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  1. mcgoo45

    2017 Indianapolis Colts

    Watching the Colt's organization operate in the post-Manning era has led me to believe that despite all the accolades, the entire sports world may have dramatically under-rated both Peyton Manning and Andrew Luck. The fact that when healthy Luck has led the team to the playoffs and Manning was able to capture a Super Bowl Victory may in fact be two of the more significant accomplishments by an NFL quarterback, given the absolute dysfunctional, ineptitude of the Irsay led organization.
  2. mcgoo45

    2017 Playoffs

    I don't think that many people fail to acknowledge the other side of the coin. The Pats are the best coached team I've ever seen and have a transcendent player at QB. It's absolutely incredible what they've accomplished, but rooting for them is like going to Vegas and rooting for the house.
  3. mcgoo45


    My list will lean heavily towards players I've seen (36 years old), just hard to judge previous generations. OL Jonathan Ogden or Orlando Pace, TE Tony Gonzalez (w/Special Mention to Rob Gronkowski when healthy), WR Jerry Rice, RB Barry Sanders, QB Peyton Manning DL Reggie White, ILB Mike Singletary, OLB Lawrence Taylor, Corner Rod Woodson, Safety Ed Reed Punter Ray Guy, Kicker Adam Vinatieri, Returner Dante Hall Agree 100% with FishDuck's Bonus Coaching nod to Bill Belichick
  4. mcgoo45

    Bill Belichick

    No Brady, No Gronk, No Nickovich, traded away best pass rusher (C. Jones), Make-shift o-line and none of it matters as long as Belichick is on the sideline. I hate the Patriots, but the distance between their coach and everyone else is a chasm that makes the Grand Canyon look small. That dude is freakin' unbelievable.
  5. Just a note....since its way, way overdue.  I truly do enjoy and appreciate your posts.  I admit to being something of a cross-breed as regards my conservative principles (and my unorthodoxy as to my religious disbelief).  That said, I started reading "National Review" in 1979.  It's not easy following "conservative" (whatever those might be) principles and I have tons of respect for those who logically do.  

    I'm assuming you are teaching.  It would be tough being a conservative teacher since I assume it puts you in a minority most anytime.  Hang in there.  I'm sure you are generally in the minority.  

    Not to be too presumptuous, I encourage you to keep fighting the good and smart fight.  The world needs smart, thoughtful, principled people....though my outlook is bleak going forward (doesn't diminish my responsibility to fight for my beliefs, though).  Keep pushing.

    Bryan Miller


    1. mcgoo45


      Thank you, Bryan.  I'll respond in more detail when I get the chance but appreciate your message and also enjoy reading your thoughts/posts on the forum.  


      Corey McGarrell

  6. mcgoo45

    Super Bowl 50

    Congrats to Denver, its outstanding Defense, and Peyton Manning on the Super Bowl victory. Most early critiques have focused on the ugly nature of the game offensively, I thought it was a brilliant defensive performance by both teams. The speed and physical dominance on display was awesome to watch. I am certainly biased, as an unapologetic Peyton Manning fanboy, but I really enjoyed watching these two defenses work. While the game lacked the offensive fireworks many fans have come to expect, I thought is was a great reminder of how and why football is and will continue to be the ultimate team game. Defense and Special Teams. To win it all, teams have to be great in the under-appreciated (at least in terms of media coverage) phases of the game, and last night Denver's Defense and Special Teams were outstanding. Great way to end the season, and if it is his last rodeo, I am incredibly happy to see Manning be a part of history as the only Quarterback to win Super Bowls with two different teams.
  7. mcgoo45

    Deflategate Fallout

    Agreed Coach Nowlin. Two outstanding teams just getting after it. What a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Both Defenses were excellent, special teams made big plays to flip the field, and both QB's demonstrated the unmatched, competitive drive that has defined what has truly been an amazing rivalry. I know the nature of sports media, demands the legacy, GOAT talk, but no matter which of those two Quarterbacks you root for, if you can't appreciate their greatness, you're doing it wrong. Denver put together and then more importantly executed one of the best defensive game-plans I have ever seen to lead the Broncos to SB 50, and yet Brady still had a shot to send the game into over-time. That 4th and 10 pass to Gronk --an absolute force of nature, could you design a more perfect TE in a lab?-- was a thing of beauty. For all the talk about Manning's decline, he made enough plays to finish Red-Zone opportunities with TD's, get a lead, and avoid a critical mistake, to help win a third consecutive AFC championship match-up against Belichick, Brady, and the Pats. Just an awesome, awesome display of why football is such a great game. I have no doubt the Patriots will most likely be back competing for another Super Bowl appearance next season, but am going to enjoy watching Manning head to his fourth Super Bowl, with a fourth head coach, and will be rooting for him to become the first QB to win Super Bowl's with two different teams.
  8. mcgoo45

    2015 Indianapolis Colts

    There's plenty of blame to go around, but the biggest problem is Irsay himself. Peyton Manning and Andrew Luck (when healthy) have provided plenty of cover for the Colt's organizational issues over the last 17 years, but there are problems and they start at the very top. Grigson and Pagano are both culpable, and while they are likely not the answer, I would argue they aren't at the root of the problem either. Unfortunately as fans in Washington, Dallas, etc. know getting rid of a bad owner is all but impossible, unless they go full Sterling.
  9. mcgoo45

    Chicago Bears 2015

    That's John Fox. "Playing not to lose" was arguably one of the most significant issues in Denver, if most of the reports last year were believable.
  10. mcgoo45

    Why Is The Colts' Offense So Inept?

    You could argue Rex's days with the Bears were the pinnacle of his professional success. Not sure Pep Hamilton was really the problem in that situation.
  11. mcgoo45

    Brady the early favorite for MVP

    The designer of that Porsche, Bill, is pretty darn good too. Again, that is not to take anything away from how great Brady is and has been throughout his career (again one of the 4 best I've ever seen play the position), but I'd take the head coach (the best I've seen at any level in any sport, and I say this as an irrational fan of one Robert Montgomery Knight) over any combination of supporting cast superstars, if I were an NFL franchise and/or quarterback.
  12. mcgoo45

    Brady the early favorite for MVP

    Even as a self-professed Pats hater, I can't deny the greatness of Brady. One of the four best I've ever seen play the position (35 years).
  13. mcgoo45

    2015 Indianapolis Colts

    I remember there was a time during the Manning era where the Colt's had lost more Preseason games than regular season games over a five year period or something along those lines. It was a ridiculous number.
  14. mcgoo45

    Deflategate Fallout

    Four game suspension upheld, initial reports seem to indicate Brady destroyed phone rather than turn it over to NFL investigators. Week six should be awfully entertaining.
  15. mcgoo45

    Deflategate Fallout

    Here's my two cents for what it's worth... Tom Brady and the Parriots organization are liars (sure "the deflator" text referred to weightloss and those equipment guys were suspended w/o pay b/c nothing happened), and the NFL is run by incompetent morons (the game officials that ignored the initial complaint should be suspended twice as long as Brady). There is no integrity in professional football not sure why everyone is so "shocked". In the end however none of it matters, because the NFL is a juggernaut that has proven time and time again to be *Deleted* proof. Think about it we are in the middle of a fantastic NBA playoff season With perhaps the greatest first round matchup in history (Spurs-Clippers), buzzer beater after buzzer beater, and Lebron James trying to resuscitate the rust belt (didn't even mention the leagues best and most entertaining team the GS Warriors), a fight of the century, the Stanley Cup Playoffs, a great start to the baseball season with young stars exploding onto the scene, and despite all of that the NFL is still dominating the headlines in what should be its slowest news month. It's incredible. A marketing leviathan, and whether Brady sits or gets his suspension overturned I'll still be there every Sunday drinking it all in as will just about everyone else sporting there Faux-outrage over the actions of unethical millionaires and the billionaire stooges that run the league.