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  1. Smoke

    Vincennes Lincoln

    I would tend to agree. He will have his hands full with the AD and the basketball coaching but he would be the logical choice in my opinion.
  2. Smoke

    Bryan Hughes

    Wow...I didnt see this one coming. I tend to agree with Ltown. We shall see...
  3. Smoke

    Bryan Hughes

    I can't imagine this was a planned retirement. If it had been, I would have expected Mark Rorher to make a run at it rather than the Southridge job. As far as who replaces him, my vote would go to Dean Scott. Coach Scott has 15 years of experience as Hughes' #1 assistant, the system is already in place, and this year's team is loaded for another state title run.
  4. Smoke

    Romeo cuts list to 7

    If his sole focus is to "get to the next level", then he should be looking at Kentucky or Duke. My gut feeling is the Kentucky/Indiana series gets renewed and he will be the starting point guard for IU versus Kentucky in Lucas Oil Stadium in the 2018/2019 season.
  5. Smoke

    Head Coach Openings: 2017-2018

    Hunter Elliott has been promoted to the head coach position at Pike Central replacing Jason Roach who has moved to Evansville North.
  6. Smoke

    PAC Conference 2017-2018

    The Montgomery kid will be a freshman at Southridge. He was a monster as a middle schooler though he had been fighting off some injuries toward the end of his 8th grade year. We'll have to see how well he adapts to the speed of the high school game.
  7. For the past several years, I've had the good fortune of doing PA work for Pike Central Boys and Girls Basketball games. One thing I've always thought would add to the "informational" aspect would be to announce scores of local games as they happen, particularly halftime and final scores. I think the best way to achieve this would be a group text type deal. It would be as simple as when you hit halftime, firing off a text to the group "halftime, Southridge 28, Pike Central 27" Is this something other PA guys (or scorekeepers) would be interested in? If you feel a cell number is too personal, maybe a Google Hangouts group deal. Input? Opinions?
  8. Coach - I can't seem to post to any of the boards. Kyle McCutchan was promoted to the new girls' basketball coach at Pike Central (replacing Shawn Warner). Hunter Elliott was also promoted to the boys' head coaching position (replacing Jason Roach).

  9. Smoke

    Pike Central New BB Coach

    I hear they have a left handed freshman who can fill it up from three...
  10. Smoke

    Pike Central New BB Coach

    Dumb is one of the kinder things I get called.
  11. Smoke

    Pike Central New BB Coach

    In that case maybe it's the fumes from I P & L that is causing mine. I'm a Kentucky fan living in the land of Hoosier. I can take the jossling.
  12. Smoke

    Pike Central New BB Coach

    When you get old senility happens...
  13. Smoke

    Pike Central New BB Coach

    I know this thread is about Coach Mokris but can you tell me about Coach Doyle? Was he assistant under Mokris? Has he moved up to take John's position?
  14. Smoke

    Pike Central New BB Coach

    Good luck to Coach Mokris. Quite a challenge he has ahead of him but if he can hang on talent is coming. Freshman Toopes has D1 potential and middle school has several good prospects.
  15. Smoke

    Trey Lyles

    Ditto this. Wonder what he thinks of Calipari? If you can't sell your program how you going to get kids to come there?