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  1. Blackswarm6407

    Cascade Hc Position Opening

    As a former player for JT, like CoachJones, I wish him the best if he wants the job. He would seem like the best choice for it after having down seasons like they have had at Cascade with him already being a head coach in Baseball. I also know my HC is the HC for basketball so it is definitely doable for JT. But like alot of people have said it will be an uphill battle to get the kids where they need to be. More than likely a couple year process to make them believe in themselves and know they can play with anyone if they work hard in the off season and not listen to what other people say about them because if you get a group of kids behind you who believe they can do great things, you can turn a program around in a short time. But again I wish him the best of luck in getting the job and if he does, a great season and I'll root for him to do good.... just until I have to play him in last game of the season and possible sectional game but good luck JT!!
  2. Blackswarm6407

    Week 8 2A Recap

    Rob Gibson for SP is sitting at 1,333 rushing yards and 19 rushing TD's. This is up to date now through week 8 on VarVee.
  3. Blackswarm6407

    Wrc Week 8 Discussion & Pick'em

    Rockville did not use the right school when they put stats up for our game. That is why it is like that, because on our list it only shows Rockville once but on there's it shows us twice.
  4. Blackswarm6407

    WCC and Sectional 30

    Wish Cascade the best of luck this year they have a former teammate of mine working for them at QB coach. He has great things he can teach them and hope he can help them out but be ready to see great things out of the WCC this season cause the last two years in the 2A state championship game there has been a team from this Conference that has made it... Best of luck everybody!! "Can't Wait"
  5. Blackswarm6407

    WCC in 2010

    It happens btw best of luck to your team as well this year man!!
  6. Blackswarm6407

    WCC in 2010

    I believe it will be alot closer game than what people will think, I'm calling 24-21 South Putnam.
  7. Blackswarm6407

    WCC in 2010

    long time since I've posted with any of you guys but good luck to cascade and there season hopefully they can turn things around finally and South putnam score friday night was 34-12. I think you guys will be hearing more from them this year. They are highly underated team but have very good talent. but we are young this year and look to have a better season than we did last year at 8-3 GL to the rest of the teams in the WCC!!
  8. Blackswarm6407

    Cascade Cadets

    it wasn't that i had faith i just knew the kids and how they felt they just wanted to get the season over with i talked to a couple of them that's what they told me.
  9. Blackswarm6407

    Cascade Cadets

    Honestly at this point no offense or anything I don't believe so. I think the kids should still though go out and give it there best and try to win but I don't believe it will happen. But good luck boys!!!
  10. Blackswarm6407

    Cascade Cadets

    I gotta say that for someone to go on about how we beat cascade more times than they have beaten us good for you but think about it the whole time I played Edgewood you were a 4a school......you SHOULD beat a 2a program i mean think about it. so yeah You have beaten them more times than they have you but all I have to say is wow its a good thing too cause then it would really make you look bad a much bigger school lossing to a smaller one.......
  11. Blackswarm6407

    Cascade Cadets

    yeah that's very very true now i think about that. but yeah good thinking lol ill probably be there as well at the game. good luck cadets!!!
  12. Blackswarm6407

    Cascade Cadets

    I see im not gonna have to say much here Cadetplayer63 pretty much said what needs to be said for me lol. but all in all programs have good times and bad times a prime example is look at Ben Davis back in there Dullaghan era they were amazing and since he retired haven't won a title people have down times and ups. But all in all Moyers was a great Coach best I ever had and he never wanted to run the score up on anyone we just were always told to give 110% all the time we were out on that field if it were in the first or fourth quarter and most of the time if ur beating someone by a touchdown or two with the fourth quarter starting the opposing team normally will get down on themselves and quit trying i know cause back my freshman and sophomore year playing tri-west when they were amazing we all got like that. and I will second what cadetplayer63 said about Moyers wanting to go on to a 5a program he told us that from the begging that was his dream and hes the reason I would like to be a Football Coach as well one day once im out of college. Oh and some more facts for arty Tri-west old head coach went to North Central and North Putnam's coach went on to another program as well its just what u do when u are successful in smaller divisions you want to move up not wanting to do this is like saying I want to stay in the minor leagues in baseball and not go to the majors lol
  13. Blackswarm6407

    Cascade Cadets

    that's true Speedway, Ritter and Sheridan have pretty much always had good programs and we cant forget about Tri-west too in the past they were bout the norm as well. I watched the game against speedway and honestly i could see Cascade team out there trying there hardest and all which is great you guys are young your time will come just don't get down on yourselves just cause your loosing It takes time to Get a powerful team I know the main reason my class and the ones before me were very good was because we got into the weight room in Jr. High started young maybe cascade should look at getting more of the middle School age kids into the weight room cause i know that will help them out a lot when they get to the high school level.
  14. Except for the Edgewood Game our Senior year there man we were up like 50-0 or something long those lines by halftime. I didn't go back in in the second half and the rest of the team I believe came out after the first series in the third quarter lol but yes Cascade does have the best Facilities in the conference and yeah there visitor side is kinda small, but most of the time it doesn't get filled up anyways.
  15. Blackswarm6407

    Cascade Cadets

    I have to say as a former player at cascade it is very sad to see this happen. Yes programs do have this happen to them from time to time at small schools cause well lets face it they don't have the depth but i will tell u this i graduated in 07 and all those kids that are starting now had to practice against us which makes me sad there cause when i graduated I believed they would do good seeing that most of them practiced against us and all, but things happen, mistakes are made and all u can do is get ready for the next week and try to work on your week points But i do believe you need to bring back the Saturday conditioning that we always did there and watching Film that helped me out ALOT and also ive heard that there are a couple of freshmen starting and to them congrats on getting the starting spot but also u have to look at it this way they were only playing 8th grade ball a year ago and now they are starting varsity ball that is a very big step and responsibility to be taking on with the weight of a team on a 14-15 year old's shoulders. I know its hard, but give them time and u could see another group that's really good come out of this school again. and about the Guthrie thing i don't blame him about his choice if your getting looked at by colleges in a sport u want to excel in your going to want to put more time and effort towards it, so i understand his choice. and about the Coach Thompson thing He is a great coach always willing to help and him going to Pike to help only seems like the right thing to do I mean I'm pretty sure now every coach I had my senior year is up there now Including Coach Ech lol But to both teams I hope Cascade can pull out a Victory this week for there homecoming and all and best of luck to Pike and the rest of there season as well!!!!!!!