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  1. If I am not mistaken, Clinton Central and Frankfort last played in the regular season in 1992. I think it was week 1, but could be wrong about the week. Frankfort played both county schools during the regular season until 1992. There were some great games between the county schools and Frankfort.
  2. Coach Davis

    Clinton Central

    Congrats Schuy!
  3. Congrats! Great Coach.....Even better person!
  4. Greencastle is in need of up to three junior varsity games. Dates available during the weeks of August 23rd, September 27th and October 4th. If interested in scheduling a game, contact head coach Eric Davis at 765-714-8717 or athletic driector Scott Knapp at 765-653-9711.
  5. Coach Davis

    Region 4/5 Mini Clinic

    Due to weather the Ball State Mini Clinic has been postponed until Tuesday, Feb 23rd. Ball State will still present at 6:30 in Kokomo at the Half Moon. Next Week Feb 17th is IU Defensive Staff coming to Half Moon.
  6. The Half Moon Brewery in Kokomo will be hosting two mini-clinics on Feb. 10 and 17th. Feb. 10 will feature the Ball State University Football Staff. Feb. 17 will feature the Indiana University Football Staff. Both are free of charge and open to all coaches. Both will start at 6:30. Additional information can be found on the IFCA site listed below. http://ifca.zebras.net/ifca/candler/region5.htm
  7. Coach Davis

    ACAC 2009

    I absolutely hated Saturday games when we played in Indianapolis. The lost time and shortened preparation were awful from a coaching stand point. This year we had the opportunity to play at Ball State. I was very happy with the product Ball State offered. I think Ball State provided a great venue for the CIC and would for the ACAC as well. Our experience at Ball State was fantastic. Ball State has good facilities, great hospitality service, and it was very well run. I would certainly recommend it.
  8. Coach Davis

    Rangeline Conference

    I believe Clinton Prairie and Clinton Central were part of the Mid-Central (I think that was the name.) with Thorntown, Carroll, Wainwright, Southwestern, and Dayton until at least 1974 or 1975.