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  1. Since 6A was developed? Come on son. You’re out of your element here...
  2. A team that WON state genius. If you don’t think a 6A team needs a top 15 player/talent to win a title, you’re beyond my help. You stated so yourself. 2019 might break that trend due to the parity/mediocrity of the class.
  3. Please show me a year where a 6A team did NOT have a top 15 player in the STATE...
  4. Add Rivals to the list of those “spreading the narrative”, lol. So uncredible. Man you are in DENIAL.
  5. Another 6-2 week makes me 54-18 heading into the final week of the regular season. Kyle is 52-20 Here we go: MIC: Bishop Sycamore @ Warren Central: I’m not sure what to think of this game, most of all not even sure it should be played if you saw my other thread. But it remains on the schedule until I see that it isn’t being played I will assume both teams will lace them up Friday night. It is Warren’s senior night and it will be a feel good game as they enter the tournament. Warren wins 34-7. Carmel @ Lawrence Central: Who would’ve known that the only thing Carmel needed to get their offense in gear and their quarterback position figured out would be a bad weather game? Nice win at home for the Bears last week but I don’t see them pulling off two in a row. Carmel wins 23-14. Center Grove @ Cathedral: Easily the game of the week as it will be a huge measuring stick for both programs. Center Grove’s young kids are coming around whereas Cathedral avoided a let down against a formidable opponent in Brebeuf following a huge nationally relevant win the previous week. Wouldn’t be a surprise to see this one go either way but I’ll take the Irish 28-27. North Central @ Ben Davis: My heart and head are torn on this one as I can also see this one going either way. North Central continued it’s winning ways last week whereas Ben Davis had a head scratcher at Lawrence Central. I think the Panthers are a slightly better outfit but in this chaotic year of parity here in the MIC I’m going to say BD pulls it out and we end up with half of the conference as champions. BD wins 20-17. Pike @ Lawrence North: The “almost bowl” will come down to these two teams for seventh place as both have taken strides forward but I have not been able to close the deal on many occasions. Pike does have one conference win and Lawrence North will get theirs this week against those same Red Devils. LN wins 30-20. HCC: Hamilton Southeastern @ Brownsburg: I thought the Royals had found their stride prior to last weeks loss to Franklin Central. Brownsburg, on the other hand, seems to be rolling entering the tournament which is a bad recipe for the boys from Fishers. Dogs win 27-13. Noblesville @ Avon: The Oriole fans can exhale and enjoy a comfortable victory for the first time in a couple of weeks as Noblesville comes calling. Avon has shown an ability to pull out close games but they will not need to win this one. Orioles win 34-13. Westfield @ Franklin Central: Two teams that are tough to figure out as it seems they can show up and play with anyone on Friday nights or they have the ability to get beaten by anyone. I mentioned earlier that I think that Franklin Central is playing with house money at this point and Westfield needs this one slightly more. Shamrocks win 24-17. Zionsville @ Fishers: It’s been a forgettable season in Boone County as Zionsville is licking its wounds entering the last week of conference play. A trip to Fishers will not help matters. Tigers win 23-10.
  6. Strong claim from a guy replying multiple times on a high school football message board about a topic he seems to think is overblown...near midnight... This.
  7. Said in GENERAL, that coach speak is easy to decipher...YOU/BD brought up Mike. In the quote I cited from the Star, it said nothing about “more time with family.” I was using that as an example. So sensitive.
  8. Now you’re putting words in my mouth. Never called out Mike, nor anyone else. Just giving an example of why some coaches move on these days and pop up at other places. YOU brought a specific name into it...as did BDGiant. Nice job with the MIC hyperbole too. Many, everything is all or nothing with you.
  9. LOL, someone else must’ve heard Coach Moore’s call to Lovell tonight...
  10. Not just rain. The temperature here in central Indy has dropped 12 degrees over the last hour!
  11. I may even teach a class one day. Quote: “I want to spend more time with my family.” Translation: “The talent pool is about to dry up and/or sanctions are forthcoming.” Am I doing this right?
  12. I’m sure you do but I’m an expert in “coach speak.”
  13. The “MIC is the best conference in the Midwest/America” narrative has been shoved down our throats for so long that the notion that another conference “might be close/equal/better” is causing some to get pretty defensive. I just hope the goalposts don’t move if Avon/Brownsburg represents the south and Carmel gets bounced in sectional 4. Then the whole season would probably be an “outlier” I assume?
  14. But it’s the most RECENT data. (Another mighty MIC fan getting their feelings hurt at a SUGGESTION.). 😂
  15. 2018 NFL Playoffs: Wild Card Round: Road teams were 3-1. Divisional Round: Road teams were 0-4. Conference Championship Round: Road teams were 2-0. That's 5-5 if my math is correct. What was the 17 week regular season schedule for? The playoffs were seeded based on regular season record, correct? Road teams (worse in the regular season) won half of the games
  16. That's a forced hand in my opinion as New Pal's bump up to 5A has a couple of 4A sectionals (which I actually pointed out in a thread a couple of weeks ago) all over the place. It's temporary.
  17. But did the seeding ultimately MATTER? Over half of the teams in the MLB were non-factors and basically eliminated from playoff contention by the ALL-STAR BREAK.
  18. Sagarin has had the SAC teams jacked up all fall. Homestead for example, has had a rating as high as 107 and as low as 67 TWO weeks apart. There is no perfect system.
  19. MLB: The Dodgers just won 106 games, clinched home field advantage throughout the playoffs, lost game 5 at home. The Braves got rewarded with home field advantage against the Cards for winning their division (probably the toughest in the NL) and lost game 5 at home. They played a 7 month, 162 game season when anyone with any sort of common sense could have correctly picked 6-7 of the 10 playoff teams. NBA: The NBA finals went 5 games and the battle for "home court" advantage was tight. The Raptors won in 5 and the ROAD team WON 4 of the 5 NBA Finals games. Star players use "load management" and take nights off and rarely play back-to-backs because getting into the playoffs fresh and healthy trumps having home court. (I firmly believe the 73-9 Warriors team that busted their tails to go after the record and then lost in the finals are the reason this is now commonplace.) NFL: The Saints and Chiefs had home field advantage throughout the playoffs last year and BOTH lost their respective conference title games on their home field. In pro sports, its all about revenue and money so nothing will be done. But a relatively "meaningless" regular season is not just a deal in high school sports.
  20. Travel in round 1 most likely leads to travel in another round of the tournament. In the 6A bracket proposed, the 16/17 matchup of Carroll/LC means a Carroll upset means travel to LC for round 1 and AVON for round 2. Same bracket: Franklin Central over Lafayette Jeff (not too far fetched) has the Flashes traveling to Fort Wayne the following weekend. Just a couple of examples. As a fan these things are fun to look at and they pop up this time of year EVERY October as the tournament approaches as people start to compare how "unfair" their potential draw may be. I just don't get too caught up in them because they'll never happen. The IHSAA has said this about multiple sports: 1. The goal is to crown the STATE CHAMPION in each sport. The current system does that. The "meat grinder" that is 6A south has still produced the champion the past two seasons and 5 of the 6 years since 6A was established. BD had to go through Warren twice and vice versa last year. If you aren't good enough to beat them in the sectional, what is the difference when playing them weeks later in the semi-state? You want your best teams playing as long as possible, I get that but cry me a river on "fairness." Look at the enrollments of the bottom 6A schools and cry to me about "fair". 2. The IHSAA wants all areas of the state represented. Yes, Hamilton County is a bit of an exception as no one really views Carmel as a "northern powerhouse" but when you have 32 teams, the dividing line has to be somewhere. What are we REALLY arguing here? That a couple of teams should get extra trophies because they face a fellow ranked team too early? The system has worked in terms of crowning the correct state champion as the supposed gauntlet has been survived on every occasion. Now if you want to say that some "undeserving teams" have earned runner up trophies/rings, I'll listen but who really cares?
  21. SEMI-STATE... Not a SECTIONAL contest. We DO know that the term “sectional” means being the best in your AREA of the state, correct?
  22. Probably doesn’t help that it’s some sort of forced rivalry for a trophy that no one seems to be able to explain.
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