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  1. I'm not sure I disagree with you but I can tell you that I am not as confident as you seem to be. What's your basis out of curiosity?
  2. Great points. Even the 2-3 “bottom feeders” (for lack of a better phrase) usually come up and snatch a victory or two from the top tier but it just hasn’t happened this year. Pike’s doors certainly were not blown off by Carmel yet the game was never really in doubt. Its a three team league this year with some mediocrity beyond that. I’m still waiting for that big upset in the league but this may be the year where the top three simply roll. 2-3 tough games hardly insinuates a “grind” but the other 5 are not door mats.
  3. A separate topic and I posted it in the Warren/BD thread, but at what point do we legitimately start talking about Southport as a sectional title favorite over BD?
  4. “Put up a good fight” yet lose by 25? At what point do we start talking about Southport’s potential to steal the sectional from BD?
  5. Evens out. I thought LC could keep up with Warren.
  6. I don’t disagree with any of your points. Just pointing out the “coach spin” that takes place every October.
  7. Its not like UCF and Boise NEED to win consistently in those conferences. Its a one game, winner take all format, not a best of 7. Give them a chance. It was even quoted above as many times the regular season MIC winner got bounced in the tournament while the 2-3rd place team won the trophy. Would those teams trade their state title for a conference one? Some people watch ESPN and blindly follow these story lines about conference strength and games meaning more etc... And Butler was making deep runs before Stevens got there. Great coach who took Butler to the next level but once again, in a winner take all/one game format, things happen. Then their heads got too big and they are an "also ran" in the Big East (once again, another argument for another forum), which is a decision I'm sure they don't regret financially, but do so athletically.
  8. In the current college system, they never get a chance though UCF beat an SEC school when given the opportunity and Boise beat Oklahoma when given the opportunity. Butler leaving for the Big East was the problem, not Stevens. A separate argument.
  9. The schedule preparing/not preparing a team is an overrated idiom used way too frequently in my opinion. At the college level, Boise State, and UCF football have done well for themselves and shown well on the big stage. Butler basketball in the mid 2000's along with Wichita State, Loyola (IL), Gonzaga, etc.. have done just fine for themselves. Pioneer and Linton football were ridiculed for years about "not being prepared in the regular season" due to a lack of schedule strength and have both won state title recently. Football is a contest that comes down to a handful of plays and there is a lot of luck involved. It's about executing, staying penalty free, etc... ONE missed tackle can cost a team a game. Was that tackle missed because the team did not see enough regular season competition? You'd have a hard time convincing me. ONE holding call can cost a team a game. Get an official who is willing to throw the flag that another may not have been? You lose. The "schedule preparing" statistic is often overrated.
  10. That brutal SEC schedule sure has doomed Alabama 6 times over the past decade and is also probably why they lost to Clemson handily last January too huh? Can't have it both ways and try to tell the story AFTER the fact...
  11. Whatever fits the narrative that particular year...
  12. If not a MIC team, I think it'll be Avon or Brownsburg...though Lafayette Jeff intrigues me...
  13. Depends on who you ask I guess. Maybe I need to dig and find that post I made over the summer where sometimes the grind of the MIC “costs” teams in the postseason when they lose yet the MIC “prepared them for the tournament” when they win.
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