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  1. Lawrence North's girls are also making their second consecutive state finals appearance this weekend in basketball...
  2. Lower level...can’t hack it with the big boys...
  3. Me thinks he was a bit arrogant about the difficulty of the rebuild and strength of Indiana football coming from his high perch in Ohio...
  4. “Two Ohio State players face rape accusations...” ”Let me give you my thoughts on that game from 7 weeks ago...” LOL.
  5. LOL, well timed post (especially when your first sentence is taken into consideration.)
  6. Hate to be that guy (no actually I really don’t) but smelling more smoke on this one from a few sources...
  7. Temptation

    Dantonio Out

    Hung on for the 4.3 million though...
  8. You can only hold an elite offense down for so long these days and as long as the Chiefs kept it close into the fourth quarter anyone could’ve seen that coming... Nearly every rule in modern football gives the advantage to the offense... George Kittle may disagree however... The 49ers stopped themselves in that fourth quarter more so than the Chiefs stopped them. The two consecutive throws after gaining 5 yards on a 1st down run to stop the clock and punt it back was foreshadowing. The deep overthrow from Garrapolo was the signature moment that could’ve iced it.
  9. #3 offense stays close long enough to overcome mistakes and takes down #3 defense... Defense wins championships...
  10. Exception, not the rule. You honestly walk around everyday assuming folks are bad huh?
  11. The old Urban Meyer trick huh? ”Wait, there’s a way to delete text message that are over 30 days old?” And it worked... Yep.
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