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  1. Doubling down on a blanket statement of “people are crooked” with another “everyone looks out for themselves.” Bold move.
  2. Gonna have to provide more specific data than the hotbeds of "Bremen" and "Jimtown" for me to buy in...
  3. He’s insinuating that tournament boundary lines and drawn based on which administrators support which programs. Yes, don’t be THAT guy...
  4. Only game I ever attended at Lambeau.
  5. Man, I bet that Andy Reid and Patrick Mahomes are grateful that the elite track speed of Tyreek Hill, Sammy Watkins and Demarcus Robinson “translated” to the football field. Phew...
  6. Can we officially get rid of people who claim time of possession is a significant statistic in modern football?
  7. Most head coaches are untouchable and survive this kind of stuff while someone else takes the fall...
  8. Franklin has always come across as very narcissistic and fake to me.
  9. Solid attempt to put words in my mouth, yet again... Nowhere did I say that the "ONLY" reasoning for the increase in transfer cases was due to the SF... Reading comprehension is hard, I get it.
  10. I think Faulkens or Neidig are the front runners honestly. I'd argue that the SF only justified public school recruiting as it sends a message of "See what we have to overcome?" It cannot be a coincidence that the number of transfer cases and recruiting "stories" have increased as the SF became a thing.
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