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  1. silvertone1696

    Region Pick'em (BIG 10) Week 6

    I think if he makes a jump he waits a few more years and takes them through at least a five year block. I would hope for Michigan City maybe he loves it there and will get the support necessary to keep a big fish like that. Michigan City knows what they are up against in terms of keeping Mason, but he has built a nice staff and has his team in places they had never been before. That will give him support and I believe the Wolves would be smart enough to at least offer the same as whatever any other DAC school offered. Sure it's a nice thought for the likes of Lake Central to have a guy that has proven he can turn around a struggling program, but they gotta give coach Tony Bartolomeo a little more time to right the ship as he's only in his second full year after taking over for St. Germain towards the end of the season And with the parity of the DAC he still deserves a little more time to develop the cache of athletes there. They won 8 games in 2011-2012, and 9 games in 2013-14 and finally won a sectional in '13. They had a nice little thing going but obviously losing a coach mid-season isn't an easy obstacle to go through in 2016. I think LC pays attention to what coach TB does the next couple years and if they wanna make a change well I'm sure at least a few worthy candidates will apply because that's a great school in a great area and it has everything.
  2. silvertone1696

    Region Pick'em (BIG 10) Week 6

    Week 6 Games Crown Point @ Valparaiso Lake Central @ Michigan City Merrillville @ LaPorte Portage @ Chesterton Gary West Side @ Hammond High North Judson @ West Central Hanover Central @ Whiting Lowell @ Highland Hobart @ Kankakee Valley Andrean @ Munster SPECIAL BONUS GAME (Worth 2 points) Boone Grove @ Griffith EXTRA SPECIAL SECRET GAME (You can either abstain from this pick or wager ONE point, the catch is if you lose the game a point will be taken AWAY from that week's tally.) Rensselaer Central @ Lafayette Central Catholic
  3. silvertone1696

    Region Pick'em (BIG 10) Week 6

    My thoughts on the DAC thus far... Sorry to be posting this late on a Monday but it has been a hectic few days. Most all of you players are dedicated posters though so I'm not so worried. Anyway the inevitable mid-season make or break is upon us already and we are seeing some teams surge and others fall a bit flat. Props to my hometown Kankakee Valley Kougars for putting a healthy scare into Lowell @ the Inferno losing by a heartbreaking 13-10 final tally. Merrillville has emerged as a city with two teams that are good enough to compete for a championship. I think Merrillville can run the table and tie with Michigan City...but they need to buckle down and win on the road in the DAC, which granted isn't what it once was but given the relative parity of the conference the next game is still one the Pirates could drop. It is at LaPorte for one, and second the Slicers are playing better football after a brutal 0-3 which saw them lose to county rival New Prairie by four touchdowns and followed that up with a painfully tight 21-20 loss to the Hobart Brickies. Opened up DAC play with a loss to one of the top teams in the conference in Valparaiso, but it was a pretty wide margin at 38-8. Week 4 hits, the return of the Slicers! I realize Chesterton and Lake Central aren't especially glamorous wins considering the struggles of both programs have combined for 1-5 record thus far in the DAC. Still two victories against conference opponents and they won both games by fifteen points. With Merrillville coming to town smarting from that 42-21 loss to the MC Wolves, the Slicers have a chance to put their hat in the conference race if some of the other top teams stumble a bit. And with it being the second to last home game I'm assuming its homecoming night. Good times. The Wolves should knock out the Lake Central Indians with relative ease and benefit from a home game, but this is the SEASON for Lake Central because it would shock the 219 if they pulled it off and lifetime of memories. Lake Central opened with a pretty iffy win against Munster 10-3, and then won against a pretty solid Hammond Morton team 33-13. I liked that win and thought it would propel them in their pursuit to be a player in the DAC, but an 0-3 conference start and a trip Michigan City looming has things trending down for the Blue Indians. They could change all of that by shocking the state and beating the Wolves. Chesterton is really having a difficult time altogether after an iffy 1-1 start against local NCC middling squads for their conference in Hobart (a 10-9 tough loss) and an inspired shutout of Munster (31-0). They have kept themselves relatively in games as none of the three DAC losses the Trojans were by more than 2-3 scores, and they played the likes of MC and Valparaiso in a pretty stout opening schedule. However in between those losses they strolled to LaPorte and didn't fare much better losing 14-29. Portage is A 18-0 win over the LC Blue Indians coupled with a slug-fest road victory last week (14-12) vs the offensively challenged Crown Point Bulldogs. In between those wins for the Red Indians, Merrillville came over and shelled them 39-0 though so Portage still resides in the DAC abyss of mediocrity. Still if Portage plays well against the struggling Chesterton Trojans they will have a chance to make a play with Michigan City and then Valparaiso the next two weeks. Those boys play nasty defense in Crown Point though and can still win Sectional 1 if they can develop that offense by playoff time, because well lets face it Sectional 1 isn't knocking on the penthouse door of 6A at the present time. Valparaiso beefed up their non-conference schedule and got themselves Penn on the road in week one (a 21-3 loss) and then traveled to Mishawaka in week 2 for a 29-20 loss that may have been initially painful but is preparing this team for their conference and sectional 2 endeavors. The week 4 win against Michigan City was one that shocked most everyone in the state, but I myself picked Valpo as a bold prediction more than anything else. I thought MC would win, but coach Marshall and his staff had their kids ready to play, and are showing the rest of the DAC they are back to being a contender after some tough years in the post-Mark Hoffman era (2011 was his final season). They won 8 games and took come the conference crown last season and have started off 5-0 this season. This is a team that can play and I would love to see Valpo draw Chesterton and then Penn-Warsaw, with a Penn-Valpo championship that I believe will be much closer than the last battle if things played out that way. I thought Valparaiso would throttle Chesterton last week though (a 23-0 win), but to be fair MC beat them 28-10 so sometimes reading into margins of victory can be a long path to nowhere. Michigan City is probably still the most talented team in the DAC, and has already played what I consider to be the other top two contenders (Valpo and Merrillville). They played a see-saw non-conference opening up with a struggling 4A program in Griffith 53-0, and then impressed all of us Indiana HS football fans by taking Illinois football juggernaut Homewood-Flossmoor into overtime and losing a heart-breaker on a 4th down conversion by H-F to give them the 33-30 win. After an uninspired 1-1 DAC start however, that 42-21 win @ Merrillville was a statement win that MC will be heavy favorites for the duration of their DAC schedule. However I will admittedly eat crow for essentially giving MC the DAC crown by starting my far too early thread about MC-New Palestine. Lesson learned. I'll cover the NCC next week and also my thoughts on the GLAC, GSSC, and other local teams playing in conferences outside the coverage area. I like doing the research as it helps me better understand the teams in my neck of the woods. Standings Coach Nowlin - 40 Silvertone1696 - 40 LC Bears 04 - 39 Snoot - 38 Boilernation - 35 Gonzoron - 33 Coach Ellenwood - 31 Wolves on the Prowl - 31 Gipper - 29 Slice60 -15 WcTrojan12 - 9 Big ups to Gonzoron who missed just one game for the top billing of the week. Games in replies...
  4. silvertone1696

    Circle City Conf - Week 5

    Wow what an absolute blast. It didn't skim the crossbar...that was a no-doubter right down main street.
  5. silvertone1696

    Trinity Lutheran Cancels Season

    65 is no fun in my neck of the woods either. I live about 8 miles from the DeMotte/Roselawn exit.
  6. silvertone1696

    Week 5 Scores

    Indeed. I believe the Red Devils took the Kougs a bit for granted. KV got a few key 2 way players back this week as far as I know. Wish I was there.
  7. silvertone1696

    Week 5 Scores

    IF Kankakee Valley can pull off this upset @ the Inferno that would have to be in the discussion of upset of the week without a doubt. Lot of football to be played. But I'm sure Kilmer had a few things to say to his boys after scoring just 3 points in the half.
  8. silvertone1696

    Week 5 Scores

    Valparaiso leading Chesterton 13-0 late in 2nd.
  9. silvertone1696

    Cathedral - St Xavier

    Any feeds to watch this game?
  10. Absolutely But what are your thoughts on that type of affiliation for the programs involved? South Central should be cornering the HNAC in the event Caston folds. so I didn't include them.
  11. There could be a process in which teams could switch divisions. I have high hopes for coach Broyles. But our program has a LONG way to go. The same decision was made 15 years ago with the Lake Athletic Conference. By all rights they should have been in the Black but their struggles landed them in a division with Wheeler, Whiting, and the other Calumet area schools.
  12. I like where Highland is heading as a program and the numbers situation at Munster baffles me a bit. If you told me a NCC member was going to cancel their JV season Munster certainly wouldn't have been my first choice. Munster is in flux with a coaching transition in the works, but I certainly agree Grunewald was dealt quite a blow with that interim tag. There is no reason for that. Let the man have his chance to bring some new life into the Munster program, which could easily be the next Michigan City if they utilize those resources correctly. I like Highland to win a close one, which would be a big win for them considering their recent lackluster history in this rivalry.
  13. I probably jumped the gun on proclaiming Michigan City would cruise through the DAC. Throw out the records with the 6A teams the Wolves face in the DAC, because their record has not been good against any of those teams historically. I believe I may have been the only person on this forum to predict a Viking win this week. I think the battle tested Wolves will have their hands full with Merrillville but I predict MC wins something like 42-35. I am not as worried about the NCC as you are DT. The GSSC is the region conference that's days are numbered because of the disparity it team quality. Hanover will find a home and make it 7 in the off-season, I would almost bet on it. If they could get Wheeler, Boone, and Griffith I think all parties would benefit greatly. Poor Whiting. I really think they would benefit from being added to a small school type of division within this conference. It's a shame that Hammond is limiting Morton by keeping them in with the other Hammond programs which are not on par in terms of facilities or program strength. Think about it. Big Division Highland Hammond Morton Munster Lowell Hobart Andrean Little Division Kankakee Valley Griffith Boone Grove Whiting Wheeler Hanover Central Leftover Crossroads Conference Calumet Hammond High Hammond Noll (When they resume) Hammond Clark Hammond Gavit Gary West East Chicago Central Bowman Academy Gary Roosevelt
  14. silvertone1696


    Respect my friend, well deserved.
  15. silvertone1696

    2018 MSC-PLAC

    Awesome for the boys at Crawford County to pull out a win for that program. My personal take on Brownstown Central although admittedly I live nowhere near PLAC/MSC country. BC seems to have a beautiful program that galvanizes the community and has produced the resources for facilities that make me jealous as a fella living in a 4A district. I noticed BC is in Jackson county which has Seymour HS, a reasonably sized HS, and then isn't Medora still a HS, albeit quite small. I would imagine they have soccer in place of football and of course Seymour has both. Why risk starting a soccer program when your football program is the envy of the region? I could see if Brownstown had an extensive youth network dedicated to soccer, but surely they don't.