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    Grabber post tourney

    That guy has more knowledge in his pinky finger than you have in your entire body. How about you sit down and shut up. His contribution to BR and the surrounding area cannot be overstated. I'm not from Montgonery. I just realize when to show reverence to a person of his stature.
  2. OleEagle

    Grabber post tourney

    Park Tudor by a thousand.
  3. OleEagle

    Barr-Reeve 56 Clay City 54

    I bet Montgomery is hopping tonight. Hopefully the bus took 231, through that little town to the east
  4. OleEagle

    Barr-Reeve 56 Clay City 54

    The North is annually the better region, talent-wise.
  5. OleEagle

    Barr-Reeve 56 Clay City 54

    Sounds like Axman is a bit salty. You have nothing else to harp on but the National Anthem? Come on now. We're all big boys here. It was a great game wth two good teams. Let's leave it at that and stay civil.
  6. OleEagle

    Seymour Semistate

    31 19 Barr Reeve at half. Refs terrible both ways
  7. OleEagle

    Seymour Semistate

    The guys on Four Star Country do a great job. I've been very impressed by them.
  8. OleEagle

    BR 68 ND 53

    I believe I was repermanded a few weeks ago after the E-Town game about Roy not being everything that he was made out to be. Now, along with not making a lay up to save his life, he has lost his J. I just call them how I see them. As for the game, I thought BR played an excellent game. As usual, Wagler and Bullock had great games. James and Wittmer played solid games like they usually do, as well. I think McMullen and Conner Swartz are bringing extra depth on the bench, along with Logan Lengacher. I don't see Sectional 63 having much drama, unlike previous years.
  9. OleEagle

    Elizabethtown 51 Barr-Reeve 40

    A big reason they won the Graber Post Classic? He hit a few three's, but again, he missed a lot of lay ups because of his lack of strength. Micah Bullock, Addison Wagler and James were the reason they beat BC. He's got a lot of improving to do and that starts in the weight room.
  10. OleEagle

    Elizabethtown 51 Barr-Reeve 40

    First off, the idea of the Classic Cup is a great one, as well. It allows teams to play that would not other wise and allows teams to get experience playing on a big stage. Although some would argue that a mid-season tourney in Louisville is not a big stage, it's not everyday you get to play at Freedom Hall. I was pleased to see that BR fans traveled so well, though not very shocking. The game was a bit of a let-down for the Vikes. They started off very slow, finished with 16 turnovers and 2-12 from the 3-point line. Micah Bullock seemed to be trying to do too much for the team. Logan James had an average game, I believe he needs to be looking for more shot opportunities. Addison Wagler played a good game, he can score on about anyone when played straight up. Duncan Roy went scoreless for the second time in as many games. I hate to say it, but I think this kid got a little too much hype coming into the season. He plays very weak on the inside and missed a few easy buckets. I thought Coach Hughes should've gave Logan Lengacher more minutes because he can finish through contact and is a mismatch for many teams. Hughes went deep into the bench and I thought Conner Swartz played a solid game. When Chirs Wittmer was in foul trouble, I was surprise Seth Swartz didn't see the floor. He played well over the summer and I was expecting him to play more than he has. He can shoot the lights out and handle the ball. Like Taps said, too many unforced turnovers. 16 TO's won't win you many ballgames.
  11. I hate to say it, but I believe BR will see their first defeat in Louisville tomorrow.
  12. OleEagle

    Class A basketball polls as of 12/30

    There is no way LHS beats BR.
  13. Barr Reeve is a really good team, let me say that. But E-town is a top ranked team in Kentucky. BR is maybe in the top 50 in the state. I don't see this game being very close.