Greene @ Linton-Stockton

    Earlier this year.. North Central probably gives us a run for our money. After watching tape of NC and our progression as a team, I think we would win. Doesn't really matter... we have zero chance of playing them. They simply are too one dimensional. Sullivan's spread attack and ability to pass... exposed us. Teams that line up and run 90%+ of the time... don't usually have a lot of success. Next week's game vs. Eastern could give us an idea. We handled them fairly easy... granted they were without their QB, but frankly... Campbell reminded me a little of Hamilton. I figured he would be their guy at QB from the get go. As for the Sullivan/Linton game, we are no where close to the same team. Sure... our record might have been the same if we were playing like we did early on... but a couple of those games would have had a completely different score.
  2. Greene County Coach

    Bedford North Lawrence

    Congrats to Coach Weber. He is a great coach... I know I learned a great deal from Steve and the other great coaches associated with Linton football. He also has a habdful of former Linton guys helping to implement his system. I know he has expressed to me how important combining the MS teams were to the program's success. Glad to see he has his team... and coaches willing to teach his system. Looking forward to a chance to play Bedford's combined MS team. Linton's 8th grade is 7-1 with the one loss to a very fast and talented Terre Haute North team. The team that we both played were similar wins. We beat Batchelor 36-0 with mostly subs in the 4th quarter.. I know you beat them 40 something to 20 something. Our 7th grade on the other hand... is sort of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. They can dominate quarters and then completely fall apart for quarters. Hopefully, we put together 4 good quarters against what sounds like a solid 7th grade BNL team.
  3. Linton Miners have separate 7th and 8th grade teams. We try not to schedule any teams that have only one MS team. We play a 10 game season (although one team only plays us 6 quarters... an "A" game followed by 2 quarters for the "B"). Youth League... 5-7 years old- Flag Football 8 years old-4th grade- Tackle 5th and 6th Grade- Tackle Our tackle youth teams play on 3-4 separate teams... playing time and fundamentals are stressed during league play. We occasionally play teams from other schools during league play. This can lead to some lopsided losses. At the end of the year, we have 4th grade and 6th grade all-star teams that will play one or two tournaments. They practice together for a week or so, then play. Rarely a 6th grader is capable of contributing to a 7th grade team. 7th to 8th is probably the biggest physical jump... but 6th to 7th is probably the biggest mental jump in our system.
  4. Greene County Coach

    Linton-Stockton @ North Daviess

    Not sure on JV.. I think they lost a close one at Sullivan. Won a close one at Monrovia. I think the rest were blowout wins. 8th grade had their 1st loss in MS football last Thursday to Terre Haute North. THN had a lot of speed and a really good running back/linebacker that gave the Miners fits. The 8th graders committed a couple uncharacteristic turnovers (Gave up a fumble return for a score... Threw an interception on the goal line looking to score... later snapped the ball over the QB's head for a safety) and even gave up special teams score. Should have went down to the wire. They lost 30-16. They had a lot of mistakes, but they rose to the level of their competition as the game went on... after all that is why you schedule a team that feeds into a 5A school. They are currently 5-1 on the season... 14-1 over the last two seasons. There is talent, depth, and a lot of swagger about them. Combined with the Freshman class... maybe the best MS classes we have had back to back. It will be interesting to see if they live up to the high expectations over the next few years. 7th grade is struggling to maintain 4 quarters of good football. They are 1-5 on the season. One of the losses happened due to a rash of injuries and the suspension of our starting QB. The other games were against quality competition. During each loss the Miners had opportunities to win the game, but mental errors have really hurt them. Some nice pieces when you put them with the classes before and after them. Once they begin playing as a unit... and cut down their mental errors... they will be hard to handle. In all but one of their losses, they have out gained their opponent, so there is potential to turn things around. The lower grades look strong... hard to know for sure... but they are in a good place for now.
  5. Greene County Coach

    Linton at Ritter

    Ritter's QB is not quite the same duel threat that we've seen with Sullivan and 2017 Ritter. He is still a solid QB, but he doesn't seem to be as interested in running. I think the Miners learned some tough lessons against Sullivan. Dyer moved to CB last week, which helps with speed and overall athletic ability. Will the Miners make other adjustments from the usual defensive fronts/formations, or will they try to create pressure? I'm not sure we have found that versatile OLB that can play the pass as well as the run. Two years ago, we had a OLB who could slide in between a more traditional OLB/run defender and a pseudo DB. It gave the defense a lot of versatility and made them able to disguise things better. Does the Miners bring in another DB? Is there a kid that versatile? It will be interesting to see how the staff will address some of those issues. Offensively, I hope the Miners have moved on from their multitude of mistakes from the first 3 games. Part of that was quality of competition... Part of it was a lack of focus/effort. They looked better last week, but Ritter should be solid up front. The backfield ran the ball well... Goodman has a good arm, but it will interesting to see how much they ask of him in his 3rd start at QB. Hopefully, this will be a week the Miners build off of last week's successes. As long as they are competing at a high level for 4 quarters, they will continue to improve. Regardless of the score. And... always respect for the old Dugger teams. They always played their guts out. I'm proud to call some of those Dugger folks... Miners.
  6. Greene County Coach

    Wood Memorial

    Jasonville had football up until a few years before they consolidated into Shakamak in the mid 1960's. Problem is those former players are at best grandpas... maybe great grandpas. Those football guys have been out of school for close to 60 years. Shakamak has been a baseball school for the better part of the last 40 years. Is there talent walking the halls... probably... but the current league isn't the people to get it together. Jasonville Community football was going strong about 15 years ago when some of the area schools were fielding 2nd-8th grade teams. It died out about 10 years ago. Some of those boys later played at North Central and Dugger. The current Jasonville Community league is ran by a nice guy, who isn't capable of creating the buzz necessary to push football. Shakamak school board turned him down, but word was the presentation was unimpressive. Every level of football is about the same... disorganized is the nice way to put it. I give it a year or two before parents and kids get sick of the whole thing. Could a real football guy with legit football coaching and a big personality get a little movement... maybe... but it would be a big maybe. It would require a high level of participation and a few wins.
  7. Greene County Coach

    Coach Steve Weber

    A+ guy who is a great coach... I'm proud to say I had an opportunity to learn from him while he was at Linton. Also a congrats to Coach Hayden... my guess is he has been with Steve on most of those 150 wins... if not all of those wins.
  8. No on the WIC! I can see its benefits for other sports, but those are sports with 20 games in a season. They have plenty of room to schedule some tougher teams. For football it handcuffs us. We would once again be a prisoner to the ups and downs of a conference. Not to mention... we could very well be in the division with Northview and Sullivan... that would put the 3 best teams in the conference against each other. If we were in the opposite division... now we have the opposite problem... weaker competition. I think a lazy AD would love it... the schedule makes itself. Luckily, we have an AD that encourages coaches to seek out the best competition... then he works to make those tougher games reality.
  9. I don't think Linton will stay in 2A on enrollment. The 8th grade class is closer to 100 than 115. There will likely be a 10 student swing upward between the seniors leaving and the 8th graders joining the HS next year. My guess is we lost a few in the freshman class as well. Not sure about the sophomores and juniors. If I was a betting man, I would say Linton comes in at around 385. It will be close, but Pioneer is likely to do a 2 year stint in 2A, so that could help. I would be a little shocked if we were over 400 students.
  10. Linton took it on the chin for two weeks... to two good teams. The issue is how they lost those games. I think Southridge is in the mix for another title run with their young QB... assuming their RB can make a full recovery. Sullivan is also a very good team. It is too bad all roads lead through Gibson Southern and Co. Maybe they will break through this year. As for schedules, we asked for this. Hollow undefeated seasons allowed some really talented teams get beat when they finally met adversity. That won't be a problem. I will say the one thing that sets 2A apart from 1A. Depth of older kids. Linton has big talented classes from 8-11, but only a few seniors. Unless those seniors are grizzled veterans... it will take some time for the team to develop. This week will be big for the Miners... another good team... how will they rise to the challenge.
  11. Greene County Coach

    Way too close to home

    It's always the Presidents fault... Obama should have done more... Trump should do more. Fact is things are messed up at foundational level. Too many parents asleep at the wheel.
  12. Greene County Coach

    Nk coaching staff...

    Jeff was an A+ guy... We had some great times playing cards and talking football and life while at Indiana State. One of the few people besides my mom who could call me by my full first name. North Knox lost a great guy.
  13. Greene County Coach

    1A Sectional 57

    I don't see how Bloomfield doesn't walk away with this one.... Then again the Gilbert kid went 14-16 the other night and scored 39 points... Stranger things have happened, but Shakamak is a long shot.
  14. Greene County Coach

    North Davies...

    This person didn't say specifically, but I'd heard earlier that there was a candidate from the Huntington/Fort Wayne area... not sure if it was the same guy.... and I didn't hear a specific name.
  15. Greene County Coach

    North Davies...

    Just heard last night they had a hire... somebody from Northern Indiana. Not sure when they are announcing. I would assume there is some opening if a guy is coming from that far away.