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  1. Kingsmen99

    North Semi-States Vs The Spread

    Took the points in every game except 1A.
  2. They scrimmage. Never played based on a quick perusal of their history. Mishawaka only recently became 4A, Concord's been that or lower for awhile, so no real opportunities in the playoffs until now.
  3. Kingsmen99

    Marian @ Hamilton Heights

    Can't really comment on the quality of opponent for HH as I know nothing about the teams they play, but Sagarin has Marian's SoS at 78th in the state, HH at 142nd.
  4. Kingsmen99

    Merrillville Vs. Snider

    The Jack High Beanstalks
  5. 1. Tyler Eifert (UND) 2. Kawaan Short (PU) 3. Isaiah Lewis (MSU) 4. Braxston Cave (UND) 5. James Hurst (UNC) or Zack Martin (UND)
  6. Kingsmen99

    Fishers @ Snider

    Hey man! Some people have a burning desire to know who the TRUE #9 team in 5A really is! And I'll be damned if I let you stand in the way of Stax and his mission of finding relevancy for his team and conf. The man's opinions are founded on hard speculation/six degrees of separation. If only the tournament were structured in a way that benefited the HHC; you'd see! You'd all see! That's all of some of us have, man!
  7. If you'd been forced to watch/support the equivalent (using his barometer) of 7th grade football for the last however many decades, you'd be salty too.
  8. I'm picking LC based on what I saw tonight.
  9. Kingsmen99

    * Regional Scores *

    Mishawaka Marian 28 Heritage 7 under 2min left in the 2Q
  10. Kingsmen99

    * Regional Scores *

    Mishawaka 18 Hammond Morton 7 H
  11. Kingsmen99

    * Regional Scores *

    Merrillville 15 FW Carroll 0 1Q