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  1. September: "Don't sleep on Homestead. They have what it takes to compete for the title and I am offended that anyone would suggest otherwise. Too much regional bias." Early October: "Homestead, or any of the top three would crush Noblesville by at least three scores." Late October: "Homestead's injuries were too much to overcome." November: "The enrollment numbers are too much of an uphill climb." You sound defeated, both in the head and the pocket book.
  2. Man, you’ve come a long way from “Any of the top three in the SAC would beat Noblesville by at least 21.” That OT win for Homestead a few weeks back really must’ve cut deep and killed your drive.
  3. You’ve gotta give people more than that. I understand not feeding the beast by posting here but Twitter is a big place. PM me.
  4. Every fan base has “them” and they do not represent the majority, it just seems like more of “them” popped up here over the past 2-3 weeks...
  5. I think Warren’s D is on par and actually slightly better than BD’s and the Grove went to the east side and wore them down and dropped 28. Don’t think it’s that unreasonable to expect them to do the same to BD.
  6. Closer than last time but Steele is the difference maker. CG rolls 28-17.
  7. I do think that New Pal will have to play a clean/solid game to get by the Dwenger/Valpo winner. They can’t just show up.
  8. Saw the highlights of this one, wow did that field take a pounding over the last couple of weeks.
  9. Surely these coaches know their players better than you. There is something to be said for consistency and they’ve played on Friday nights for three consecutive months. It is not this death march that many make it out to be and is not a significant factor in most cases. But damn, that’s a long, cold bus ride home in the event of a loss.
  10. Don’t be fooled by the final score. This was a beat down on both lines of scrimmage. A CG busted coverage before half and a turnover that gave Warren the ball in the red zone were Warren’s only successes offensively. You can only ask so much of your defense...
  11. Damn, I guessed Wednesday. That didn’t take long. I had my money on someone doubting their ability to compete in the MIC “week in and week out.”
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