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  1. moshiner1345

    Sagamore Conference 2018

    I can confirm what Coach Byers stated above in regards to the positivity of his players and his coaching staff. Our crew worked one of his regular season contests, the players played hard every play and never complained or began to ague with one another. The coaches continued to coach throughout the entire contest, teaching and building up vs tearing down. Kudos to you Coach Byers, there are numerous people who could learn from you!!!
  2. moshiner1345

    Ref formation for PAT kick

    I was being kind. LOL But in all actuality, I ran a 4.6 40 in HS; now I'm 32 and I doubt I could beat the player to the GL.
  3. moshiner1345

    Ref formation for PAT kick

    This is correct PAT mechanics according to the NFHS. The philosophy is that more often than not the ball is kicked, therefore an official needs to be in position under each goal post to rule on their assigned upright/crossbar. If there is a fake, it is common procedure for the R to get to the sideline per the mechanics manual. Fact of the matter is that an 18 yr old kid will often be faster than a 40 yr old adult. So the official is often at a disadvantage. Referee responsibilities:
  4. I'm posting this tongue in cheek here... but do you really think watching a 15 min rules interpretation video posted by the IHSAA prior to the season really prepares an official on the plethora of situations that present them self during the season? But to answer your question specifically, officials are NOT required to watch that video UNLESS they intend to apply for the IHSAA post-season tournament. And as discussed throughout this thread, not all crews that work during the season apply for the post-season tournament.
  5. moshiner1345

    Most Surprising Teams??

    Any surprisingly under performing teams based on pre-season expectations?
  6. moshiner1345

    Targeting Ejection Penalty

    What you describe is exactly what the defenseless rule is trying to prevent. "A runner in an opponent's grasp and whose progress has been stopped cannot defend himself from an opponent taking a free shot at him" As an official we are often tasked with making unpopular decisions, especially if it warrants an ejection. I don't have first hand knowledge of the play you are referring to, i'm just trying to help readers understand the thought process of a game official.
  7. moshiner1345

    Game called due to no officials

    Mr. Clown You may want to reread my 2nd post in the thread where I say that I don't know anything specific about the situation between Milan and Lawrenceburg. I was just reporting what it said on Twitter.
  8. moshiner1345

    Game called due to no officials

    In my opinion, and I’m only speaking about central Indiana because that’s where I live, moving the JV and freshman back to Monday nights would help the solution slightly. About 5 years ago my typical week looked like this. Monday JV, Tuesday middle school in the Boone and Clinton County area, Wednesday middle school in the Hamilton County Schools, Thursday middle school in the Southern Hendricks & Marion county schools, Friday varsity anywhere in the state, Saturday morning youth league games, Sunday Cadet CYO games. So as you can see something every night of the week. Then there was a shift of moving JV and Freshman to Saturday mornings, which competes with youth. So now there is an overload of games being played at the same exact time on Saturday mornings. That’s when economics kick in: 3-5 youth games equals anywhere from $150-$250 for 3-5 hrs of work while 1 JV game equals anywhere from $45-$60 for 2 hrs of work. In a nut shell: I don’t know if changing when youth plays is necessarily the answer because on Sundays, there are a lot of competing factors for families: church, NFL football, and wholesome family time. And it’s been noted publicly your sincere appreciation for the officials. If you ever want to give it a shot yourself, it can be very rewarding.
  9. moshiner1345

    Game called due to no officials

    Moral of the story... Give Bob some almonds.
  10. moshiner1345

    Game called due to no officials

    On Saturdays, ADs are competing with youth leagues, CYO leagues, and potentially JV/9th grade games to find officials. Plus as you mentioned it's a holiday weekend. Generally speaking... On delayed games, the "new" crew that resumes the contest will be reimbursed at full wages. Exception: when numerous schools in a area postpone the contest and everyone is scrambling to find crews to resume the next day. I've seen schools offer much higher wages (up to 3x) to attract a crew to choose their game over others that were postponed.
  11. Sportsmanship seems to be a universal problem, even on the soccer field.
  12. moshiner1345

    Game called due to no officials

    Just reporteing what I saw on twitter. So I don’t know any more of this specific story. But I can tell you there is a shortage, believe it or not. Emails go out daily searching for officials at all levels. this week there were two looking for Friday night crews. Numerous factors go into an officials decision to call it quits, one of which is how they’re treated. Others may include economics ($), family, and age. This year I stopped working any lower level games all together because of a combination of the factors mentioned above. Spoke with a fellow very veteran 4 x state finals official this morning who said they will never go back to XYZ school again because of how they were treated last night.
  13. Just read on Twitter, posted by the Milan athletic department, that their postponed game vs Lawrenceburg from last night will not be resumed and will be called final because of no officials. As a high school official, please think twice about how you treat the men and women in stripes and what you choose to say to them. As you can see, there’s clearly a shortage of officials. Disrespecting a required piece of the game, only negatively effects the student athletes ability to compete.
  14. Would there be any conflicts for the officials to tweet out during intermission while they are on the field? I'M TOTALLY JOKING!!! However, with the use of technology, I wouldn't be surprised to see a video posted some where on social media of an official using their phone to document information during a game. Not my crew though.
  15. moshiner1345

    Is there a new mouth piece rule this season?

    Oh the joys of high school officiating in Indiana. I wonder where the idea 💡 that they were illegal came from. Saw numerous players Friday night with them (2 were present at the captains meeting) and nobody on our crew thought twice about their legality. I did receive an email from the MVOA (Mississinewa Valley), regarding that "In football, the proposed .33 additional point for obtaining a second or third round sectional game was voted down by the executive committee" and that the voting system was approved for 3 more years. Something that is a big decision and has not yet been announced by the IOA. So much variation, which leads to inconsistencies.