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  1. Yep, spot on. There are well over 300 IHSAA member schools that are “virus free”, practicing normally and preparing for a season, yet every time a positive case (which is to be expected) pops up, we get a NEW thread!!! 2020 is amazing!
  2. https://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/29597242/marlins-cleared-play-vs-orioles-test-result-delay-source-says You probably weren’t nearly as excited when this news broke which is the reason you neglected to post it... A few players on the Cardinals, who are expected to return to action Friday, are the only pending cases currently in baseball. I know how much that must disappoint you...
  3. It’s like a story I heard today that many of the major league baseball players who are testing positive are chalking it up to quick trips to the store or Starbucks for a coffee, lol...
  4. Hope it’s true. Indiana high school football is better when Snider is a powerhouse.
  5. Don’t they call that “farm fed” in northern Hamilton County?
  6. Doesn’t tell the whole story. NFL offensive linemen are a different animal. I will give you that but they are toeing a very thin line. You cannot live a “normal life” with a number they high, on or off the field. My 31-32 data was outdated and for that I apologize. His mother’s “perfectly healthy” quote is a misnomer. Lemme know when you’ve looked up John Stewart’s story.
  7. Google John Stewart of Lawrence North when you get a chance. A BMI of nearly FORTY is unhealthy no matter how you look at it. Once again, BMI is only one indicator but 6-4, 325 is freakishly large. The average NFL player is in the 31-32 range. Over 40 is a death sentence
  8. Yep, I don’t care how lean this dude is. 6-4, 325 yields a BMI near 40... We already know who this virus affects most. While BMI doesn’t account for lean muscle and tends to focus simply on body weight, this is a decent indicator that his “heart issues” were present regardless. Sucks for the kid/family but yet another example of the exception and not the norm though it will be painted otherwise because FEAR sells.
  9. “Covid is much less a of death sentence than the flu, especially for children.” Fixed it for you.
  10. Yep. Thanks. Knew I didn’t get in at Colorado for a reason...too prestigious for me.
  11. What an irresponsible headline. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised in 2020. The reasons given for the positive numbers are definitely a possibility but nowhere near scientific. Way to throw students under the bus...
  12. Fear sells... Back in April, many doctors (including Fauci) said to basically “give up” on any sports happening in 2020... Now they are moving the goal posts, just like “TSG.”
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