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  1. kmartGiant

    Ben Davis @ Pike-Part Ii

    Pike hasn't quite lived up to their preseason hype. They were expected to be a little more dominant this year. Don't count them out as they are the host of this game and revenge will be on their minds. Heard a lot about BD sophomore WR Montel Swanson(a Pike transfer) last week. Had 5 catches vs Carmel. I've said all year that BD's offense has been their downfall. While it has improved, it's nowhere near a model of consistency. QB Kyle Castner is growing with each game and the line is starting to gel and create some rhythm. The RB's are doing ok. I assume Malcolm Fogle will be back this week too. Look for this game to be a back and forth game. BD has a couple of special kickers so if it comes to it, that may be a key in this game. Weather and penalties are other factors that might come into play. Otherwise I see a relatively close game with the most disciplined team on this night prevailing. Too hard to predict this game for me, but with 5A pretty much wide open TY i'd like to see BD make a run for it. Go giants!
  2. kmartGiant

    Ben Davis At Warren Central

    From the 2 Warren games I've seen I'd say their rushing attack will have to be on top of it. Also, QB play, whoever it may be will have to be consistent and not just launching the ball for grabs down deep. Penalties always an issue with both teams too. As for BD: The running attack will need to be consistent w/better blocking up front. Kyle Castner has a pretty good arm for a sophomore but his decision making has been sketchy at times. The BD defense is solid, but will be tested tremendously next Friday night. The BD kicker Sterling Steadham appears to have a great leg, but accuracy has been his issue. He did hit a 44 yard FG vs. NC last night. Should be a great game. I look for it to be very low scoring and maybe something like 21-20 or somewhere around that.
  3. kmartGiant


    I'd say it's a no brainer that WC and Carmel play for the 5A title. Even sadder is it's really a boring year in 5A and the quality of play doesn't muster much excitement. Just bored by the lack of any real superior play by any 1 team. Maybe equality is here to stay lol.
  4. kmartGiant


    BD doesn't have the offense to match Warren. The defense is suspect too in the passing game. I say WC 31 BD 14.
  5. kmartGiant

    Ben Davis

    Giant Dad: I've been watching the UC Bearcats closely and they are the real deal. Gilyard is a stud at WR. I can't wait for your son to do great things there. He will be a force in the years to come. You are also right about Kevin Vanderbush. He is the one constant that has been at BD for 20+ years and is the biggest asset to this program. BD football players to watch in D1 ball this season has been quite fun: Jordan Stepp (UC), Tandon Doss (IU), Mark Crawford (Kentucky), MarQueis Gray (Minnesota) and Lavarus Williams (Cent. Michigan).
  6. kmartGiant

    Ben Davis

    I just can't entertain the thought that BD didn't have a QB. Why did Isaiah Lewis have 1 offensive play all season (prior to ACL tear)? He had 1 carry for a 61 yard TD. Why didn't he play QB (he's smart-going to MSU for engineering, he's athletic and makes good decisions based on everything I've seen for 4 years)? Wasn't James Banks a QB and Safety during his days? Wasn't Banks the best athlete on the BD team? Wasn't Isaiah Lewis the best athlete on this BD team? Why didn't they use him as a two way player when they didn't have a capable QB this year. Who made the decisions to play who and at what positions? Keith Suggs (Toledo commit) played zero offense all year when the offense couldn't put up points against the good teams BD played (6 against Penn, 17 against WC, 7 against CG, 7 against Carmel). Jeff Garrett was hurt, but before that he was used in rare situations. I guess maybe all this correlates to other BD sports. Think about it: Outside of football, girls basketball and boys track, BD is rather average and oftentimes pathetic, in other sports (tennis, golf, baseball, volleyball, swimming and so on). I've had friends ask before, "how can they *%#!?* in all of those sports with all of the talent and resources they have". My response has always been "it's about having a feeder system and coaching". Just think, BD won like 19 straight sectionals in boys tennis and they are horrible in tennis. I just don't know any more. It's become the norm and has been for years.
  7. This season began with a fair amount of fans thinking BD just might be the team to beat in the heavyweight division. I was one of those thinkers. I also had my skepticism. The reason for any doubt that I had was because of the play calling in 08 and the heavy emphasis on the running game, w/o much regard for the passing game. Now, BD did return BSU recruit Philip Dudley and Donte Asher at RB, both of whom had very respectable seasons, moreso Dudley. As for the passing game: I find it very hard to believe that a "passer" couldn't be found since last season. Even Coach Kirschner admitted during an on-air interview w/WBDG that the QB wasn't a drop back passer. Ok that's fine, but if he's not a drop back passer then what is/was he? He only ran for about 150yds all season and his passing was marginal at best. The backup QB's appear to be even worse as far as passing goes. When you are a school with an enrollment of 4,500+ you can't convince me that there isn't some male in that school who can throw a football. Not to mention you had the entire off season to find that someone. I watched BD lose to every "good" team they faced this year, and I mean no offense to the teams they beat, but the facts are the facts. The good teams learned how to "manage" the BD running game. With the exception of Warren Central, BD lost to teams that were much less athletic and talented (BD has 4 D1 commits-can you tell me any other school they faced that has/had more than that?) and BD was simply out-coached in many of those games. Driven T and a few other posters are right about their inclinations, they see what I see. Coaching, administration and a few other factors have dictated what BD has become. It's not about bussing (I still see BD busses in Haughville daily-so it hasn't ended per say) and it's not about lack of talent. BD is the largest HS in the state (4,500). BD continues to grow and the talent pool is deeper than ever, the question is do they want to be known as a national powerhouse or just a state power? If you build something into a national power, as Dullaghan did, then why let it go? Why did you build it into that if you didn't want that? You set expectations for grads and fans worldwide to become accustomed to, so why let it fall and become a mediocre program at best? I have a hard time understanding what's going on and why there are these struggles. Look at the boys BBall teams? They went from Steve Witty to horrible. I can't wait to see what happens to the girls BBall team when Stan Benge retires in a few years. What about when Mike Davidson retires from the boys track team? Will BD simply replace them both w/assistants? Or will they go after the coaches who will continue the tradition? Sometimes administrators need to look outside the box. Promoting from within is great, but not when you are messing w/greatness. Has the Carmel girls swimming team hired mediocre coaches? Convince me!!!
  8. It'll be running back or QB. I think this year it may come down to the player who takes his team the furthest as there really isn't any one person that stands out offensively, but rather a large pool of pretty good players. I'd think RB Shakir Bell from WC will get some looks. I agree that Hurst at Plainfield is a beast and so is Isaiah Lewis at BD, it's just not likely that a defensive player will get the nod. Brian Bruner from BD was a WR in the early 90's at BD. He played sparingly for 1 season at IU and left college. He would not have been a front runner for the Mr. Football award. While he was good at BD, he wasn't the best player on any of the teams he played on at BD (he was probably the fastest player all 3 years at BD).
  9. Here are my thoughts on this very talented, but under performing BD football team: We are 0-3 versus the only good teams we've played (Penn, Warren and CG). We've demolished the teams we should have (SB St. Joe, NC and both TH schools). With that being said, we haven't played above par as of yet. Yes we were close to beating Penn and WC, but at some point you have to pull one of those wins out. Don't be a bit surprised if BD beats Carmel in the regular season finale. It's been the trend here lately. If I am a coach at BD here's where our offense has trouble: We tend to run left, run right and run middle. There is obviously very little confidence in William Barksdale's ability to throw the ball, particularly down field. He hasn't offered too much in the running game either. I'd rate him as decent at best. With that being said, why isn't the best athlete/talent playing on offense? That is Isaiah Lewis. Yeah he's had 1 carry for a 61 yard TD but they haven't utilized his talents on offense at all. He's very smart, athletic and a great decision maker. Which is what you want in a QB. I've seen him throw the ball and he's got a big arm. I think back to James Banks and he played both ways. Isaiah Lewis can run and throw and has big game experience. I'd love to see this change be made. It's not too late and if BD wants to have any offensive productivity then a change is needed. When we've played good teams we've just been too predictable. CG simply stacked the lines and blitzed off the edges all night and made it hard to get anywhere, even with the plethora of talented backs that BD has.
  10. kmartGiant

    Week 2: Scores and More Report Here

    Jon, I remember when you used to go by the moniker johnnystir so I am spoiled. Guess we've been around too long on the gridiron digest. LOL.
  11. kmartGiant

    Week 2: Scores and More Report Here

    Jon, The streak is actually longer than that. If you noticed the BD sports program hasn't been updated in many years (it's now well over 200 games). The program has said 191 games for several years now.
  12. kmartGiant

    Ben Davis @ Penn

    Mud bowl with BD winning after Kyle Moffatt (IU & W. Kentucky) swept up a fumble and ran it home. Quite the game, LC hasn't been a factor since then.
  13. kmartGiant

    Typical BD

    BD93 will respond later. He is doing the live WBDG radio show. It's a long drive home to Indy from South Bend.
  14. In realizing the weather created a messy atmosphere tonight, it's still the same predictable BD offense: run left, run right, run middle and very minimal results (pray for a big play which means long run). We are in for a long season with ZERO passing game and no receivers. Give the ball to Dudley or Asher and pray for the best. We keep taking a step back (as evidence by our drubbings by CG last season);