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  1. Not even close to halfway. 4 plus hours for St I. and less than 2 from the north side of Chicago.
  2. That was sort of my intent with the coaching staff consistency/congruency portion of my statement. Couldn’t agree more with you.
  3. Half credit huh? Would love to hear what you agree/disagree with.
  4. In no particular order: - Coaching staff consistency/congruency (length of tenure/early experiences) (Moore also coaching track) - Facilities - Athletic departments’ level of commitment - Socioeconomics/home life - Simplicity of playbook (I mean this in a good way. Kids know it front and back early and they don’t try to be flashy and outsmart the room. They know what they do well and they execute it to perfection. Far too many coaches screw this up and make a simple concept complicated.). (Example: The shotgun/spread on 3rd/4th and short.)
  5. Karlaftis and Bell will be a fun watch. With a few breaks, Purdue could make a run at Indy as the B10 West is wide open.
  6. Two teams headed in different directions in my opinion. Fair or not, it’s bowl game or bust for Allen this fall. Purdue being in the B10 West is a huge advantage as IU simply doesn’t (and never will) have what it takes to crack the top half of the East.
  7. Got it. Just looked it up. Thought he would be faster. Didn’t crack the varsity lineup in the 100 (two can compete per event in the tournament) and ran on a 4x100 that finished EIGHTH at the sectional. Where does he rank on the gridiron in terms of fastest players on the team? What percentage of New Pal footballers compete in track in the spring? Genuinely curious.
  8. This is where Driven’s proposal makes sense. CG is the only team in his proposal that can consistently compete with the other three. It’ll never be “fair” but asking schools to compete in a tournaments against schools 2-2.5 times their size in terms of enrollment is asinine. Which begs the question. Why can CG do it with an enrollment of around 2500 (half of Carmel) yet no one else seems to have broken through and proven they can on a year in year out basis? I have some theories but would love your input first.
  9. I’m sure this is tongue in cheek. Ohio football from a pure depth standpoint crushes Indiana. As it should considering the population difference. Does that mean Indiana teams can’t compete with the best from Ohio? Absolutely not, but come on man.
  10. I see what you are saying but in the case if LC, do we really want to see the 6th best team in the MIC in a potential “state title game” while the super 6a heavyweights battle each other and eliminate one another one by one? I do actually like the proposal. Just playing devil’s advocate.
  11. CG would roll annually in this proposal. Let me also add that I believe that BD would be a decisive underdog vs the sectional 5 champion.
  12. Personally I see another dominant year from the MIC as four teams are sectional winners and among the last 8 standing (Carmel, BD, WC, GC). I then see another all-MIC state title game at LOS. Anybody honestly disagree?
  13. Now THERE is a BOLD prediction. I like it.
  14. An extra bye week before the sectional I assume. You know those MIC schools. When they win, the “grind” of the MIC schedule prepared them for the postseason but when they lose, the MIC schedule “took its toll.” Happens every year.
  15. Oh I agree. Is it too much to ask of Elkhart to be a powerhouse in the coming years?
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