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  1. John_Spencer

    Hoosier Hills Conference 2018

    Concerning the officiating posts let me chime in. I was a varsity football coach for 25 years at various schools. Although I was not one to "ride" an official all game once one made a mistake (as I interpreted it) or simply missed a call because they didn't see it I rode them horribly the rest of the game. I was obnoxious and could not understand how they couldn't see something at the point of attack. Well last year I decided to quit coaching and get my official's license and began officiating lower level games and was given the opportunity to work on a crew for 1 varsity game until I tore my Achilles in 1st quarter. (Yep that hurt). Let me tell you it is different once you are on the field and trying to be an official. Coaches have the distinct advantage of knowing where their play is going and are already looking at "the point of attack" well before the official can. The game speeds up incredibly once you start officiating. To all the officials that I berated over the years for missed or mistaken calls, I apologize. You do a wonderful job and do the best you can. Coaches and fans, lets give them a break.
  2. This is one of the major reasons I left the teaching/coaching profession this year and entered into the private sector. I just couldn't take the constant fear and worry that I was saying something or doing something that "offends" someone to point of lawsuit. Now I just go to work and punch time clock then go home. No disciplining, correcting behavior, or politics. Just working. I am fine with that!
  3. In the mid-90's when Bob Gaddis was at Reitz I believe they played New Albany 3 times: Jamboree (or scrimmage), regular season, and sectional.
  4. John_Spencer

    Sectional 24

    I wouldn't be so quick to pick Central over Reitz. I know their record looks a lot better but their first game was a doozy. I think Reitz has some traction back under their feet and they are probably really liking this early match-up, of course not over looking the MD matchup this week. I don't know who wins that game but I sure wouldn't be so quick to pick Central just by record. But I know who I am rooting for! Go Panthers!!!
  5. Will each team's seeding be listed like on March Madness brackets........oh wait...........another thread. haha
  6. John_Spencer

    Seeded sectionals

    I personally like the idea of 0-9 or 1-8, or 2-7 or whatever other poor-record teams you include being able to play in the IHSAA tournament. However it is a crying shame, once again in my opinion, that they get to play each other and end up in the sectional championship when undefeated teams play in the first round of the tournament. It really is an insult to those teams that excel during the regular season. I know those "good" teams will most likely play each other at some point but to be 9-0 and going home after the first round really is a shame if you ask me (last I checked no one had). I have advocated in the past, since the IHSAA claims it is too much work to seed the sectional, to at the very least seed the top 2 teams to get them on opposite sides of the bracket, maybe even top 4. Blind-draw the rest in.
  7. John_Spencer

    Most Surprising Teams??

    The "family" transfer at Princeton did not stay. Somewhere in Illinois I believe.
  8. Didn't think game was all that close. Central really struggled offensively. Memorial controlled tempo of game and pretty much controlled LOS. Central needs to open up playbook more. I think they are better than they showed but need more sets to run out of.
  9. John_Spencer

    WEEK # 7 in the NIC

    Memorial 33 Central 13 2:13 3 rd
  10. John_Spencer

    Week 7 Scores

    Memorial 1 play drive 60 yes Lindauer to Combs Memorial 27 Central 13 6:01. 3rd Defenses didn't come out of locker rooms. Haha
  11. John_Spencer

    Week 7 Scores

    Memorial 20 Central 6 6:36. 3rd Central returns KO Memorial 20 Central 13 6:23 3rd
  12. John_Spencer

    Week 7 Scores

    Memorial 14 Central 6 9:12 3rd
  13. John_Spencer

    Week 7 Scores

    Memorial 14 Central 0 Halftime Central gets ball 2nd half
  14. John_Spencer

    Week 7 Scores

    This is a physical game! Tempers, tempers
  15. John_Spencer

    Week 7 Scores

    Memorial 14 Central 0 8:13 2nd Lindauer is amazing.