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  1. silvertone1696

    Region Playoff Bonus

    Portage @ Crown Point Munster @ Michigan City Mishawaka @ Hobart Wheeler @ Hanover Central North Newton @ Whiting South Central (Union Mills) @ West Central
  2. silvertone1696

    Region Playoff Bonus

    Final Standings Coach Nowlin - 81 LC Bears 04 - 81 Silvertone1696 - 76 Gonzoron - 74 Snoot - 73 Gipper - 67 Wolves on the Prowl - 67 Coach Ellenwood - 66 Boilernation - 44 Slice60 - 24 WcTrojan12 - 9 We have a tie for 1st place, so for each playoff round a game will be selected from each class. Winner after week 3 takes the cake, with regionals as a tie-breaker if needed. Thanks for playing! Playoff Games (1 game per class) Portage @ Crown Point Munster @ Michigan City Mishawaka @ Hobart Wheeler @ Hanover Central North Newton @ Whiting South Central (Union Mills) @ West Central
  3. silvertone1696

    Region Pick'em (BIG 10) Week 9

    Michigan Cit Portage Merrilllville Valpo Lowell Griffith Cass North Newton KV Andrean Calumet
  4. silvertone1696

    Region Pick'em (BIG 10) Week 9

    Standings Coach Nowlin - 72 LC Bears 04 - 72 Silvertone1696 - 66 Gonzoron - 66 Snoot - 65 Coach Ellenwood - 59 Gipper - 59 Wolves on the Prowl - 58 Boilernation - 44 Slice60 - 24 WcTrojan12 - 9 Kind of unbelievable and sad once the ping pong balls have been selected by the IHSAA illuminati and their veiled ceremony those of us watching live receive second-hand drama from the admittedly fantastic show that Bob Lovell and Paul Condry. Makes me sad to see the leaves change and know it will be gone before we know it. But those two are excellent at what they do and their contributions to the high school game in this state are pleasant to watch and its nice having a region voice there with Condry because we need our love up here too, especially in Jasper county because we have a region complex from being dubbed "south of the river." In all fairness I've been so busy this week I thought I posted this. My apologies. Will have the sectionals out early. Week 9 Games Crown Point @ Michigan City LaPorte @ Portage Merrillville @ Chesterton Valparaiso @ Lake Central Hobart @ Lowell Hanover Central @ Griffith Rensselaer Central @ Lewis Cass North Newton @ Tri-County Kankakee Valley @ Munster Andrean @ Highland SPECIAL BONUS GAME (Worth 2 points) Calumet @ Wheeler
  5. silvertone1696

    Conference Indiana Week 8

    Bloomington North at Columbus North Bloomington South at Roncalli Terre Haute North at St. Francis DeSales Terre Haute South at Southport
  6. silvertone1696

    Hoosier Conference Pick 'Em Week 8

    1 Point Games Northwestern @ Rensselaer Hamilton Heights @ Cass   Central Catholic @ Benton Central West Lafayette @ Twin Lakes Tri-County @ Delphi 3 Point Games Western @ Tipton West Central @ Frontier Eastern @ Sheridan North Judson @ LaVille Anderson @ Richmond
  7. silvertone1696

    Mid-State Pick Em - Week 8

    Decatur Central at Perry Meridian Franklin at Greenwood Martinsville at Mooresville Whiteland at Plainfield
  8. silvertone1696

    Region Pick'em (BIG 10) Week 8

    Week 8 Games Chesterton @ Crown Point Lake Central @ Merrillville LaPorte @ Michigan City Portage @ Valparaiso East Chicago Central @ Hammond Morton Boone Grove @ Wheeler River Forest @ Calumet Hobart @ Munster Kankakee Valley @ Highland Hanover Central @ South Central (Union Mills) SPECIAL BONUS GAME (Worth 2 points) Lowell @ Andrean
  9. silvertone1696

    CIC Week 8

    Alexandria @ Mississinewa Blackford @ Eastbrook Frankton @ Oak Hill Madison Grant @ Elwood Greentown @ Sheridan
  10. When I was a senior in HS in 2002, Kankakee Valley was playing what would be the last year playing an independent schedule due to the dissolution of the Northwest Hoosier conference in 1998. In 2001 the Lake Athletic conference was being formed and their would be two divisions for each sport, and because we went 0-10 that season (my junior year, the Purdue offense debacle)...we were put in the LAC Blue and were not only the biggest school but also the only rural school of the bunch. The LAC Blue was KV, Wheeler (probably the closest in socio-econiomic similarity but alas half the size of KV), Whiting, Calumet, Hammond Clark, Hammond Gavit, Hammond Bishop Noll, and Lake Station. I had the pleasure of being an assistant Varsity football coach for my one and only season under Bob Prescott, who was a good coach and even better man. Good ol Lake Station is the focal point of my story here. That poor program has been struggling since the early 90s with one winning season (8 wins 5 losses - 1998) since 1992. In the 2005 season of my solo coaching endeavor we played Lake Station in week 3. We were beating up the Eagles pretty good but with their phone booth offense they were able to get a couple first downs. We had put the JV in after scoring our 42nd point late in the 3rd and then mid-way through the fourth a funny thing happened. The Lake Station coaches stopped the game with the score 49-3 and asked the officials to petition our coaches to just forfeit the rest of the game for fear of injuring any more players. Has this ever happened to any other teams?
  11. silvertone1696

    Region Pick'em (BIG 10) Week 8

    Lowell always hangs around in games because of their defense, and that's why I think this will be a close match-up. How Zach Merrill and the 59ers passing games reacts to "some punches in the mouth", we will really get to see if the 59ers can maybe at least threaten the juggernaut that is West Lafayette (How unfortunate for the 59ers they got paired into that sectional). Since an oddly close 24-0 win over Hanover Central the 59ers have been steam rolling everyone in conference, including a 41-7 beat down of rival Hobart...and that 44-28 win over New Prairie was a pretty solid notch on the ol' regular season belt. But this is still Lowell, who have won the last three matchups. If the Lowell QB Igras plays in this game maybe Lowell can actually put up 20 or more points. I think they will need at least 28 to beat Andrean. We shall see coach. This whole week has a lot of regional mismatches though.
  12. silvertone1696

    Bedford North Lawrence

    Appreciate the insight.
  13. silvertone1696

    Bedford North Lawrence

    Blessing for the BNL Stars to have landed such a great coach who they can probably lock down for years to come as they have the resources to compensate him and allow him to have enough time to completely align the program, which is such a great boon for any program. Up in Jasper County I root for my 4A Kankakee Valley Kougars and we have a revolving door at the head coaching spot (9 coaches since 2001)...having a coach for an average of 2 years over the past couple decades has made it nearly impossible to sustain any type of momentum. I envy our neighbors in southern Jasper County the Rensselaer Bombers. They have had the pleasure of having retained coach Chris Meeks for what is now his 20th season. He runs a wonderful program from the bottom up and consistently fills out the rosters from the youth leagues on up. Being a 2A program, I am impressed that they always fill out a competitive frosh and JV roster year in and out. They are always a player in their sectional and they won the whole shabang in 2014 vs an undefeated Evansville Mater Dei team and handled them 45-21. 9 Sectionals, 4 regionals, and the 2014 magical season...that's an impressive resume. Meanwhile we have won zero sectionals in the Meeks era. Back to the Stars. I noticed they are 1542 in enrollment according to the IHSAA website, only about 50 students or so from the 4a/5a cut-off line. I did notice however the senior class that graduated was easily the smallest class by 50 students, with the other two classes with about 100 more apiece. Does anyone have any info on the incoming classes and their potential size? I know BNL is a consolidation school that covers a big swath of area, so surely there is potential for growth if the communities can provide work for an influx of residents. How old is the school itself? Have their been any additions to accommodate more students? This was a natural leap for a coach trying to find a higher profile job and show he can rebuild a program. Surely Linton was pained to have lost him but he accomplished a lot for the Miners and was ready for his next challenge. If BNL stays in 5A and they can keep Weber installed as HC and allow him to build up this program, the Stars may finally become a regular player in the 5A south...which is no picnic that's for sure. But for a program that has had one sectional title in 25 years...it's simply fantastic to see this team having this type of success. Thought they rebounded very well after losing by a pretty wide margin to Martinsville in the opening week 45-21. The Stars remind me of the Michigan City Wolves and their coach Phil Mason. Mason toiled at smaller programs in Andrean and Wheeler and had it clicking with both programs, especially the 59ers when he led them to a 35-27 over the Jesuits of Brebeuf. Now he's at MC taking them to places they have simply never been since they consolidated in 1995, as last season they won their first sectional championship and went ahead and won the regional too. The MC Wolves hadn't even been to the sectional title game but one time before last year and that was back in 1995 their first year. I'm guessing New Palestine will probably win the whole darn thing in 5A this year. I was looking at sectional 15 and the potential road ahead for the Stars. BNL went 3-0 vs their sectional foes but the toughest opponent they would potentially face (IMHO) is Columbus East and they did not square off. Sure CE may be having a down year in regards to their ridiculous standards but everyone know Bob Gaddis will have those boys ready come playoff time. Their are really no gimmes for the Stars as Floyd Central, Seymour, and New Albany all played them relatively close. Especially New Albany, a common opponent for both BNL and CE who lost to both teams by just a point. Could be a great sectional, although I'm sure the stars would love to get a semifinal game with Seymour or FC and let NA and CE duke it out on the other side. Exciting playoffs ahead.
  14. I was thumbing through some old threads, had a little downtime. This is still one of the premier match-ups in the state of Indiana, and one I would have loved to watch in person or even kept along with but unfortunately I had a family member pass last week so I couldn't participate much on the forum. Anyway what a fantastic balance if the win/loss ratio stated the top of the thread is correct. I saw the score was a 21-7 final in favor of the Carmel Greyhounds, which would even up the match-up 22 apiece! I saw a prediction of a high scoring game and one with a middling prediction, one for each time. Were you guys surprised by the final? Always tough to travel to any venue in the MIC...people can say what they want about Lawrence North and Indy Pike being down but those teams could probably finish 2nd or 3rd in the Duneland or North Central Conference, those teams have athletes just need a little help coordinating the youth leagues on up. That's why Center Grove is a player every year despite their enrollment disparity. Back to the game. What were your impressions (assuming you were at the game)? If I was going to predict myself honestly I though BD would win a tight one in the area of 34-28 or something of that nature. Any insight would be much appreciated.
  15. silvertone1696

    Region Pick'em (BIG 10) Week 8

    Standings Coach Nowlin - 61 LC Bears 04 - 61 Snoot - 55 Silvertone1696 - 55 Gonzoron - 55 Coach Ellenwood - 48 Gipper - 48 Wolves on the Prowl - 46 Boilernation - 44 Slice60 - 24 WcTrojan12 - 9 Week 8 Games Chesterton @ Crown Point Lake Central @ Merrillville LaPorte @ Michigan City Portage @ Valparaiso East Chicago Central @ Hammond Morton Boone Grove @ Wheeler River Forest @ Calumet Hobart @ Munster Kankakee Valley @ Highland Hanover Central @ South Central (Union Mills) SPECIAL BONUS GAME (Worth 2 points) Lowell @ Andrean